Is Pride And Prejudice On Netflix?

Is Pride And Prejudice On Netflix?

Movies that are adaptations of novels we have read and grown to love help us visualize the characters and events in the book better.

Pride and Prejudice is one of such amazing movies, and as a book lover it is only natural that you are searching for a suitable platform to watch this movie after hearing about it, is Netflix the perfect streaming platform for pride and prejudice? 

Yes, Pride and Prejudice is available for streaming on Netflix, it is no surprise that the representation of the novel is a hit romantic drama even as a movie. 

Romantic dramas set in 19th-century Europe such as pride and prejudice give you a broader yet simple insight into the way life and love were viewed before now. It is both heartwarming and questionable, but the happy ending gives you a reason to love it nonetheless.

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Can You Watch Pride and Prejudice On Netflix? 

Pride and Prejudice is a movie that tells the beautiful love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy as written in Jane Austen’s novel.

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Elizabeth Bennet is the oldest daughter of her parents and the pressure to get married is mounted on her endlessly by family and friends. She is bold and well-read and refuses to marry because she is being pressured, instead, she seeks true love.

Finally, she meets Mr. Darcy an upper-class man, despite getting off the wrong foot they eventually develop an interest in one another and have a bumpy yet beautiful love story in the end.

As true fans of romantic novels and dramas, we understand that you needed the perfect streaming platform to enjoy the movie and we’re excited that it is available on Netflix in most countries out of the 190 plus countries where the streaming platform is available.

Similar Movies To Pride and Prejudice On Netflix 

Romantic movies will never lose their hype because they keep hope alive for several people as well as give us an escape from reality, if you enjoyed pride and prejudice or you’re simply a sucker for love, you’ll love the movie recommendations below; 

1. Ophelia

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Ophelia was taken in by the queen at a young age, despite being rebellious, curious, and without a motherly upbringing, she manages to steal the heart of the crown prince, and a sad yet touching love story unfolds consequently.

2. Emma

Emma is a proud, bold, and outspoken woman who continues to meddle in the love lives of people around her because she believes that she knows best, it turns out she has a lot more to learn.

3. Bridgerton

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As the oldest Daughter of the Bridgerton family, Daphne is set out to be the star of the season while she hopes to get a befitting marital spouse. She hopes for a love match and finds it in the Duke whom she was once irritated.

4. The Notebook

The notebook follows an adventurous, touching, and beautiful love story of Noah and Allie, despite being from different backgrounds they are determined to fight for their love even after Noah sets out to fight in the world war. 

5. Enola Holmes

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As a brilliant and daring sister of the great investigator Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes goes on a search for her mother where she meets a runaway Lord. They bond beautifully and her mission is even more colorful due to his presence.


While love stories will always be beautiful to watch, there’s something about love stories dated back to the later centuries that make them more amusing and dear to the heart, that’s why pride and prejudice are loved wholly as a novel and as a movie.

Well, you’re in luck if you’re looking to bing watch romance movies just like pride and prejudice because Netflix is swimming in them and we’ve also fished out some of the very best to show you where best to start out.

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