13 Movies Like Girl Next Door On Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+

Movies Like Girl Next Door

Romantic movies will never cease to have hearts melting, and when there’s an edge of comedy? That’s simply priceless.

That’s why the girl next door will always be a classic rom-com that only keeps you asking for more, and we’ve heard your pleas and acted accordingly by providing thirteen similar movies that would give you the same thrill as the girl next door.

Watching the impossible unfold in love makes reality a lot more hopeful, teenagers embarking on sexual explorations, and making wild decisions just because they’re only young once is why the girl next door continues to appeal to so many people.

This only leaves you wanting more because there’s a certain number of times you can repeat a movie till you get bored out of your mind, so we’ve provided similar movie recommendations- you’re welcome!

13 Movies Like Girl Next Door

We all love romantic movies where it seems as though anything is possible, that’s why the girl next door was a blast for many people. If you loved watching the girl next door, we have thirteen amazing similar movie recommendations that have the romantic, quirky, sexual explorative, and fun-filled themes that the girl next door portrays; 

1. Van Wilder: Freshman Year

YouTube video

This movie is part of the van wilder series which contains three movies, just as this title suggests, this focuses on the crazy adventures of Van Wilder during his freshman year.

It follows the sexual adventures of Van Wilder in his freshman year where he seeks to free the college from sexual repression by throwing wild parties as well as going after the campus hottie – Kaitlin. Other parts of the Van Wilder series include; Van Wilder: The rise of taj and Van Wilder: Party Liaison.

Where to watch Van Wilder: Freshman Year – Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Videos.

2. Easy A

YouTube video

This movie follows a teen who gets caught up in a web of lies for simply trying to impress her best friend. Olive had a boring weekend but instead of simply admitting that to her best friend, she lues about having a juicy weekend where she loses her virginity.

Unfortunately, the school gossip overhears her story and goes ahead to spread it through the whole school making Olive appear like a nasty girl.

Where to watch Easy A: Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max.

3. American Pie

YouTube video

American pie is a series that contains four movies explaining the sexual exploration of American teens who believed they were finally of age to lose their virginity.

In the first movie, four teenage boys make a pact to lose their virginities on prom night in a bid to finally fit in, you are definitely in for one hell of a ride watching this sexual comedy unfold.

Where to watch American Pie: Netflix & HBO Max.

4. Book smart

YouTube video

This movie focuses on two best friends who have been overachievers their whole lives that they did not get involved in any of the fun parts of high school as that did not matter to them.

However, on the eve of their graduation they decide to go crazy and experience as many high school fun activities they have missed out on while solely focusing on their studies. This one night indeed turns out to be a chaotic adventure they will never forget.

Where to watch book smart: Hulu, Netflix, Show Max, and Amazon Prime Videos.

5. College road trip

YouTube video

An overachieving teenage girl plans a trip with her friends to search for the perfect college, however, her overprotective father who is a police chief decided to tag along and she has no choice but to bring him with them.

Her father would have preferred for her to go to a college closer to home but she insists that she is ready to spread her wings and soar.

Where to watch the college road trip: Disney+, and Amazon prime video 

6. Knocked up

YouTube video

Here, a tv host whose career just got brighter goes out with her sister to celebrate her promotion and ends up having sex with a jobless man.

A month later, she discovers that she is pregnant and her world turns upside down. It is a tough yet enjoyable journey watching Ben and Allison step up to the task of becoming new parents and lovers as well.

Where to watch knocked up: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

7. The edge of seventeen

YouTube video

This movie throws special light on the struggles of being a teenager, seeing life from an entirely different perspective, and trying to make room for relationships with your family and loved ones.

A teenage friendship is threatened when Krista begins to date Nadine’s older brother and life seems unbearable for her at this point.

Where to watch the edge of seventeen: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

8. She’s out of my league

YouTube video

A beautiful girl loses her phone in an airport and a TSA security screener finds it and makes sure he returns it to her. Kirk who is ranked as a 5 is stunned when Molly who passes easily as a 10 asks him out to dinner after he returned her phone to her.

She falls in love with his personality and spirit instantly and he cannot believe that such a beautiful woman took a genuine interest in him, so he tries his possible best to keep their relationship alive.

Where to watch she’s out of my league: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

9. What happens in Vegas

YouTube video

We all know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – except it’s a marriage or an unexpected pregnancy, and in this case, it’s the former.

Joy and Jack get married in Vegas after a wild night that happened because of certain unfortunate events they were trying to escape. The next morning, they land a jackpot of three million dollars and have to stay married to claim their win.

Where to watch what happens in Vegas: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

10. Superbad

YouTube video

This movie is about two teenage boys who have decided to go crazy just before their high school graduation and the dread of having to go to separate colleges. They plan to party as much as they can and get wasted while going after girls as well, but these crazy adventures land them in some trouble.

Where to watch super bad: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime video.

11. The Hot Chick

YouTube video

Jessica is a beautiful and mean-spirited teenager that believes her life is perfect until she wakes up one morning in the body of a thirty-year-old man named Clive who turns out to be a criminal. Clive uses her body to strip and Jessica and her friends try to get her out of the unfortunate switch but they have a ton of fun while doing so.

Where to watch the hot chick: Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon prime video.

12. Friends with benefits

YouTube video

Caught up in a business relationship, Jamie and Dylan become friends as well as she takes him on a tour of New York. They bond based on past broken relationships and decide to make a pact to have sex without allowing emotions to come in the way of their friendship.

Where to watch friends with benefits: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

13. Say Anything

YouTube video

Diane and Lloyd fall deeply in love but her family tries to drive a wedge between them, her father in particular tries to keep Lloyd away from Diane. Despite being different, they are determined to weather every storm and fight for their love no matter what.

Where to watch say anything: Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon prime video.


Romantic comedies are always a great movie choice for movie nights and get your mind off stress, they have a way of making the world seem worth being part of in their own very special way by giving you a quick break from reality. 

If you love romantic comedies such as the girl next door with a sexual theme as well, we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy every single movie we’re recommended in our list above.

We’ve also made sure you know the best platforms to stream them.

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