Is Mean Girls On Netflix? Where to Watch Mean Girls Online

Is Mean Girls On Netflix

Movies, where bullies are put in their place, have a satisfying edge, you might know how it ends but watching the story play out is simply amazing.

That’s the sort of feeling that comes with the movie “ Mean Girls”, it’s about a girl that chooses to stand up for herself in a new environment despite the bullies and other unfavorable circumstances.

Mean girls is unfortunately not available on Netflix, the mean girls movie was available earlier but was later taken off the streaming platform. Here are some other platforms to stream Mean Girls online.

Mean girls is one of the movies about pompous, rich and rude girls that everybody wanted to have on their screens even years after it had been released. Even up till now, several movies have been made to mirror it, and it is constantly being referenced.

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Can You Stream Mean Girls On Netflix? 

The mean girls is about Cady, a girl who transfers to a new public school and somehow manages to have an unfortunate clash with the plastics who are the rich, mean, and judgmental bullies of the school.

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Things get crazy when Cady falls in love with Aaron who is Regina’s ex and Regina turns out to be the leader of the plastics. Regina is filled with rage when she finds out about Cady and Aaron so she seeks a way to get him back by all means possible. 

This juicy dramatic and mind reeling movie is unfortunately not available in all countries on Netflix but if you’re in luck and you’re in the few selected regions where it is still available then you can stream it on Netflix.

This means Mean Girls is only available on Netflix in Germany, Sweden, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. 

Where to Stream Mean Girls?

If you’re not in any of the locations where Mean Girls is being streamed on Netflix, you would be delighted to know that there are other platforms where you can stream, rent, or buy the movie and enjoy it.

Platforms where you can find mean girls include Amazon prime video, paramount plus, HBO max, and Pluto TV.

Similar Movies To Mean Girls On Netflix 

The mean girls is a movie that focuses on bullies and what lengths they would go to to get what they want, if you love drama, gossip, beauty, romance, and a good show off, then you’ll love these Netflix movie recommendations below; 

1. Legally Blonde

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Elle Woods is a beautiful, dazzling and energetic sorority girl that gets everything she wants, when her boyfriend whom she believes is the love of her life dumps her because she is not brilliant but vain, she gets into Harvard law school to prove her worth and win him back.

2. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

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Sierra Burgess is a boring, socially dead teenager with good grades who people see as a loser. A mean girl named Veronica gives Sierra’s number to Jamey ( the school’s sweetheart) playfully but they begin texting and end up getting along until her identity is revealed.

3. Emma

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Emma Woodhouse is a girl who lives in a Georgian era England and prides herself in meddling with the love lives of people around her by acting as a know it all and a matchmaker until she is put in her place.

4. Pitch Perfect

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Beca arrives at college and realizes that everyone in is different cliques that create a divide between the girls, so she merges the mean girls, nice girls, and weird girls by inspiring them to do the one thing they have in common which is singing.

5. Tall girl 

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The tallest girl in high school who has always been ridiculed for her height talks in love with a foreign exchange student but ends up in a long triangle with the school’s popular and mean girl.


Mean Girls is a movie that shows that drama, bullies, losers, rich kids, and high school sweethearts are a recipe for trouble and great entertainment. If you enjoyed mean girls, we’re certain that you’re the type that lives juicy gossip, and bullies being put in their place.

Look no further if you would love to stream more movies that are similar to mean girls on Netflix, we’ve got you covered with five amazing recommendations that you’ll surely enjoy and thank us for. 

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