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There are millions of games in different genres available on different types of consoles and cloud streaming platforms like Google Stadia where you can play your favourite game.

If you’re also fond of playing games on your PC, and you’re reading this post, then we know you’re the type to enjoy RPG games on your PC every now and then, this is why we’ve compiled this list of the best RPG games for PC and your mobile phone in 2020, much more like our list of the top multiplayer games to play, these games are awesome too.

Not only are most of these games cheap and mostly available via steam, but they’re also the best right now based on reviews and will give you just that gacha rush you’ve been craving for so without further ado, let’s get to it.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

If we talk about great RPG sagas for PC like the one in Baldur’s Gate, we cannot miss another classic like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a title that has repeated the path of so many others to end up being available on our mobile devices so that a whole new generation of players can delight in it.

In this game, we can create a character using any of the races of the Star Wars universe, and immerse them in it by completing missions that will help us evolve it.  As we progress, depending on our decisions, our character will enter the straight path or the dark reverse of the force.

  • Price: $3.49 (On sale at Steam)
  • Platform: PC

2. The Bard’s Tale

Originally released about 20 years ago, in 2005 The Bard’s Tale has revived on Xbox and PS2 consoles thanks to a fun 3D remake that once again proposed us to order that rogue and a selfish bard who guaranteed us a few hours of fun on his adventure for getting as much money as women.

This game came to Android recently, is one of the first to open the prohibition of great role-playing adaptations that reached the Google mobile operating system.  A classic that never dies, a bit of role-playing history that enters our list on its own merits.

  • Price: 19.99 via Steam.
  • Platform: PC

3. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

EA and Disney presented a role-playing game with turn-based combat where we can control the most famous characters from the Star Wars movies.  We will improve our team of heroes and fight in legendary settings such as Tatooine, Coruscant or Hoth.

It has 3D graphics, it is free but with integrated purchases and an entertaining game mode that consists of levelling up and going on adventures, like in classic RPGs.

  • Platform: Android OS/Smartphone.

4. The Banner Saga

It is obvious that many game lovers can conclude that the role in Android lives on the past and references or remakes to the great classics.  But nothing is further from reality, and the most evident proof that this is not the case is this fantastic Banner Saga.

The Banner Saga came to Android to immediately sneak into the must-haves for any RPG lover.  In a world inspired by Norse mythology, the decisions we make during the game will affect our characters and the development of the story.

  • Price: $24.99 (Steam) $9.99 (Google PlayStore)
  • Platform: PC, Android OS/Smartphone.

5. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

The stories set in a cyberpunk world also have a place on Android, and its maximum roleplaying exponent is this Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut, a game that includes the original Shadowrun Returns and directly implements the Dragonfall extension so that we can play the entire campaign with its additions without having to also buy the original game.

This title based on the original classic Shadowrun from 1989 transports us to a world of fantasy and cyberpunk aesthetics set in the year 2054. Our main mission will be none other than to survive in a city in Berlin ruled by the “Flux-State anarchy”  “after the fall of the Great Dragon Feuerschwinge.

  • Price: $14.99, Steam.

6. 9th Dawn 2 RPG

Caspari’s world is huge.  With 9th Dawn 2, we have an open game that reminds us of classics like Ultima Online.  We have up to eight online players who can come together to collect the loot and kill all kinds of colossal monsters.

It has two-dimensional graphics, simple, archaic but with a dungeon style that will quickly make us want to cast spells and put on armour.

  • Price: $3.99, Android, Google PlayStore.

7. Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery is a careful title that takes us back to the era of ancient role-playing games and adventures in two dimensions, all with a spectacular audiovisual section that includes an attractive and colourful pixelated aesthetic.

In this game, we will have to explore a world full of adventures and overcome obstacles based on sword, magic and ingenuity to solve mystical and musical mysteries.  The title also implements a system that makes the moon phases affect the world, as well as the possibility of being able to cooperate with friends through Twitter.

  • Price: $2.99, Android, Google PlayStore.

8. Planescape Torment

We haven’t included Icewind Dale, but Planescape Torment deserves its own entry.  One of the most complete universes created for Dungeons And Dragons, a multiverse full of planes where we explore from the nine hells to the dangerous city of Sigil.

A mythical video game that was introduced in 1999 and can be enjoyed today from Android devices.  Creatures of all kinds, complex dialogues and more than 50 hours of an RPG classic.

  • Price: $14.99, Steam.

9. King of Dragon Pass

If you are classic role-playing games of those who like to use pencil and paper, or at least want a game that does not need so much good graphics as a complete repertoire of options with which to get into the skin of our character, this King of  Dragon Pass is a little hidden gem that you cannot miss.

This hybrid between the genres of role and strategy proposes us to lead our own clan and make strategic decisions to manage it, grow it in size and influence, and even take it into battle.  All this having absolute control over our group, being able to reach diplomatic agreements to forge alliances or destroy them declaring war on our neighbours.

  • Price: $11.99, Steam.

10. Dragon Quest VIII

With characters designed by the unmistakable Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Quest saga has been placed on its own merits in the pantheon of the great Japanese sagas, and its eighth instalment is undoubtedly one of the most recognized.  As it could not be otherwise, Square Enix did not want to pass up the opportunity to adapt it to new technologies.

The adventure will take us through an open world full of monsters and turn-based combat in which we will have to take full advantage of our character and our charismatic companions.  In short, this title has the best components of Japanese role-playing games and all in a 3D environment.  Essential for those who have not played it yet.

  • Price: $14.99, Android, Google PlayStore.

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