Does Netflix Have Jackass?

Does Netflix Have Jackass? 

Gather around if you’re a lover of crazy stunts that are most likely to go wrong. Well, you’re in the right place, especially if you’re looking to see a movie that has all of that packed up in it. The Jackass movie has a long list of crazy stunts and you’ll definitely get caught up. 

It’s great news that the Jackass movie is available to be streamed on Netflix, it is available in all 190 plus countries where Netflix is a streaming platform.

Friends bonding over a series of adventures, pranks, and wild stunts is what keeps people coming back for more of the “Jackass”, and as such it has four other follow-up movies that all made people go as crazy as the first.

What’s not to love about this movie? Absolutely nothing.

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Is Jackass On Netflix?

A group of friends has decided that the best way they can strive and bond is by pranking each other and performing crazy and embarrassing stunts in a documentary-like film known as “Jackass”.

In the movie Jackass, a group of stuntmen, skateboarders, and adventurous lunatics come together to prank each other, torture each other and embarrass themselves and make sure that they have wild fun while doing it.

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This show of friendship, sportsmanship, creativity, togetherness, and wild entertainment during the Jackass movies is what makes every one of them a real hit, from the documentaries to the movies, the crew and the cast left an amazing impression on the audience.

You’re in luck if Netflix is your favorite streaming platform or it’s easily accessible to you because you can go crazy on all the five Jackass movies. If you love adventure, amazing stunts, and friendship then you’ll have a great time watching the jackass movies.

Similar Movies To Jackass On Netflix

No one says no to a movie that comes with crazy stunts, embarrassing yet funny moments and bonding with friends and that’s why you can’t just stop after watching Jackass. There are other equally amazing movies on Netflix similar to Jackass that you’re definitely going to love; 

1. Bad Grandpa 

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In Bad Grandpa, Irving Zisman takes his grandson on a bonding cross-country trip where he exposes him to several things he was unfamiliar with. They meet strippers, go to bars, and go on crazy adventures.

2. Bad Trip

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Two best friends go on a trip together from Florida to New York City so that Chris can reunite with his long lost college crush known as Maria and hidden cameras capture them as they pull wild pranks on unsuspecting strangers for the fun of it.

3. That’s My Boy

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After having a son in his teens and letting him go when he clocks 18, a father is absent for most of his son’s life but suddenly decides to pop back in the ever of his wedding, desperate to bond and reconnect with him.

4. Project X

An unpopular teen is cajoled by his best friends to throw a party for his birthday after his parents leave for a trip in hopes of getting popular. They end up throwing the craziest and biggest party which changes their lives forever.

5. The Hangover 

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A groom, his two friends, and his brother-in-law set out to Las Vegas to mark his last night as a bachelor on a road trip. When they get to Las Vegas, they lose one person and they can not seem to remember anything concerning the events of the night before they begin to retrace their steps in order to find the missing person in time for the wedding.


Jackass is a spectacular movie that will go down in history as one of the most amazing prank movies of all time.

This is because of the way the friends in the jackass movie go all out with third pranks and keep things real all the time.

You shouldn’t have to stop at the Jackass, even with four amazing movies to join the lineup of Jackass movies, we’re certain that you’ll have an amazing time watching each of our recommended movies above.

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