AFK Arena Best Heroes 2024: Best PvP, PvE Heroes Tier List

AFK Arena Best Heroes

AFK Arena takes the gaming to a whole new level with more than seventy-five heroes to choose from.

Having too many heroes like Genshin Impact is a blessing for variety’s sake and a curse because of the divided opinion that which hero would be the best for what situation.

This article features a complete tier list of AFK Arena and the best heroes for each PVP and PVE battle. 

AFK Arena Tier List

To help you understand each hero’s potential, here is a tier list of heroes according to their performance in PVP, PVE, raids, labyrinth, bosses, etc. Whether you are going for faction towers or the tower of the king, add five heroes to your team from the below tiers.

Try to add as many s-tier heroes as you can to your team.

You can choose 10 or 20 of the most powerful heroes below and upgrade them to the max. The performance of these heroes will be exceptional, especially when you combine them with the right gear. 

  • S Tier: This tier features the best heroes of the AFK arena, and your chances of winning a fight with S tier heroes are great
  • A Tier: This tier features above-average heroes who are strong enough to keep you alive in your adventure
  • B Tier: This tier features average heroes with some special abilities. These abilities are the main reason why you should add them to your team 
  • C Tier: This tier features below average heroes who aren’t powerful enough to be in your team, especially at the end of the game 
  • D Tier: This tier features the weakest heroes, so there is no point in wasting your resources to upgrade them 
  • S+ Tier: A few heroes in the game are even better than the S tier heroes. This tier features all such heroes. 

Here is the detailed classification of all heroes in AFK Arena, along with their classes. 

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AFK Arena Best Tank Class

  • S tier: Daimon, Albedo, Thoran, and Titus
  • A tier: Arthur, Skreg, Mezoth, Grezhul, and Orhtros
  • B tier: Hendrik, Gorvo, Lucius, and Brutus
  • C tier: Torne, Ulmus, and Anoki 
  • D tier: There are no D tier heroes in tank class

AFK Arena Best Ranger Class

  • S tier: Eironn, Athalia, Lyca, Lucretia, and Raku
  • A tier: Ezio ,Prince of Persia ,Ferael, Gwyneth ,Nakoruru, and Kren
  • B tier: Joker, Vurk, Tidus, Respen, Theowyn, Fawkes, Cecilia, and Drez
  • C tier: Kaz, Thane, Kelthur, and Oscar
  • D tier: There are no D tier heroes in Ranger class 

AFK Arena Best Mage Class

  • S tier: Zaphrael, Ainz Ooal Gown, Mehira, and Merlin
  • A tier: Khazard, Skriath, Eluard, Morael, Pippa, and Safiya
  • B tier: Flora, Lorsan, Belinda, Isabella, Oden, and Shemira
  • C tier: Solise and Satrana
  • D tier: There are no D tier heroes in Mage class.

AFK Arena Best Warrior Class

  • S tier: Izold, Alna, and Saurus
  • A tier: Nara, Wu Kong, Zolrath, and Queen
  • B tier: Estrilda, Baden, and Warek
  • C tier: Khasos, Antandra, and Ukyo
  • D tier: Seirus and Rigby.

Support Class

  • S tier: Ezizh, Tasi, Silas, Talene, and Rowan
  • A tier: Leofric, Elijah and Lailah, Desira, Mortas, and Rosaline
  • B tier: Nemora, Nemisu, and Peggy
  • C tier: Arden and Raine
  • D tier: There are no D tier heroes in the Support class.

AFK Arena Heroes to Avoid

Before moving with the tier list and ranking of heroes, you need to learn about heroes you should never add to your team.

Avoid upgrading these heroes as they have no purpose even at the start of the game. Belinda, shemira, and Athalia are such heroes, so don’t waste your resources on them. You will face high-level enemies near the end game, and only the most powerful hero will work against them.

AFK Arena Best Heroes Tier List

The best approach to sort heroes based on their performance is choosing heroes from the high-power tier first. If you go in a battle with the wrong team and meet a powerful boss, you will never be able to make it alive out of there. 

You can add heroes from each class to your team if you are not sure which hero will work the best for you. You can choose heroes based on the suggestions below for player-vs-player, player-vs-environment, and boss battles. 

Best AFK Arena Heroes For PvE Battles

When pushing through the main storyline of AFK Arena, focus on resources and don’t miss a chance to gather some resources.

You will also be able to earn resources upgrade heroes for other battles. This approach will save from grinding in the later stages of the game. However, you can choose whatever hero you want but go with Awakened Talene, Framton, Ainz, Alna, and Daimon from the S tier for better results. 

Best AFK Arena Heroes For PvP Battles

AFK Arena features a competitive player-vs-player mode where you can fight with other players from all around the globe to show what you are capable of.

You can never build the perfect team for PVP given the number of options available in the game but adding Melusina, Awakened Talene, Albedo Haelus, Treznor, Thesku, and Arthur to your team will do the thing. 

Best AFK Arena Heroes For Boss Battles

To help players put their skills to the ultimate test, AFK Arena also comes up with boss battles featuring bosses of all difficulty levels. After winning each battle, you will receive high-level rewards, so carefully choose your team of heroes for a boss battle. 

You should always go with the most powerful heroes in your inventory based on the tier list. Level up your heroes and gear to get those extra stats.

Everyone has their favorite heroes for boss battles, but high-tier heroes have better chances against the difficult boss. You can experiment with various heroes to see how they perform in different scenarios before setting your final team. 

Wrapping It Up 

Now that you know everything about heroes and the best heroes for each scenario, it is time to test them yourself.

With testing, you can finalize your team as gameplay style also impacts how the hero will perform in the battle. 

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