Is My Hero Academia On Netflix? 

Does Netflix Have My Hero Academia? 

Superhero movies have a way of holding you captive once you begin them, especially when it has a captivating twist and new superheroes with creative or more imaginative superpowers that we’re familiar with.

My hero academia is one of such intriguing superhero animations, the types that you would love to binge watch as soon as you get a glimpse of it, now the question is can you stream my hero academia on Netflix? 

Yes! My hero academia is available to be streamed on Netflix, however, the bad news is that this show is not available on Netflix in all countries. 

My hero academia is undoubtedly one of the biggest superhero animations, it’s interesting and it keeps you wanting more the moment you watch the first episode.

It has five seasons and two movies and all of these have created a buzz when released, the story never ceases to grasp the attention of its audience and several people have shown interest in binge-watching the anime ping to the unanswered question each season leaves in its wake.

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Does Netflix Have My Hero Academia 

The never-ending buzz surrounding anime or manga-based animations is the reason why My hero academia is a series that everyone interested in the anime genre would love to have on their screens, we absolutely understand this need owing to the outstanding plot that this anime series is based on.

My hero academia is a Japanese anime that follows the story of a high school student who was born without superpowers in a world where there is the norm, so he aspires to be a superhero just like his idol and keep the peace. 

However, several people wonder if this superhero manga-based anime is available on Netflix for streaming. The answer is Yes- but there are certain limitations on your access to my hero academia depending on which part of the world you’re watching Netflix from.

On Netflix USA, only two seasons of my hero academia are available out of 6 seasons that have been released recently. 

All seasons of my hero academia are only available on Netflix in a handful of countries which include; South Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. 

Similar Movies To My Hero Academia On Netflix 

If you love the plot of My Hero Academia, we know some Netflix series that are available in most countries of the world and would definitely interest you. These shows include; 

1. Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

This is a Japanese manga-based series that takes you through different fantasy stories based on paranormal events.

2. Baki Hanma

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This is an anime series that is a spin-off of the Baki series, here an underground fighter is faced with several battles in order to defeat his own father.

3. Kakegurui

This is an intriguing high school series where the students who enroll are ranked by their winnings in gambling games and everyone is pacing towards the top for the fame and fortune that they would acquire.

4. Beastars 

This is a Japanese series that is based in a world where various kinds of beasts co-exist, most of the action takes place in a high school setting where a murder is being solved.

5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 

This is a Japanese manga-based anime where the mysterious adventures of the Joestar family are being followed across nine seasons. There are supernatural powers in play and supervillains that the family have to defeat over time.

6. Shaman King

This is a Japanese series where the main character attempts to become the Shaman King by using his incredible Shaman skills to win the ultimate Shaman fight.


My hero academia is one of the best superhero anime to grace Netflix, this is owing to its quirky, inspirational, and intriguing nature that is certain to keep you glued to your screens.

Unfortunately, all of its six seasons have not been made available on all Netflix platforms in the 190+ countries where it is available. 

A simple trick that you can use to make sure My hero academia is available on your screen in all seasons no matter where you are located in the world is to get a VPN app and choose any of the locations we’ve provided above where it is available on Netflix and you can have full access to all seasons of the anime, enjoy! 

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