The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes Ranked (2024)

Black Desert Online is one of Korea-based developer Pearl Abyss’ most prized possession. The open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing games are one of the very best in its genre, and it’s not just due to the Korean aspect either.

The game is a technical MMORPG masterpiece having the best graphics and action that has been seen in the genre. Not to mention, it has an exquisite story, and a plethora of side quests and activities to invest your time into.

However, the best part about Black Desert Online is its vast variety of character options. When it comes to player versus player game modes though, you always need to have a strong character build to get you through it.

Honestly, it’s hard to understand what to do in this case when it comes to Black Desert Online because it has a huge class system. You’re probably going to get overwhelmed on what to pick, but we’ve come to help!

Top BDO PvP Classes 2024

Here are the best Black Desert Online PvP classes ranked from best to worst!

1. Ninja

ninja The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

The Ninja is by far the best class for PvP in Black Desert Online, it’s a class that outclasses every other class by 200%. The Ninja class can go invisible, so you can move up to your enemies silently without them realizing it.

Not to mention, you deal INSANE amounts of single-target damage to your opponents. So your strategy as a Ninja is to sneak and kill, just like a stealth game. This is the best thing about this class though, you can play aggressively and do what you like without worrying about much. 

2. Ranger

Ranger The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

Now, this is true that the Ranger is very easy to take down. However, the key thing about this class is that she’s usually so far away that you can’t even see her to take her down. The Ranger class deals an abundance of damage that often takes opponents down before they even realize what is happening. The best way to use the Ranger class is during PvP groups, whether it is large groups or small groups; it doesn’t matter as long as you have your vantage points!

3. Sorceress 

sorceress The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

The Sorceress class is the highest damage dealing spell-caster class in the game. This class is known for her extremely high damage combos, her insane range, her wide Area of Effect (AoE) damage radius, and her overpowered stunning attacks.

Now, of course, they won’t make a ranged and extremely high damage character a good tank, so she can be taken down easily. However, she’s still alive when most of the other characters are dead…

4. Hashashin

Hashashin The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

When it comes to being an overpowered crowd controlling Demon, the Hashashin is the best at it. However, when it comes to the 1v1 PvP situations, the Hashashin is also great at it due to the overpowered crowd controlling chain attacks.

This is a fast class with tons of movement and maneuverability, being a much more controlling version of the Ninja. This class has a huge emphasis on Area of Effect (AoE) through the use of sweep attacks and minor spell casting. He’s good in both medium and close range, dealing insane amounts of damage while being a decent tank too!

5. Sage

Sage The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

The new kid on the block is a versatile spell-casting god that deals an insane amount of damage and has HUGE defensive capabilities.

He can essentially do anything, deal damage from close up, deal damage from far away, deal damage while being invisible, heal himself, heal others… this is an all-rounded character to the maximum.

6. Lahn 

Lahn The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

After Lahn, all of these classes just get worse in strength if I’m being honest. The Lahn is one of the strongest melee classes in the game, with huge grapple ranges and devastating single-target melee damage.

The best thing about this class is that it has both ranges through her grab, and wide, hitbox dismantling close-quarters attacks with her melee. There’s essentially not much you can do except keeping your distance.

7. Kunoichi

Kunoichi The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

The female counterpart to the strongest class in the game, The Kunoichi doesn’t do half as much damage as the Ninja class nor does she have as much maneuverability. The way they compensated for this was by making her attacks wider and giving her more range. She’s now pretty decent in PvE.

8. Wizard

Wizard The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

If the Wizard had harder defensive capabilities, it would be the best class in the game. The Wizard class is typical glass cannon, meaning that they have a very high damage output but can be taken out in less than 6 seconds of continuous attacks. Their defensive capabilities are extremely low; they’re just frail and meek… 

9. Warrior

Warrior The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

The Warrior is by far the most all-rounded class in the game. You can do decent melee damage, you can dash at your enemies for ranged attacks, you can block and stun, you can also grab and the best part is; you take average amounts of damage.

The weakness in the Warrior class is its low overall attack damage that you throw out since you have minimal magic in your kit and no AoE attacks.

10. Tamer

Tamer The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

More like the grabber. This class deals most of her damage through stunning and grabbing her opponents while also having a BIG friend with her on the battlefield whenever she needs it.

Tamer’s a fun class to play, and the heilang is definitely a major distraction for single target opponents in PvP. However, if you’re playing against a sorcerer or ranger, or essentially anyone with the range as Tamer; you won’t be able to do much. Tamer has poor range and can be bullied with AoE damage.

11. Nova

Nova The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

Now when it comes to Nova, it’s almost as if you’re playing Dark Souls! You need to block a lot and wait for your opponents to use up their skills, after that, you just take them down! The problem with Nova is that this is the only playstyle she has, and the player base knows how to play against her effectively at this point.

12. Striker

Striker The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

Now, if you just want to pick up the game and annihilate opponents; go for Striker. While the Striker might not be the most fun to play the character or one that requires any skill, he’s for sure easy. The striker is a really good character by all means.

He has a huge amount of damage doing potential, along with survivability and he can move pretty fast. The only reason why he’s so low on the list is that he’s boring to play. You just press the same two buttons and everything happens by itself.

13. Musa

Musa The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

Musa is the ultimate PvE character; he’s an extremely fast and agile character with tons of maneuverability and movement to aid him. Moreover, his Area of Effect (AoE) attacks have a massive range.

However, that’s just for PvE because in PvP; Musa falls flat on his face. His attacks have decent range but they are weak in damage since they’re built to push back hordes of enemies. His movement is good but he’s very easy to kill.

14. Valkyrie

Valkyrie The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

Now, one thing to note about Valkyrie is that she wasn’t made for PvP purposes. This character is a full-fledged healer with some of the best healing abilities in the game. She’s very slow though and has extremely low movement and survivability due to that.

Her attacks can often miss enemies due to the patterns being random, and she is not effective in a duel scenario. The best way to play her is to overdose on her healing abilities and just really hope for the best?!

15. Mystic

Mystic The Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes

Mystic is the last on this list due to her low maneuverability and movement, along with her attacks not dealing too much damage. She’s one of the stronger classes in PvE due to her high Area of Effect (AoE) damage, along with her decent combo chains.

However, in the dueling department; she comes to an absolute halt against other magic classes such as Sorcerer, Wizard, and even Striker (which this class is essentially a weaker version of).

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