Does Netflix Have The Proposal?

Does Netflix Have The Proposal?

Love stories might be predictable but they still have a way of warming the heart, especially love stories where both parties seem opposite and far from being a good match due to several characteristics and situations.

The proposal has such a couple and we all love that it had a happy ending despite the hurdles.

Sadly, the proposal is not available to be streamed on Netflix, however, you can watch it on several other platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Vudu, and others.

Deportation put Margaret Tate in a tight spot and only her assistant could help her get out of the fix, but while doing so, there’s a window for love and we’re all hoping that it winds up with a happy ending.

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Is The Proposal On Netflix? 

The proposal is about a book editor named Margaret Tate who is facing deportation from America to her homeland Canada. Her business is set in stone in America and she can not bear being deported so she tells the immigration officer that she is engaged to her assistant Andrew Paxton. 

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After having her visa renewal disapproved, Margaret believes that this is her only option since the immigration officer is keeping a close eye on her.

Her assistant however gives her a condition of flying to Alaska to meet his family, she has no choice but to oblige and they end up having a colorful time that causes a major plot twist that is sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

With such a confusing yet lovely plot, it’s hard not to want to see the movie for yourself to find out how everything plays out. Unfortunately, this lovely romantic drama “ THE PROPOSAL” is not available on Netflix for streaming.

Where Can You Watch The Proposal? 

The proposal is a romantic comedy movie with a lovely story and we have just the perfect places for you to stream them aside from Netflix.

You can stream, rent, or buy the proposal on Amazon prime video, Vudu movie & TV store, Apple TV, Roku channel, Disney+, and Peacock TV. 

Similar Movies To The Proposal On Netflix

Love and comedy? That’s a genre that always has people going crazy and feeling butterflies.

It’s lovely to watch how things came together in the proposal and even without asking we’ve decided to bring you more similar movies that you can stream on Netflix below; 

1. Two weeks’ notice 

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An environmental lawyer named Lucy begins to work for billionaire George Wade, but it turns out to be overwhelming and more than she signed up for. She gives him two weeks’ notice to leave and begins grooming a new replacement, however, these last two weeks bring them closer than ever.

2. Bride Wars 

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Best friends Liv and Emma planned the perfect wedding since they were kids, but both weddings had identical themes and locations. When a mistake leads to a clash of wedding dates, they go against each other.

3. He’s just not that into you 

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A group of friends based in Baltimore have issues navigating their love lives, women are taught to believe that men’s unhealthy habits mean that they are interested in them, but these friends learn otherwise after growing up with such misconceptions all their lives.

4. Just go with it 

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Danny is a plastic surgeon who pretends to be married so that he can be with women without commitments because he has had his heartbroken. But when he meets Palmer, he falls in love again but must convince her that he is not a married man. This leads to him making his assistant act as his ex-wife and he gets tied up in a web of lies.

5. Life as we know it

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Holly and Eric have a horrible first date and can not stand each other, the friends that set them up lose their lives and this leaves them with the responsibility of being caretakers of Sophie ( their friends’ daughter ). They need to live under the same roof and adapt to each other but it’s harder than they imagined.


Romantic comedy movies are a way to let yourself relax and enjoy things play out beautifully while having a good laugh all through the movie. We’re certain of a happy or satisfying ending with romantic comedies so it’s a safe bet.

If you love the plot of the proposal then you’re going to enjoy the five movies we’ve picked out specifically for you, they’re funny, easy to get comfortable with, great for date nights and they’re sure to give you butterflies.

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