Warframe: Best Sentinels Ranked For 2024

Warframe: Best Sentinels Ranked

As exciting as the game always is, 2024 has increased that excitement tenfold. One of the best things about Warframe is its constant evolution and updates.

This year, we have some exciting new additions and upgrades in the game that is definitely worth discussing.

If you play Warframe, then you know how useful Sentinels can be. So, it is only fair if we consider the impact a handy Sentinel can make in improving your gaming experience.

The Best Sentinels In Warframe, Ranked

Here are the best Sentinels in the game for 2024.

10. Taxon

The first Sentinel on this list is the Taxon – a Tier C Companion – which comes pre-loaded with the Artax as its primary armament. The Taxon is designed to safeguard Tenno with its Molecular Conversion principle, which converts damage dealt into a Warframe’s shields.

It is intended for newcomers to the game so it is simple to work with, but also provides meager support suitable for rookie gameplays. You can get access to the Taxon’s blueprints after completing the Venus Junction on Earth or may also be purchased for 5,000 credits in the Market.

9. Diriga

Next up is a Grineer combat Sentinel, Diriga, which comes with Calculated Shot. It also engages enemies at a long distance thanks to its pre-equipped Vulklok sniper rifle.

If equipped with Electro Pulse and Arc Coil, it may electrocute adjacent opponents. The Diriga is the first sentinel with three default commandments and, after Helios, the second sentinel with three distinct precepts in total.

The Diriga is a Tier B companion, so you can rely on it a fair bit. Although the Diriga is good for crowd-control as well as for offense, it is easier to kill, so keeping it alive is a bit of a challenge.

8. Oxylus

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At number eight, we have the Oxylus which is a conservation support Sentinel. The Oxylus comes with a handy Multron burst rifle already equipped.

It also comes with Scan Matter and Scan Aquatic Lifeforms precept mods, making it especially useful for resource collection, particularly fishing. You can also get the Cephalon Simaris precept to help increase resource gathering to include plants.

To get your hands on this Tier B companion, you will need to reach Rank 5 and can then purchase it from The Business in Fortuna for 20,000 standings.

7. Shade

Shade is a stealth Sentinel that comes with the Burst Laser as its primary weapon.

It may conceal the player with its Ghost precept and augment the damage they can inflict using Ambush. This makes the reason behind its name pretty obvious.

Shade is also a B Tier companion and one of the few, acquiring which, is easiest by building. You are going to require 15,000 credits, 500 alloy plates, 400 circuits, 200 nano spores, and 1 control module.

6. Wyrm

Wyrm is a pre-equipped offensive Sentinel with a Laser Rifle as its main armament.

With Crowd Dispersion to shock foes and Negate to occasionally prevent Status Effects, it is effective at crowd control. Wyrm is arguably the best among the B Tier sentinels and can be purchased from the market for 75 Platinum.

Alternatively, you can get its blueprints for 100,000 credits.

5. Nautilus

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Starting the top five, we have a Railjack Sentinel: Nautilus. It comes with the Verglas weapon as well as the concept modifications Auto Omni, which automatically fixes hull breaches and fire risks, and Cordon, which anchors foes to a single location.

At Neptune Proxima missions, the blueprint and components for the Nautilus may be obtained in Points of Interest and Arva Vector Defense. 

All the required pieces are exchangeable between players. Nautilus is pretty amazing in terms of fulfilling its functions since it is a Tier A-Companion.

4. Dethcube Prime

The Dethcube is a pre-equipped offensive Sentinel with the Deth Machine Rifle as its primary armament, capable of dealing tremendous damage per second to adversaries at great ranges.

Vaporize, the Dethcube’s secondary weapon releases a beam that causes significant damage on a periodic basis. The Dethcube may spawn Energy Orbs while helping in kills using the Energy Generator.

Blueprints for this Tier-A companion can be bought from the market for 100,000 credits and it can be built using 15,000 credits, 500 alloy plates, 400 circuits, 200 Nano Spores, and 1 control module.

3. Carrier Prime

Some call it the absolute best, but on our list, Carrier Prime comes at number 3. Still, this utility sentinel is pretty useful given its ability to convert ammunition and enlarge ammo capacity via the Ammo Case precept.

It also comes with a unique Sweeper shotgun that has extremely high stopping power. Not only does it, therefore increase your capacity and help with defensive measures, but the Looter also allows the sentinel to extract resources from objects in the environment.

You’ll need some unique items to build this Tier – A sentinel, including a Prime Carapace, a Prime Cerebrum, a Prime System, and 6 Orokin Cells as well as 15,000 credits. The blueprint price varies, so it is best to save up.

2. Djinn

Second place on our list is Djinn, which is a pretty interesting infested sentinel and a Tier-A companion. As scary as it looks, it works just as horrifically, firing toxins using its pre-equipped stinger that deals significant damage.

Just like other sentinels, it can also be further equipped with robotic weapons except for the Deconstructor which is exclusive only to Helios. Djinn can also use the Fatal Attraction precept to lure enemies closer before dealing damage. 

This can be further enhanced by coupling it with Gazal Machete. But the best thing about Djinn is its exceptional ability to resurrect itself using Reawaken.

Getting Djinn is not easy though, you’ll need 30,000 credits, 6 Mutagen Mass, 30,000 Salvage, 3500 circuits, and 2 Forma. Blueprints cost 50,000 credits too.

1. Helios Prime

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The best of the best, Helios Prime comes in top place. Helios Prime is an Orokin-enhanced variant of the Helios Sentinel with improved health and armor, as well as the augmented Deconstructor Prime.

Helios Prime debuted with Banshee and Euphona Prime. The Deconstructor Prime is the best sentinel weapon in the game and makes Helios Prime nearly unstoppable.

To construct the Helios Prime, you will need a fair amount of credits for the blueprints as well as 15,000 for the construction. You will also need a Prime Carapace, a Prime Cerebrum, a Prime System, and 6 Orokin Cells as well as 15,000 credits.

Of course, having the best sentinel can make a huge difference in how effectively you play. But what matters most is how much fun you have. So go ahead and enjoy this beautiful new year in Warframe!

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