How to Surrender In Valorant (2024)

How to Surrender In Valorant

Riot Games, the game developers behind the massively successful League of legends, released the 5v5 FPS game titled Valorant last year.

The game has a similar feel to counter-strike, though the Agent character system has made the game’s execution extensively much more diverse and somewhat better.

Today, we will be talking about the early surrender option for Valorant, similar to the one in League of Legends, released first in patch 1.02 and then later improved in patch 1.03. 

The surrender option allows you to leave the match before all the rounds are concluded. You may find this option useful if you find your team somewhat lacking, or simply if you feel that the game is unwinnable. However, surrendering does come with a price to pay.

Surrendering a game automatically counts the remaining rounds for the opposite teams as wins, and counts the remaining rounds as a loss for the team that opted for surrendering. Surrendering in a ranked match also leads to a loss in MMR, so it is not advisable to opt for surrendering when you are indulging in a rank push.

Use the feature only when you are certain that you can’t win the said game.

Below, you can find the steps on how to opt for the early surrendering option during a Valorant game.

1. Open the menu.

2. Select the “match” tab.

3. Select the “surrender button”


Open the chatbox by pressing “Enter key”

Type “/ff”, “/forfeit”, “/concede”, or “/surrender” in the chatbox, without the quotation marks.

How to Surrender In Valorant

4. A surrender vote will be conducted where your team votes either they’ll surrender or not.

5. You use F5 key if you want to opt for surrendering or F6 key if you don’t want to opt for surrendering (“/yes” and “/no” can also be used in the chatbox to register your vote.)

How to Surrender In Valorant

6. For surrender to work you need 80% votes in favor for unranked mode. On the contrary, you need a 100% vote/ a unanimous decision in favor, if you are playing in a ranked mode. If these conditions are not met, the vote for surrendering will be called off.

7. Beware that there are only 2 surrender votes allowed per game, one per half.

Following the updates from patch 1.03, you can now opt for surrender after playing a minimum of 5 rounds.

This limit ensures that the early surrender feature is not abused during a game. Note that if your surrender vote is declined even once, you won’t be able to access the surrender option again while you are on the same team.

You’ll have to change from attacker to defender, or vice versa, to access the option again.

So be sure to have constant communication with your teammates before conducting a Surrender vote. The surrender option also does not work in the “spike rush” mode. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t surrender between a round.

You have to either wait for the round to complete or enter the buying phase.

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