Is Whitechicks On Netflix? (What You Should Know)

Is Whitechicks On Netflix?

A funny detective movie where the main actors get to go undercover? We all know that’s a yes, all day and every day. Well, Whitechicks is spot on when it comes to movies with crime and comedy plots and it’s no wonder you’d like to stream it on a reliable platform such as Netflix.

Unfortunately, Whitechicks is not available on Netflix USA, and in several other countries, the movie is only available to be streamed in three countries. 

Whitechicks is a movie that gives us an opportunity to watch FBI agents go crazy and too unbelievable lengths to get their job done because they do not want to be ridiculed for being incompetent.

This plays out nicely and the movie is one that you’ll never forget of such a captivating plot.

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Does Netflix Have Whitechicks? 

Marcus and Kevin Copeland are two brothers who work as FBI agents, they were assigned to complete an important mission regarding a drug bust but they ruined it, and this lands them in trouble with their superiors.

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As a way to punish the brothers, the FBI assigns them a case where they have to escort two white ladies to the Hamptons to serve as bait for a kidnapper they are hoping to trap.

Unfortunately, these women catch up and refuse to go any further because they do not appreciate being tricked and put in danger. 

The African American brothers are forced to disguise themselves as blonde and white chicks to ensure that the plan still goes through, that’s where things begin to get crazy.

As intriguing as this plot seems, Netflix does not have the movie white chicks available in every country where the platform exists. White chicks is only available on Netflix in these three countries: Canada, Singapore, and Mexico.

Where Can You Watch White Chicks? 

Although white chicks is not available for streaming on Netflix, there are other platforms where you can stream the movie easily, either with a subscription, by renting the movie, or by buying it off the site/platform. You can watch white chicks on Amazon prime video, Vudu, Apple TV, Roku, HBO Max, and Disney +. 

Similar Movies To White Chicks On Netflix

Comedy and crime might seem like two genres that do not go hand in hand, but when it is played our correctly like it was in White chicks, you’ll end up searching for more. We’ve saved you the stress by providing movies similar to white chicks that you’re certain to love just as much as white chicks below: 

1. Identity Thief 

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Identity thief is a movie about an unnamed woman who steals a man named Sandy Patterson’s identity. Sandy Patterson is a businessman and when he realizes that someone is using his identity to pay bills he sets out on a trip from Denver to Florida to catch the thief.

2. Murder Mystery 

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This movie is about a New York cop who takes his wife on a trip to Europe to reignite the spark in their marriage. Instead of having a swell time, they get framed for a murder and go on the run while they also try to figure out the real murderer.

3. Paul Blart: Mall Cop

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Paul Blart is a single father who works as a security guard at a mall and takes his job more seriously than everyone expected him to. When Santa’s helpers take hostages in the mall including his daughter and girlfriend, he is determined to help as he knows the mall more than anyone else.

4. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

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Zohan who is an Israeli counterterrorism soldier gets an opportunity to fake his death and he begins to pursue his true dream, which is to be a hairstylist. He puts everything on the line to ensure that his dreams come through.

5. The Hustle

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Two fraudulent women who take advantage of men to get money come in contact with each other and their interests clash. They have to work together to prove which of them is the best at what they do so they set a tough challenge.


We all love a good crime movie, but with a tinge of comedy? That’s with going nuts for. Watching the good guys fight crime while having a good laugh is a beautiful mix that’s why we’re all in for the crazy plot of white chicks.

But what’s the fun in stopping after one crazy cop movie? None. And we want you to have all the fun you have time to squeeze in so we’ve left you some amazing recommendations that fit the same genre as white chicks to keep you entertained. 

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