17 Mermaid Movies On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+

17 Mermaid Movies On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+

Whether for kids or for when you’re living in your fantasy world, that’s absolute bliss and if you’re a fan of that then you’ll love these mermaid movie recommendations that we’re recommending for your watchlist a lot more interesting and worth looking forward to.

As a fantasy movie lover, mermaid movies are definitely at the top of your list, and as much as we know that they might not exist, watching mermaids live with humans and fall in love with them is absolutely lovely to witness so why not watch more?

Let’s bring your fantasies to life by providing you with the best movie recommendations with mermaid themes that you can stream all day long.

Let’s get you hooked.

Best Mermaid Movies On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, More

Below are 17 amazing mermaid movies to spice up your day anytime the need arises: 

1. Aquamarine

YouTube video

Two best friends find a mermaid in their pool while they are on a summer vacation in Florida. The mermaid explained to them that she was escaping from an arranged marriage and she has to prove to her dad that true love exists, so they set out to help her achieve her goal.

Where to watch Aquamarine: Amazon prime video, Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, and Roku.

2. The water will carry us home

YouTube video

This movie tells the story of enslaved Africans who jumped from European ships into the sea to avoid being used as slaves in a foreign land because they would rather die. When they drop into the sea, they are met by African gods & goddesses of the Yoruba origin that guide them.

Where to watch the water will carry us home: Amazon prime video and Vudu.

3. The thirteenth year 

YouTube video

Cody is a young child who was adopted into a loving family, however, on his 13th birthday, he begins to notice the growth of fins and scales in his body. He finds out that his birth mother is actually a mermaid and this changes his entire life.

Where to watch the thirteenth year: Disney + and Amazon prime video.

4. Blue my mind 

YouTube video

Mia undergoes a usual type of puberty in comparison to what other teenagers feel, she is frightened and her body keeps growing in ways that are unfamiliar to her. This is because Mia is not maturing like a human female but as a mermaid would.

Where to watch blue my mind: Amazon prime video, Vudu, Apple Tv, Tubi.

5. Splash

YouTube video

An 8-year-old boy named Allen gets saved by a mermaid on the beach, and 20 years later she saves him again. This time, he is all grown up and she falls in love with him, a love that makes her move to New York with him.

Where to watch splash: Disney Plus, Amazon prime video, Apple Tv, Vudu, and Red box.

6. The shape of water

YouTube video

An amphibian is trapped in a lab during the cold war era, and a mute janitor who works in the lab takes a special interest to it. This creature can be referred to as a merperson based on his characteristics and while others saw him as a monster, this janitor falls in love with him.

Where to watch the shape of water: Hulu, Amazon prime video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and iTunes.

7. Lu over the wall

YouTube video

This is an anime about Kai a middle school boy who wanders into merfolk island one day and comes across a mermaid known as Lu. Kai belongs to a rock band and soon enough he figures out that music helps Lu’s tail transform into human legs. 

Where to watch Lu over the wall: Netflix, Amazon prime video, and Vudu.

8. Killer mermaid

YouTube video

Two friends go on a vacation to visit a friend in Montenegro and they decide to explore the area, they eventually find an abandoned military base. When they go further, they come in contact with a lair of a killer mermaid.

Where to watch killer mermaid: Amazon prime video, Roku, Vudu, and Tubi.

9. Sabrina down under

YouTube video

Sabrina and Salem go on a mission where they intend to save mermaids from some issues in their colony. The plot to rid the mermaid colony of pollution and capitalism while they’re there. And Sabrina has a crush on a merman named Barnaby while they execute their plan.

Where to watch Sabrina down under Hulu, Amazon prime video, and Roku.

10. Lady in the water

YouTube video

A mermaid from the blue world is rescued from a pool in an apartment building by superintendent Cleveland. When she is questioned by the superintendent, she claims that she is a mermaid that was sent to earth to save humanity.

Where to watch lady in the water: HBO Max, Amazon instant video, iTunes, Vudu, and Google play.

11. The mermaid

YouTube video

A mermaid named Shan is sent by her people to get rid of a man named Xuan who has a sonar technology that has been destroying underwater life. Instead of assassinating Xuan, Shan ends up falling in love with him.

Where to watch the mermaid: Amazon prime video, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, and Vudu.

12. The little mermaid 

YouTube video

The little mermaid is a movie about a princess named Ariel that is wild and adventurous, she is also stubborn and strong-willed. She wishes she were a human, and after going to the shore one day she meets a prince named Eric whom she falls in love with. 

Where to watch the little mermaid: Disney plus, Hulu, Amazon prime video, Google play, iTunes, and Vudu.

13. Mermaid: lake of the dead

YouTube video

This is a horror movie that was based on Slavic mythology, one that suggests that unmarried women turned into evil mermaid-like creatures known as Rusalkas when they drowned. After drowning and becoming Rusalkas, they would haunt rivers, lakes, and other water bodies. A young girl who this evil fate befalls tries to take a man who she fell in love with down with her.

Where to watch mermaid: lake of the dead: Netflix, Amazon prime video, Apple Tv, Tubi, Vudu, and Google play.

14. Mermaids: the body found

YouTube video

This movie is a sci-fi special about a group of scientists who find the body of a mermaid that was washed up onshore. They make a series of experiments and findings that the mermaid is from a mysterious body of water and has similar characteristics to humans.

Where to watch mermaids: the body found: Amazon prime video and Netflix.

15. Miranda

A middle aged man goes fishing alone because his wife does not enjoy fishing. However, instead of catching fish as one would expect, he ends up catching a mermaid named Miranda. Miranda then captures him and keeps him underwater as her prisoner until he agrees to take her to London with him.

Where to watch Miranda: Amazon prime video and iTunes.

16. H20: Just add water

YouTube video

H20: Just add water is a teenage series where three teenage girls encounter a magical body of water known as a moon pool on mako island which turns them into mermaids with supernatural abilities. They have to live hiding these abilities from their families while also being heroes in their little ways.

Where to watch H20: Just add water: Netflix, iTunes, Amazon prime video, Vudu and Google play.

17. A mermaid’s tale

YouTube video

A mermaid’s tale is a movie that centers on 12-year-old Ryan who was not excited about moving to an island in the seacoast village. Things change for the better when she meets a quirky teenager who also turns out to be a mermaid.

Where to watch a mermaid’s tale: Apple TV, Amazon prime video, Vudu, and Google play.


Many persons love make-believe and fantasy movies that include creatures that we would ordinarily never come across. The thoughts of mermaids living among us make the world sound mysterious and magical and we all love that.

If you’re on the lookout for the best mermaid movies to stream and make your day seem a little more magical, then we’re certain that you’ll find our movie recommendations above absolutely perfect for the job.

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