Dark Souls 3 Weapons Tier List (2024)

The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons 2021

Dark Souls has always been incredibly famous for its variation in gameplay. Whether it’s how you choose to navigate its world, how you fight the enemies, how you approach the side content, or what weapons you like to use – the series always lets the player decide how they wish to play.

Since Dark Souls 3 is the last game of the trilogy, it’s no surprise that it has to be the biggest game in the series and offers far more freedom in gameplay than its predecessors.

There are many different builds that players can choose in the game and weapon statistics can differ between them but not every weapon is created equal even on a general scale.

It can take quite a while to figure out which weapons are best suited for you given the game’s large scale in variety. That’s why we’ve created a thorough guide of the top 10 best weapons in Dark Souls 3 to use.

We’re not going to mention the weapons as solo and co-op specifically, so this is going to be a definitive guide for Dark Souls 3 weapons that will apply to all types of gameplay. So, let’s get started!

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What Are The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons?

These are the best weapons to use in Dark Souls 3.

1. Dragonslayer Greataxe

Dragonslayer Greataxe The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons

The greataxe are some of the best weapons in the game when it comes to sheer strength, no matter what build you’re using it in. The Dragonslayer Greataxe comes on the top since even at its base it deals 200 points of physical damage and 74 points of lightning damage which makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Getting it is not a simple task since you have to defeat the Dragonslayer Armour first and you get the weapon after obtaining its soul. And you’ll need to be ready to use the weapon too in the first place or a lack of appropriate attributes will make it unusable.

Once you’re good to go, you’ll be able to enjoy the heaviest greataxe in Dark Souls 3.

2. Lorian’s Greatsword

Lorian's Greatsword The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons

You can hardly ever go wrong with a greatsword but it’s not too often that it ends up being one of the strongest weapons that you can find. It’s not as heavy as the Dragonslayer Greataxe but it provides excellent damage potential nonetheless.

At its base, you’re provided with 151 physical damage and 79 fire damage – which is a great element to have by your side for many bosses throughout Dark Souls 3.

As usual, a weapon so great is not very easy to obtain so you’ll need to trade the Soul of the Twin Princess to the Ludelth of Courland which can be found at the Firelink Shrine.

3. Old King’s Great Hammer

Old King's Great Hammer: The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons

There are tons of spoilers for the ending of Dark Souls 3 related to the Old King’s Great Hammer – so if you haven’t played the game before you might want to skip to the next weapon on this list. But if you don’t have an issue with it, this might be the weapon that you’re looking for. It’s obtained by killing the Old Demon King, so it’s a long and taxing task.

However, once you obtain it, not only do you feel a great satisfaction for achieving the finale of the game but you gain a very powerful weapon as well.

It has 180 physical damage and 69 fire damage, which are great statistics to have by your side. It’s a bit heavy compared to Lorlan’s Greatsword which has similar statistics, but if you’re fine with your weapons having weight to them then you need to get this right away.

4. Gargoyle Flame Hammer

The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons Gargoyle Flame Hammer

As you may have noticed so far, while the fire damage on several of the game’s weapons is present – it’s usually quite low compared to the physical damage that they can do.

The Gargoyle Flame Hammer is an exception as its name might imply, as its base stats give you 122 physical damage and 100 fire damage peruse.

It’s a very strong weapon that feels very unique thanks to its cool design, so fans of fire should add it to their list.

5. Dark Hand

The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons dark hand

Tired of using weapons and want to let your fists do the talking? We’ve got you covered. This is the only hand-to-hand weapon that’s worth anything in the game and it’s very powerful. You get 150 dark damage and it’s paired with 88 physical damage too which is generous given the fact it’s a hand-to-hand weapon with great dark damage.

6. Demon’s Greataxe

The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons demon's greataxe

Demon’s Greataxe is an extremely powerful weapon that is often regarded as one of the best in the game. Its physical and fire damage combines to a number of 240, which is 88 fire and 157 physical damage each.

That’s just the starting point, as you can boost its usefulness by having good faith and intelligence statistics, which are a massive advantage at higher levels but with far less stamina used than some of the other greataxes.

It’s also a particularly good crowd-control weapon since it has a very good area-of-effect attack that covers multiple enemies at once.

7.  Black Knight Greataxe

The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons the black knight greataxe

The Black Knight Greateaxe does not need fire or dark damage to be one of the most powerful weapons in the game, as it has a remarkably high number of physical damage alone.

It racks up to a total of 216 damage and works perfectly with strength-related statistics in the game, which essentially makes it an absolute tank of a weapon.

It’s also one of the most difficult weapons to obtain as not only do you need to kill a Black Knight to acquire it – but you need to make sure that the Black Knight is using it in the first place for you to take it from them.

8. Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

Ringed knight paired greatswords The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons

This list wouldn’t be complete without a dual-wielded weapon and thankfully the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords are there to fill that criterion. It’s a weapon that combines the power of physical and fire damage which hits with a total of 196 damage to those unfortunate enough to be hit with it.

As usual, it’s more difficult to use this weapon compared to others – but it’s certainly worth the effort and feels pretty stylish to use too.

9. Smough’s Great Hammer

The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons smough's great hammer

If Dark Souls 3 isn’t your first game, you must recognize Smough’s Great Hammer from the very first Dark Souls game. It makes an excellent return that does not disappoint which is carrying an insane number of 205 physical damage.

And that’s, as usual, just the base – as you can upgrade it with the right attributes and reach over 300 physical damage, which makes you nothing short of a powerhouse that anyone would fear if you were a boss in the game.

10. Moonlight Greatsword

The Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons moonlight greatsword

You knew that this greatsword will make the list and we’d hate to disappoint our readers! The Moonlight Greatsword is one of the best weapons that you can find in the game and is kind of a fan-favorite in the community both for how great it looks and its damage potential.

Its fire and physical damage combine to be a total of 199 attack power and that’s just the beginning, it can be expanded further with the right attributes.

That’s it for our list of the top 10 best weapons in Dark Souls 3! We hope that you found the perfect weapon that’s best suited for your gameplay preferences, and keep in mind that tier lists are, at the end of the day, subjective.

We’re here to answer any questions that you might have, and don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too.

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