Dark Souls 3 Frayed Blade Guide (2024)

Dark Souls 3 Frayed Blade Build

Dark Souls 3 has a long list of swords and gear that can be used to create amazing builds, and that list is expanded further by The Ringed City DLC with some incredible new options that the community considers essential to the overall experience.

Among many of the newly introduced weapons, the Frayed Blade became very popular with Dark Souls players and is considered one of the best items in the game, especially when getting your katana builds in order.

Naturally, players often want to create Frayed Blade builds in Dark Souls 3 because of how effective that blade is. It can be time-consuming to try out all the different possibilities and combinations to figure out the best Frayed Build in the game.

That’s why we’re here to save you time, and we’ve created a thorough guide for the best Dark Souls 3 Frayed Blade that you can use right now! Let’s get started.

What is the Frayed Blade?

The Frayed Blade in Dark Souls 3 is a Katana-based sword that was added to the game as part of The Ringed City DLC. You can obtain it by transposing the ‘Soul of Darkeater Midir’ with the ‘Ludleth of Courland’ for 5000 souls.

It requires 40 Dexterity, so it’s not one of the easier weapons to wield and is meant for seasoned players.

It’s a very heavy Katana and features low durability, but the fact that it has innate Dark magic and powerful skill that comes with an offensive shockwave – it’s certainly worth the effort that you put into it. It also causes an effective Bleed effect on certain enemies, which makes it one of the best offensive weapons in the game.

After all, it’s a weapon that requires high Dexterity to be used – so of course, its statistics are very good to compensate for that. And as the requirement for obtaining it implies, the weapon symbolizes the ‘Darkeater Midir’.

What is a Dark Souls 3 Build?

If you know what builds in Dark Souls are, then you can skip to the next segment for your answer. But if you’re new to the series, here’s a brief explanation.

A build-in Dark Souls is a player-created combination of different statistics, classes, equipment, and magic that cater to different kinds of play styles and weapons as a focus.

Sometimes they are meant for specific tasks in the game, while at other times players use them as a general loadout. The Frayed Blade is one such example, as it’s used often as a primary build in Dark Souls 3 by offensive players.

Best Dark Souls 3 Frayed Blade Build

Frayed Blade Build

After a lot of calculation and testing, we’ve concluded that in our opinion, this is the best Dark Souls 3 Frayed Blade build that you can use:

The first thing that you can notice in this build is that certain things are left simple, such as bare fists in several slots. That’s because every player has a different preference for how they want to use their character, so you should be able to mix things up a little bit in that way.

The same stands true for some of the other things, such as the rings used for example. While the ones suggested in this build are optimal for the Frayed Blade build, you can always mix things up a bit based on what you think works best for you.

Guides at the end of the day are only here to give you a pointer, certain things might work better for you in the long run so don’t shy away from experimentation.

One particular thing that shouldn’t be altered from this build is luck. The ‘bleed’ effect that the sword can inflict on the enemy makes the weapon more powerful than it already is thanks to the luck factor making it happen more often.

And of course, the resistance and armor to certain things is something the player should always keep in mind when making a build, otherwise, the boss fights would be too difficult.

That’s it for our recommendation on the Dark Souls 3 Frayed Blade guide. We hope that you found your perfect character build here, and don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too!

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