Is Encanto On Netflix? Where to Watch Encanto (2024)

Is Encanto On Netflix?

If you love magical movies, family bonding animations, and movies that represent the cultural heritage of a certain people, you are certainly going to get hooked on Encanto simply by reading or being told about its emotional, beautiful, and familial love themes.

After being told of a movie as interesting and intriguing as Encanto, finding a platform where you can enjoy watching it with high quality and accurate subtitles becomes your next focus, ordinarily, you would if you can watch Encanto on Netflix.

Unfortunately, Encanto is not available on Netflix but is easily accessible on Disney+ and while that breaks your heart, we can assure you that there are other magical and family bonding movies available on Netflix that you’re sure to love! 

Ever since its release, Encanto has created an amusing buzz amongst people of all ages that take interest in magical animations, everyone who watched it had a favorite part and a favorite tune that got stuck on their tongue.

It is an enchanting story that keeps you on your toes from the start till the very end, and it happens to be one of those movies that you can repeat a couple of times and only grow more fond of it.

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Is Encanto on Netflix? 

When you list magical animations that made everyone go wild in 2023-2024, you can be certain that Encanto will be at the top of everyone’s lists. The Columbian-based magical animation has a fantastic storyline line where the Madrigals family was entrusted with a candle that gave everyone in the family special powers- except Mirabel.

This made her feel the need to always protect the family to prove herself, and when they needed help the most- she proved herself most special by saving the day. 

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Encanto is suitable and jaw-dropping for every age group, it is amusing and teaches important life lessons in the area of family bonding that cannot be ignored- together is always better. Encanto is on everyone’s watchlist and its catchy tunes also started a trend on TikTok that everyone enjoyed.

However, since most people are familiar with Netflix as a platform for watching movies such as these, it is understandable that you would wonder if Encanto is available to be streamed on Netflix.

However, Encanto is not available on Netflix but there are other magical adventures that are similar to Encanto on Netflix that would interest you and have you feeling as excited as Encanto would.

Some of these magical animations include; Over the moon, Wish dragon, The Addams Family, The Mitchells vs. The Machines, The Willoughbys, Abominable, Klaus, and many more.

Where Can You Watch Encanto? 

Fret not, there is a platform where you can stream Encanto as many times as you please and be assured of high quality and accurate subtitles.

You can watch Encanto on Disney Plus, all that is required for you to get access to the magical family-friendly animation is a Disney plus account with a subscription of $8 per month or $80 a year.

Encanto is also available to be rented or purchased on Vudu, iTunes, Microsoft Store, YouTube, Google Play, Spectrum, Microsoft store, and DirecTV. Encanto is also not available for streaming on other platforms such as Amazon Prime, HBO Max, or Hulu majorly owing to the fact that it is an original Disney animation.


We all love family-friendly movies because they create perfect movie choices for movie nights with members of the family in different age brackets, they are enjoyable, informative, and act as instruments used to aid family bonding.

Encanto happens to be a magical family-friendly animation that everyone couldn’t get off their lips and this made anyone that heard of it excited to watch it. They just needed the perfect streaming platform and as expected, many people searched for the movie on Netflix.

Encanto is not available on Netflix, as an original Disney animation it was made available in movie theaters upon its release, and afterward, it was only made available for streaming on Disney plus.

It can also be purchased or rented on other platforms but not streamed as you would expect.

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