11 Best Tom Hanks Movies On Netflix, Ranked (2024)

11 Best Tom Hanks Movies On Netflix, Ranked

Tom Hanks has starred in several amazing movies over the years, he is one of the most loved and politely recognized Hollywood actors and his movies speak for themselves to prove this point.

Once you’ve tried out one amazing Tom Hanks movie, you’re definitely going to be on the lookout for more. 

If you’re down to get hooked on great Tom Hanks movies with remarkable ratings on Netflix, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re always here to give you wild, thrilling, and adventurous movies that hit home and we’ve delivered as usual.

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11 Best Tom Hanks Movies On Netflix

With several persons being more accustomed to using Netflix as a streaming platform, we’ve made sure that we picked Tom Hanks movies that are available on Netflix, below are 11 of the best Tom Hank movies on Netflix:

1. Catch me if you can 

YouTube video

A teenager can extort hundreds of dollars in paychecks by successfully pretending to be a pan-American World Airways pilot, a Georgia specialist, and a Louisiana people group lawyer.

Young Frank Abagnale can achieve all of these before the celebration of his 19th birthday. An FBI agent is sent on a mission to find Frank and bring him to be locked up in a correctional facility but it is not easy to locate Frank. This is because Frank enjoys a good chase and this seems like an exciting challenge to him. 

Where to watch Catch Me if you can: Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

2. Angels and Demons 

YouTube video

Tom hanks act as professor Robert Langdon in this movie, he teams up with Dr. Enter Vittoria Vetra in a mission to unravel a lethal weapon being used by a deadly secret cult known as the Illuminati by doing intense research on antimatter they found on an Illuminati militant.

The pope is killed and an attack is being planned to take down the Vatican City, and all these atrocities are perpetrated by the Illuminati secret cult.

Robert and Vittoria gain help from the Vatican police force to complete their research and find out how to defeat the Illuminati by unraveling their secret lethal weapon and saving the team that was sent out earlier as well as the entire Vatican City.

Where to watch Angels and demons: Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

3. Da Vinci Code

YouTube video

After a gruesome homicide is recorded in the Louver, Robert Langdon and Sophie begin research to find clues in hopes of uncovering the murderer and his motives. Sophie’s grandfather was killed brutally with codes and odd images being drawn on his body afterward.

The answers to these codes and odd images lie in the hidden drawings and works of Leonardo Da Vinci and several people try their best to keep the truth from being revealed as it would threaten to shake the very foundations of Christian beliefs and destroy the church. 

Where to watch Da Vinci code: Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

4. Saving Private Ryan

YouTube video

This movie is set in World War 2, it is also based on a true-life story where a paratrooper who was behind enemy lines needed to be saved. This paratrooper loses two of his siblings during the war and suffers from his loss so much that the US Chief of Army Staff sends a team of eight men to rescue him, guard him, and safely take him home to his mother to grieve properly.

It is a show of compassion, dedication, sacrifice, and true solidarity between United States troops in the Second World War.

Where to watch Saving Private Ryan: Netflix and Amazon prime video.

5. Bridge of spies

YouTube video

The Bridge of Spies is a movie that is set during the Cold War era, in this story an American legal advisor was chosen to serve as a protective agent of law to a soviet agent who was abducted.

This American legal advisor is tasked with ensuring that Abel (The Russian government agent) receives a fair hearing in the court of law despite being an enemy, he was also expected to get accurate information from the Soviet Union agent as well as gain his cooperation to help the CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency ) in their fight against the Soviet Union.

Where to watch Bridge of Spies: Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

6. The green mile

YouTube video

In “The Green Mile”, Tom Hanks was a retired government official in a retirement home. He watched the film top hat and got very emotional, as though he had a certain attachment to it.

It turns out he did because his friends tell him that he used to be a prison guard in the death row prison during the Great Depression and he witnessed very complicated situations unfold, this death row was also known as “the green mile”. 

Where to watch the Green Mile: Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

7. Captain Phillips

YouTube video

Captain Richard Philips (Tom Hanks) cruises in the U.S. hailed MV Maersk Alabama until an unfortunate event occurred. Captain Phillips is captured and his ship is now being commandeered by Somali pirates.

Captain Muse who commands the band of Somali pirates as well as Captain Phillips find themselves in a tight fix off the Somali Coast where they must fight to protect themselves. 

Where to watch Captain Phillips: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

8. Forrest Gump

YouTube video

This story follows the life of a yet exceptional young man known as Forrest Gump, he did not excel academically but was compassionate and devoted to his country and loved ones. He turned out to be an amazing track star and football player who proved highly useful in all the teams he was part of.

He also had a best friend named Jenny who deeply struggled but he always kept in touch with them and eventually fell in love with them. Forrest Gump also ends up becoming a war hero and an amazing businessman based on advice he received from his best friend who was always by his side during combat. 

Where to watch Forrest Gump: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

9. Cast Away

YouTube video

A Fed Ex-chief crash lands in a remote location around the South Pacific where he is met with physically challenging situations that he must find a way to tackle.

He does not suffer a lot of damage and he finds himself in a life rack when we wake up but his friend who accompanied him is nowhere to be found and neither are the remains of the plane that conveyed them and the goods that were being delivered.

He struggles to stay alive and ensures that he endures the situation he has found himself in by sourcing food, and water and staying alive. 

Where to watch Cast Away: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

10. Road to Perdition

YouTube video

A man losing his family tends to turn on certain vengeful tendencies and this movie is a perfect representation of that. A man’s son and wife are murdered for unjust reasons and he does not take it lightly.

This movie is set in the Depression era and the widower sets out on a mission to avenge the death of his wife and son with his son who is now his only surviving family member.

Where to watch Road to perdition: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

11. You’ve got mail

YouTube video

Tom Hanks can also be a lover boy, so let’s review one of his romantic movies that you’re certain to fall in love with. The movie “You’ve Got Mail” is about a bookstore owner and a superstore magnate who met online and fell in love while believing they have never met, unknowing to them, they have met in real life and they dislike each other. 

Where to watch you’ve got mail: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


When it’s a Tom Hanks movie, you know that you’re expecting professionalism and amazing delivery no matter what the storyline is based on.

If you’re not sure which Tom Hanks movies to watch because they’re so many available, we’ve done the intense search on your behalf and you only need to make your pick- or simply binge-watch in your free time. 

From the passionate acting, great deliveries, and thrill-seeking adventures to the charm possessed in Tom Hanks movies, you’re sure to have a great time with any of the 11 movies we’ve recommended above that you settle on. 

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