Does Netflix Have The Nun? 

Does Netflix Have The Nun? 

If you love horror movies then you’re certain to enjoy the Nun, it has a brilliant plot and a way of causing you to shiver in excitement while wondering what would happen next.

If you have access to just Netflix as a streaming platform and you’re wondering if it’s available on Netflix, then you’re in the right place.

Sadly, the Nun is not available for streaming on Netflix in all countries, it is only available in a few selected countries.

Horror movies might be a cause for nightmares for some people, but it is spine chilling and unbelievably exciting to several other people. The nun is a horror movie that focuses on the paranormal events that follow the death of a nun and the investigation process.

Does Netflix Have The Nun? 

The Nun is a horror movie that follows the story of a nun who commits suicide in an abbey in Romania.

This event calls for an investigation to be taken up by the church and it is headed by a priest with a haunted past. With a novitiate by his side, they risk their lives to uncover the truth behind her death and are met with several obstacles including the ghost of a demonic nun.

With such a thrilling plot, it’s no wonder that several people would be interested in watching the horror movie. If you’re looking to find it on Netflix, certain restrictions have made it only available on the platforms in the United Kingdom and Romania.

Where Can You Watch The Nun? 

If you’re not in any of the two countries where the Nun is available on Netflix, there are other platforms that support and have it available in more countries of the world that you can try instead.

You can also stream or rent the Nun on platforms such as Amazon prime video, Apple TV, Vudu, HBO Max, and TNT. 

Similar Movies To The Nun On Netflix 

If you enjoyed watching the Nun or you’re yet to watch it but you’re intrigued by the plot, here are some amazing movie recommendations on Netflix that you’ll thank us for; 

1. The Conjuring 

The Conjuring is a paranormal or supernatural movie that is believed to have been inspired by a true-life story. The Perron family believed that they had been in a haunted house and recounted paranormal and scary events that proved their claims. 

2. Annabelle 

Annabelle is a movie about a vintage doll that turns out to have demonic abilities and causes terrible occurrences in a home shortly after it is visited by satanic cultists.

3. Orphan

A 9-year-old orphan named Kate is adopted by a couple who just lost their unborn baby, they enjoy her company until a series of disturbing and dangerous events begin to unfold and she is the main suspect.

4. Child’s Play

A single mother and her son move to a new city where he has issues adapting and finding new friends, his mother gifts him a high-tech doll known as Buddi who turns out to be a possessed doll thirsty for blood.

5. Curse of Chucky

Chucky is a doll that has been wronged by the family who tried to get rid of him by all means, he returns vengefully and sets his sights on terrorizing a woman, her sister, and her little niece.


The horror movie genre is a delicate one because nightmares are not a fun experience, but this does not stop a bunch of people from loving them and searching for the next best horror movie releases on various platforms.

With the nun, it’s a wild roller coaster of surprises and screams but if it left you wanting more then we’re happy to provide you with more spine-chilling horror movies that are available on Netflix, we’re sure you’ll love every single one of them.

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