10 Best MMORPG Games like Wizard 101

games like wizard 101

If we are to talk about one of the best MMORPG card-based battle systems, then Wizard 101 is definitely one of the best games out there.

Heck! Going even going through Wizard 01 multiple times, despite its linear timeline is a rewarding experience that we don’t even get to see in more modern MMORPG right now.

But, if you are finally done with Wizard 101 and now are looking for alternatives, you’ve come to the right place, not only are we sharing the best Wizard 101 alternatives in this post, you’ll see real-time gameplay of each option to get a feel of what we’re recommending to you and in the end, you can discover even more amazing games list you’ll definitely love.

The Best Games Like Wizard 101 to Play In 2021

Here’s a list of games similar to Wizard 101 we’re sure your kids and even you will love.

1. Pirate 101

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If there is one game, that properly embodies the essence of Wizard 101; then Pirate 101 definitely takes the number one spot for being the spiritual successor of the classic MMORPG.

It’s a game that is based on the philosophy of Wizard 101 and is actually made by the same developers, so it is actually like a sister game for Wizard 101, with a more so pirate setting.

Following the same theme as Wizard 101, the Pirate 101 has prates going on treasure hunting, completing quests, making new friends, and going on long adventures.

2. Toontown Online

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Now, Toontown is not as close to Wizard 101, as Pirate 101, but it definitely takes a high spot on our list as one of the most similar games in the genre.

But, even without a page by page, similar playstyle, Toontown Online brings a Disney like art style to the MMORPG experience. Toontown Online is a pretty laid back game, where you design your own character, choose out their names, and personalize them to your liking.

The players can plant, fish, play a ton of games, and just have a great time going earning the jelly beans, and living a comfortable life.

3. Drakensang Online

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But, if you really love the magical, fantasy aspect of Wizard 101, the Drakensang Online should be pretty up high on your list as the go-to MMORPG to get your Wizard 101 like game fix.

Drakensang Online follows a quite generic RP game design, with all the classic MMORPG, fantasy/D&D gameplay that you would expect.

The game used to be a browser game that you could play without downloading any content but now with the flash/java getting dropped, there is a small client that you need to install in order to play Drakensang Online.

4. Villagers and Heroes

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Continuing the trend of magic based classic MMORPG’s, Villagers and Heroes is very similar to Wizard 101, in terms of gameplay and especially in the exploring and magic acquisition element of the gameplay. 

Villagers and Heroes revolves around, killing enemies scattered all over the map, where they provide different awards as you progress from one area to another.

5. Dofus

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Although not that comparable to Wizard 101, Dofus is a game that has almost all the fantasy, gameplay, and story elements you would want in a turn based MMORPG, topped with amazing graphics to enhance your gameplay experience.

Dofus mostly revolves around a game design concept where the player can visit a lot of different worlds, with different characters and get a diverse game throughout its gameplay will keep players busy for a long time.

6. Twin Saga

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Twin Saga is an anime-style MMORPG with some of the most colorful, and vibrant designs out of all the MMORPGs on this list.

While Twin Saga differs greatly from Wizard 101 in terms of gameplay, its game design and classic MMORPG play make it one of the best games to try out after Wizard 101.

Twin Saga is based in a war-torn world, where the player can choose between different classes and journey across the mysterious land to fulfill different quests that come their way.

7. Epic Duel

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Now, Epic Duel is also not that much like Wizard 101, with its vibrant and popping graphics and peculiar character designs. But, one thing that sets it apart, is the fact that it allows the players to customize their own weaponry to take down enemies that come their way.

But that is where the differences end. The game, like Wizard 101 is actually innovative with a combat-based system, that allows the player to face off enemies in either one on one bouts, or two on two face offs. Players can use the rewards from those better to customize their weaponry and then challenge stronger foes. 

8. Temtem

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Temtem is also like a Wizard 101 sister game, less so than Pirate 101, and has more in common with Wizard 101 the last two entries, especially in terms of having a turn-based battle system.

The game truly innovates on the concept like Wizard 101, and brings out a are more in-depth, modern PVE/PVP battle style in the MMORPG genre. The game is also a huge nostalgia bomb if you have played any Pokémon games as a child.

Though a great concept, Temtem still is in Beta, so currently it is only available as a pay to play option.

9. Lost Kingdoms Series:

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For another unique game concept, The Lost Kingdom Series influenced and has even inspired a lot of turn-based card battle systems since its release. The Japanese franchise has anime-style graphics and because of its innovative game design, the franchise is just a treat for a Wizards 101 fan.

Although, Lost Kingdoms is not an MMORPG, but rather just a simple fantasy role-playing game, but it is definitely worth it to check out if you are looking for just a good gaming experience and want to see how which game mechanics made the old card-based turn games soo much enjoyable.

10. Adventure Quest Worlds

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And the end we have, Adventure Quest World. This game takes the cake as one of the powerhouse MMORPG out right now. Although, Adventure Quest Worlds, has a traditional MMOROG game setting with the classic storylines and generic character designs.

It is definitely one of the sister games of Wizards 101, but with a somewhat different approach to play style and story. But despite that, Wizards 101 share a ton of key elements that makes both titles have similar components, but with their own twist added in the mix.

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