15 Movies Like We’re The Millers (2024)

Movies Like We're The Millers

Comedy movies will never lose their appeal but comedy movies with a crime or adventurous spin to them are top tier.

That’s why “We’re the Millers” is an easy favorite for everyone who has watched it. The thing with comedy movies as sensational as “We’re the Millers” is that after watching it you’re going to need a similar film to follow up with the excitement it leaves lingering. We’ve got you covered as usual.

We’re the Millers is a crime comedy movie where a drug dealer is given the task of smuggling some drugs from Mexico to America.

To do this he needs a foolproof plan and he hires a stripper, a petty thief, and a neighbor to form a fake family to help him get the drugs across safely without drawing much suspicion to themselves and their mission.

15 Movies Like We’re The Millers

Crime comedy takes your mind off the criminal theme in a movie and lets you relax and enjoy the movie while even picking up a thing or two. We’re certain you’re on the lookout for adventurous or crime comedy movies like “ We’re the Millers” and we’ve answered with these fifteen amazing recommendations of similar movies.

1. Horrible Bosses

YouTube video

Nick, Dale, and Kurt are absolutely fed up with the horrible attitudes of their bosses in jobs that they have been stuck in for years. They all have responsibilities to keep up with so quitting their jobs is entirely out of the question.

One night at the bar, they drink and complain about those bosses so much that they decide something has to be done. They get advice from a criminal on how to get rid of those bosses but the mission goes haywire.

Where to watch horrible bosses: Netflix, HBO max, and Amazon Prime Video.

2. The Hangover

YouTube video

It all goes down in Las Vegas where Doug and his three friends; Phil, Stu, and Alan go away for his bachelor party two days before his wedding to Alan’s sister. After a wild night of intense partying, Doug is nowhere to be found the next day and his wedding is in less than 24 hours.

All three friends can hardly recall the details of the night before so they struggle to retrace their steps to find Doug in time for the wedding.

Where to watch the hangover: Netflix, HBO max, and Amazon Prime Video.

3. 30 Minutes or less

YouTube video

Nick is a regular pizza delivery guy until he gets trapped in a web of criminals while carrying out delivery and finds himself in a real mess.

Nick is kidnapped by two aspiring criminals who strap a bomb to him and force him to rob a bank on their behalf.

Where to watch 30 minutes or less: Netflix, HBO max.

4. Euro trip

YouTube video

After losing his high school sweetheart who had been cheating on him, a teenager decides to go on a trip with three of his friends and let loose.

All four teenagers embark on an overseas trip to Europe. He decides to find his pen pal who he had upset earlier but they have one hell of an adventure day after day on their trip.

Where to watch euro trip: HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

5. Wedding Crashers

YouTube video

Wedding crashers focus on two men who enjoy taking advantage of the romantic tinge that is always in the air during weddings.

They sneak into weddings to seduce women and take advantage of their vulnerability. But this all comes to an end when one of them unknowingly falls in love with a woman. 

Where to watch wedding crashers: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon prime video.

6. Snatch

YouTube video

A group containing a Russian gangster, boxing promoters, Jewish jewelers, amateur robbers, and violent bookmakers are on a mission to track down a diamond that was stolen from Belgium by Frankie four fingers and taken to London to sell.

They take their viewers on a funny and exhilarating journey from the beginning to the end. 

Where to watch snatch: Netflix, Amazon prime video, and Showtime. 

7. Life of crime

YouTube video

Mickey, a rich housewife is kidnapped by two criminals tasked to kidnap her and demand a $1 million ransom. They think it will be a smooth crime because her husband is a corrupt real estate agent.

Unfortunately, he turned out to be a cheating husband who couldn’t care less for his wife especially since they had already filed for a divorce.

Where to watch life of crime: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime video.

8. Game Night

YouTube video

Max and Annie organize weekly game nights for friends that always turn out exciting but things get turned up a notch by Max’s brother who decides to organize a murder mystery game night instead that involved a kidnapping.

Unfortunately, they realize that the game is real and might be in danger if they do not play their cards right in their plot to get out of harm’s way and get help.

Where to watch games night: HBO, Netflix, and Amazon prime video.

9. First Sunday

YouTube video

Durell and Lee John are two petty thieves that have found themselves in a big mess, they need to pay up 17 thousand dollars in a week or else Durell will never see his son again.

Both friends come up with a plan to rob their neighborhood church, this mission turns out to be trickier than they expected and they end up with a hostage situation in the church all night.

Where to watch first Sunday: Netflix, Showtime, and Amazon prime video.

10. Due date

YouTube video

The due date follows a plot where a man’s wife is a few days away from her due date but her husband and a man he met on the plane are put on the no-fly list due to an incident.

This forces him to go on a road trip with this stranger to Los Angeles. They have a chaotic and funny ride to Los Angeles because of their career paths and personality differences. 

Where to watch due date: Netflix and Amazon game night.

11. Tag

YouTube video

The game of tag has been played by five friends since they were kids but their friend Jerry has never been tagged so Hoagie makes a plan with his other friends to tag Jerry before he becomes a married man since that’s when he plans to retire.

The film has a comic yet bittersweet ending that makes you understand why they really set up this last game of tag.

Where to watch tag: HBO max, Apple Tv, Amazon prime video, and Netflix.

12. 21 Jump Street

YouTube video

In 21 jump street, two underachieving cops need to go undercover as high school students to carry out a special mission. They are tasked with finding out who has been making and selling a new synthetic drug that has hit the market.

They have fun while doing their job and somehow manage to fit in as nerds in this high school.

Where to watch 21 jump street: Show max, Netflix, and Amazon prime video.

13. The Change up

YouTube video

Here, two friends with different lives happen to switch bodies after a wild night out where they unknowingly made wishes by a water fountain.

One friend is a sleazy bachelor and the other is an overworked dad, both men get a literal taste of what it feels like to step in each other’s shoes and they try their best to keep the act up until they can figure out a way to switch bodies back.

Where to watch the change up: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

14. Pineapple express

YouTube video

This movie simply follows a tale of two men trying to get away from hitmen sent after them because they witnessed a murder. Dale saw Saul’s Boss (a drug lord) kill a man and after learning of it, Saul embarks on a runaway trip with Dale to avoid being killed as well.

Where to watch pineapple express: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

15. The interview

YouTube video

Dave hosts a celebrity show where a ton of celebrities have been invited to speak, after a while the rest show’s producer feels like they need to switch things up a bit. Dave suggests that they get an interview with Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea who happens to be a big fan of the show.

Before they fly to North Korea, the FBI approaches them and asks them to poison the supreme ruler on their arrival, it is intriguing to watch how this new mission plays out.

Where to watch the interview: Netflix and Amazon prime video. 


Movies with unrealistic yet comic plots are simply amazing to come across, one of such movies is “we’re the millers”, and despite their incompetence, they were able to get their job done without getting into any serious trouble – how? No one knows but we all love it despite that.

If you’re a fan of “We’re the Millers”, then you’re certainly going to enjoy all of the carefully selected similar movie recommendations above, sit back, and binge-watch amazing comic relief movies that are sure to grow on you.

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