Is A Quiet Place On Netflix?

Is A Quiet Place On Netflix?

When it comes to movies that thrive on the survival of the fittest, the quiet place is an amazing representation of such stories.

The way the movie plays out leaves you in awe, at several points you might be worried for their safety but the thrill keeps you going, so if you love horror movies you’re definitely in luck today. 

A quiet place is available for streaming on Netflix, you can find it on the Netflix streaming platform in almost all 190+ countries for your viewing pleasure.

Do you scare easily? Or do you love a good scare? Either way, you’re sure to love the plot and execution of the movie “ a quiet place”. A family looking out for each other and seeking the best way to live in solitude to avoid horrific deaths is what makes this movie worth the watch.

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Does Netflix Have A Quiet Place? 

A quiet place follows the dangerous life that a family of four called the Abbots have to live in order to stay safe in a post-apocalyptic world that has been attacked by a bunch of monsters that are deadly.

These creatures are attracted to the noise of any kind, so this family tries their best to live quietly so that they can stay alive. 

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After a year of being invaded by these deadly creatures, the Abbots are still alive and thriving because they have learned how best to live without getting noticed or making a sound.

A life-threatening event occurs and the Abbots are scared for their lives but they must keep on living quietly if they want to survive the invasion.

You should be excited that you have no reason to miss out on the post apocalyptic thrill that this movie gives if you have a Netflix subscription. A quiet place is available on Netflix and can be streamed from any of the countries where the streaming platform is available.

Similar Movies to A Quiet Place On Netflix 

Why stop at “a quiet place” when you can have equally thrilling horror movies to follow up right after? Well, we have the very best movies which are similar to a quiet place that you can enjoy in your free time below: 

1. The Purge: Election Year 

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As a Senator, Roan is now running for president and she plans to outlaw the yearly night of disorderliness that allows people to kill each other. But when the opposing political party makes sure she is trapped on the streets during the purge, she has to fight for her life.

2. Bird Box

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A mysterious force is out to wipe out an entire population, and anyone that looks at it is sure to drop dead that instant. A woman blindfolds her children and travels over a river to find sanctuary and escape from the mysterious force.

3. The Invisible Man

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A crazy scientist stages his suicide and becomes invisible so that he can terrorize and stalk his ex-girlfriend until she seems like a lunatic. The police refuse to believe her, she decides to fight back.

4. Ladronas De Almas ( Soul Thieves )

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During the Mexican war of independence, a group of outlaws arrives at a semi-abandoned ranch where a disabled man and his three daughters live. When they try to rob them for the spoils of war, the sisters bring unspeakable horror on them.

5. World War Z

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Gerry and his family get stuck in traffic and he notices that something unusual has happened, people are being turned into zombies because of a deadly virus. He decided to travel the world in search of its origin and a cure.


Zombies, mysterious forces, chaos, and deadly viruses are a recipe for an amazing horror movie that you’re certain to get glued to. A quiet place tells a story of survival, deadly creatures, and a family who looks out for each other and it plays out in a unique way. 

The only reason you hung around this long is that you loved the plot of a quiet place and you’re looking for more. Well, we delivered with five excellent horror movie recommendations that you can stream on Netflix anytime and anywhere.

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