Does Netflix Have Interstellar? 

Does Netflix Have Interstellar? 

The future is an unknown concept that many people try to interpret, this makes movies about the future exceptional because they raise your curiosity and get in touch with your imaginative senses.

If you’re crazy about movies that seek to interpret and project the future and the end of the earth, you’re surely going to fall in love with the concept of the movie “Interstellar”. 

Good news! The movie “Interstellar” is available on Netflix to be streamed, it has been available on the platform since the 8th of February, 2022.

Interstellar is a movie that recounts the occurrences that follow after the earth finally dies out and is no longer a suitable commune for human beings. Movies such as these keep your mind running wild and your imaginations alive, so we completely understand why you would be drawn to this genre.

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Is Interstellar On Netflix? 

Interstellar is a movie that predicts a time in the future when the earth dies because of a global crop blight and a second dust bowl occurrence.

These occurrences make the earth uninhabitable for mankind and a Nasa physicist known as Professor Brand makes brilliant plans to transfer mankind to a new inhabitable planet through a wormhole created by his innovative designs, but before transferring mankind through this wormhole he needs to ensure that they will end up in a secure location.

He does so by sending a former Nasa pilot known as Cooper and a team of capable researchers to go through the wormhole and make proper findings to ascertain which of the three planet options they have would be the best to serve as man’s new home.

With such a captivating and mind-blowing plot, it is amazing indeed to find out that you can stream Interstellar on Netflix as many times as it would please you, all you need is one of the subscriptions that best suit your budget and you’re good to go! 

Similar Movies To Interstellar On Netflix 

Conspiracies, interpretations, and various views on how the earth will end and how to ensure the continuity of mankind always spark up some excitement in several persons. If you’re one of such people who enjoy a good movie about the future of the earth and how it might end, then the movie recommendations below are for you! 

1. The midnight sky

The earth begins to suffer from a global catastrophic event and eventually becomes inhabitable to human beings. A sick and dying scientist who lives in an arctic learns of a crew of astronauts returning to earth and tries his best to warn them against it.

2. Extinction

In a world where humans have evolved greatly and have access to artificial intelligence in several ways, a family man’s nightmares come to pass when extraterrestrial forces invade the earth and threaten to ruin each and all he holds dear.

3. IO

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After the earth becomes toxic and impossible for humans to live in, making moves to begin living on one of Jupiter’s moons. But a brilliant scientist stays back and begins to search for a way to make the earth habitable again.

4. Mother/ Android 

Far into the future, a pregnant woman is known as Georgia and her boyfriend Sam is on a mission to escape their country where android robots that look like humans have gained rule and roots.

5. Passengers 

When a ship to space in search of a new home malfunctions Jim and Aurora wake up 90 years too early, and a romantic relationship buds between them, when the ship is in danger they are also tasked with saving the lives of 5,000 other passengers.


The future does not have to remain a mystery when we have an imagination that can run wild and scientific research that can guide us on what to expect and how to prepare for the worst.

Interstellar is one such movie that explains the future as though the producers and writers have experienced it or had a peek at it. 

We know that one movie about the future might not suffice, so we took the initiative to provide similar movies on Netflix that are based on the future and will leave you in awe at how much your imagination can be stimulated.

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