11 Movies Like Lolita On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+

Movies Like Lolita

Lolita is a movie that was adapted from the novel titled Lolita which was written by Vladimir Nabokov a Russian-American novelist in 1955.

The movie follows a tale of an obsessive, unhealthy, and forbidden love that a professor harbored for an underage teen. If you have watched the movie and you would be interested in similar movies, you’ve come to the right place. 

The original book was based on a story where a man kidnapped a young girl named Lolita at the age of 12 and r-ped her continuously until she finally escaped at the age of 14.

The movie is simply an adaption that narrates a forbidden and obsessive love similar to this where a middle-aged professor rents a room in the house of a widow and becomes sexually attracted to her 14-year-old daughter.

It is a show of true obsession and toxicity because this professor goes ahead to marry the widow just to ensure that he can be close to her daughter for as long as possible. It is a twisted mentality to go to such ends to live out sexual attraction to a minor but it has a certain thrill to it.

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The Best Movies Like Lolita On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+

Lolita is a movie that no doubt creates controversial opinions due to the forbidden nature of the lust being harbored by an older man for a fourteen-year-old girl, yet it is intriguing to watch the entire story play out.

If you enjoyed the movie “Lolita”, we have gone the extra mile to source 11 movies that have similar themes of toxic, obsessive, and inexplicable love adventures below; 

1. 365 Days

YouTube video

If you love movies based on obsessive love and steamy sexual relationships, you’re certain to love 365 days as well. This movie is based on a man named Massimo from a Sicily mafia family who kidnaps a woman he finds intriguing while she is on a trip to save her relationship in Sicily.

He then gives her an ultimatum to fall in love with him in 365 days while taking her on an emotional and sexually exploring journey.

Where to watch 365 days: Netflix.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey

YouTube video

In this movie, Anna covers an interview for her sick college roommate where she meets Christain Grey who is a billionaire and he happens to be strangely taken with her and they plunge into a toxic, obsessive, and sexual relationship that is based on pain and pleasure. The movie is based on a book and has a sequel to further explain their love story.

Where to watch fifty shades of grey: Netflix, Show Max, Amazon prime video.

3. The Diary of a Teenage Girl

YouTube video

The Diary of a teenage girl is a movie with intriguing tales following the sexual explorations of a teenage girl who believed that she had come of age. This teen girl is bold enough to engage in a sexual relationship with her mother’s boyfriend who lives with them.

Where to watch the diary of a teenage girl: Hulu, Amazon prime video, HBO Max.

4. Fatal Affair

YouTube video

This is a movie that explains how obsession almost turns to a deadly end for a married woman and her entire family. The married woman who reconnected with an old lover while trying to mend her marriage had no idea it would turn out to endanger all she held dear.

Where to watch fatal affair: Netflix.

5. The Graduate

YouTube video

This movie involves a fresh graduate who returns home and engages in an affair with a bored housewife who is friends with his parents, and due to unforeseen circumstances falls deeply in love with her daughter in the end.

Where to watch the graduate: Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, Hulu, HBO Max.

6. Blue is the Warmest Color

YouTube video

A woman who is confused about her sexuality breaks up with her boyfriend and falls in love with a blue-haired girl, their relationship takes them on an imaginative, obsessive, toxic, and life-shaping rollercoaster as time goes by.

Where to watch blue is the warmest color: Netflix ( France, Germany, Japan, Italy, UK).

7. Sex / Life


This is a steamy series where a housewife takes a trip down memory lane and revisits the wild sexual experiences she had with an ex-lover, it was toxic, obsessive and journaling about it jeopardized her marriage and the new life age had built.

Where to watch sex/ life: Netflix.

8. Doctor Zhivago

YouTube video

This is a movie set in the time of the Russian revolution, where a Russian physician and poet who has a wife he loves manages to fall in love with the wife of a political activist and becomes torn between both women while having an affair with the latter.

Where to watch doctor Zhivago: Netflix, Amazon prime video, HBO Max.

9. Bonnie and Clyde

YouTube video

A movie about an age-long true story of two lovers- Bonnie and Clyde who are in a toxic, obsessive, and dangerous partnership. They build a gang and go ahead to violently rob banks until they meet a terrible fate.

Where to watch Bonnie and Clyde: Netflix, HBO Max.

10. Notes on a scandal

YouTube video

A young art teacher who has a sexual affair with a teenage student becomes close friends with an older art teacher who took a liking to her. The older art teacher learns of this forbidden affair and is tasked with the burden of keeping their secret.

Where to watch notes on a scandal: Hulu, Amazon Prime videos.

11. American Beauty

YouTube video

A depressed suburban father who is undergoing a mid-life crisis becomes bored with everything and begins seeking out a new interest and ends up developing an infatuation with his daughter’s best friend. 

Where to watch American beauty: HBO Max.


There’s a certain thrill that obsessive, toxic, and sexually explorative movies give you when you watch them, so by giving you a list of 11 intriguing movies that fall into that genre we’ve given you an opportunity to binge-watch them whenever you choose to.

Lolita might have been from the last century, but it’s a movie that still gives you goosebumps whenever you watch it because the crazy twist and how the entire story plays out makes you really wonder “why?”. 

Most of the movies we’ve been able to list out had people’s jaws drop with anticipation when they dropped, there was a certain excitement surrounding most of these movies that you’re certain to feel each time you watch them- doesn’t matter how many times, take our word for it.

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