The Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes For 2024

black desert online top PvE classes

Developer Pearl Abyss broke new ground when they first released Black Desert Online, a game that has since become one of the most popular MMORPGs in contemporary gaming. The game on release was revolutionary, with some of the most advanced graphics in the genre.

It also had the highest quality combat, with some awesome animations and the best visual effects you could find in the same genre too! So, it was just bound to be a major success with the MMORPG communities and bring in a lot of new initiates as well. 

However, the best part about Black Desert Online is its vast variety of character options. You can essentially do anything with your characters, from roleplaying various things within the world to playing a hardcore action game.

Black Desert Online’s extremely large variety of classes and other customization options will always make sure you’re experiencing are never the same as anyone else’s! Though of course, with a huge variety of choices like that; you’re probably going to get overwhelmed on what to pick.

The Top BDO PvE Classes For 2024

Here’s an efficient guide that ranks the entirety of the Black Desert Online PvE Classes!

1. Lahn

Black Desert Online Classes

Lahn is the only class in Black Desert Online which is strong in PvP, but it is literally unmatched in PvE. The Lahn class has massive melee damage, unmatched single target attacks, her grappling hook has essentially unlimited range and she has a flurry of close quarter combat moves that break through the opposition’s defenses.

This class has a ton of AoE attacks, which can hit you if you’re in the proximity no matter how small or broken your hitbox is.

2. Striker


The Striker class is exactly like the Lahn class, only a bit weaker. It’s also a melee class with a massive focus on AoE attacks and close-range damage.

However, unlike Lahn, they don’t have the grappling hook range damage, which means they have to rely on getting close and landing their AoE attacks. If you can do that well, this class will get you through the entirety of the game like a cakewalk. 

3. Hasashin


Another melee class that focuses on single target damage, the Hashashin is like the Ninja however with a way better focus on AoE damage.

The number of combos that you can do with the Hashashin class is unmatched, these are complex combos that deal damage as you keep stacking them. They’re a hard-to-play class, but once you learn it; you’re golden.

4. Wizard


This is the strongest ranged class in PvE. The Wizard class offers not just an ease of playing with the minimal required skill, but also a ton of range, a plethora of AoE damage, and the long-range abilities have not just massive range, but also duration and radius. It’s an all-around class that will never fail you in PvE.

5. Sorceress


The strongest ranged class in PvP, the sorceress class has always been one of the best classes in any game mode. They have a ton of range, which means you don’t have to get up close to any enemies.

Not to mention, the grab attacks can deal damage to a swarm of enemies without even ever getting close. It’s a fun character, with so much versatility against the enemies and opposition that you can play this class in any scenario. 

6. Nova

Nova Black desert online

Nova is one of those rare characters which are both ranged and melee-based. The amount of area damage that Nova has is unprecedented, especially with awakening mode. When in awakening, Nova has insanely high-burst damage that they can dismantle huge groups within mere seconds.

7. Witch


The Witch class is the best and most efficient class for grinding spots, where you can take out large hoards of enemies without ever being in proximity or taking any damage for yourself.

This class has major area damage which is combined with her range, which makes her lethal in grinding spots and in terms of hoards. It’s just essential that you have a Witch with you for the most part in PvE!

8. Valkyrie


Valkyrie is one of the most tank-based classes in the game. They’re somewhat like the Warrior class; however, they’ve got a bit more range to their attacks and can deal with groups of enemies as well.

Valkyrie can essentially run around, deal devastating damage and then run back away to heal up. It’s a fun hit-and-run playstyle that is very profitable for the players.

9. Berserker


Berserker is somewhat like Nova, coming prepared for both melees and ranged combat. However, this class has a huge learning curve, but if you manage to hold on to this class; it will do wonders for you.

Their large area of effect damage and speedy combos can do devastating damage to the opponents. Their awakening adds a ton of range to their attacks too, making them useful in both scenarios.

10. Warrior


Warrior is a pure melee class, with a simple play style that entirely revolves around being a Dark Souls player. You walk up to enemies, and you beat the life out of them. It’s literally that simple, use the awakening to gain a mobility boost and do everything you were doing even quicker!

11. Dark Knight

Dark Knight BDO classes

The Dark Knight is a combination of a dark wizard and a proper knight. This class can deal both melee damage, and amazing ranged magic-based damage.

However, this class received massive nerfs which made it much weaker. So now, her melee is just a form of protection if aggressors push too close, while her primary damage is ranged magic. She also dies pretty easily, with very low overall health and defense skill. 

12. Mystic

PvE BDO classes Mystic

Mystic is a melee class with an emphasis on combos and stunning. It used to be one of the strongest but the balancing literally put it at almost the bottom. Mystics have less damage than other melee classes, but their combos are much more impressive.

They also stun enemies with their attacks and bully them with their melee. It’s a good class but doesn’t dish out much damage, fun at parties though!

13. Guardian

Guardian BDO classes

Guardian hits hard, and when I say hard I mean really hard. However, the one thing that puts this class at the near bottom is the fact that they hit slow. Her abilities are slow, and her heavy attacks take a while to finally land. To counter this, they gave her a large boost in movement yet she doesn’t really do much, or at all honestly.

14. Musa

bdo CLASSES musa

This class moves really fast. Musa has a decent range to their melee attacks, however, they lack the amount of damage necessary to truly push their opponents back a lot. They can’t hinder enemies from pushing them aggressively, yet their attacks have a wide radius.

It’s a complicated system that doesn’t really work for most players however we think that it can work at parties. Musa needs protection usually; you can’t pick one-to-one fights unless you have a healer nearby, just the way it is.

15. Sage


The Sage class is what you should get when you want to secure a specific spot, and stay there grinding hoards. If you’re trying to do anything but that, this class won’t do much. The weak damage and low amount of mobility can really hinder Sage’s overall levels.

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