Elden Ring Best Armor Sets Ranked (2024)

elden ring best armor sets

In Elden Ring, weapons and skills are extremely important parts of the gameplay that can make the difference between life and death. And thus, appropriately, players often make the mistake of only focusing on those two aspects of the gameplay.

However, armor sets in Elden Ring are just as important as they were in the previous Souls games. The game includes lightweight armor, medium armor, and heavyweight armor – all of which have different defense and mobility ratios.

So, it’s important to know which armor sets in Elden Ring are the best ones to use! And even if you don’t care about their gameplay advantages, their different looks are still a pretty good reason for you to seek different sets out.

The Best Elden Ring Armor Sets, Ranked

It takes a lot of time to wear every armor and to see how useful it is – so we’ve created a thorough guide of the best armor sets that you can find in Elden Ring. In no time, you’ll know which armor sets the best suit your preference.

1. Raging Wolf Set

Raging Wolf Set ELDEN ring

The Raging Wolf Set quickly became a fan favorite for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a medium armor that is usually considered to be the best of both worlds since it balances mobility and defense. And on top of that, it’s one of the lightest armor sets in weight that fall under the medium category too.

Secondly, it has great damage resistance that you usually wouldn’t find in armor with this weight. And lastly, it looks extremely cool! So, you’re getting both the looks and the usefulness – which makes the Raging Wolf Set an excellent choice.

You can get the Raging Wolf Set after killing Vargram the Raging Wolf on the westside of Leyndell, Royal Capital. Make sure that you’ve progressed the Volcano Manor quest first though.

2. Lionel’s Set

Lionel’s Set elden ring

Some of you might remember the Siegmeyer of Catarina armor set from the Dark Souls games, which was hilariously dubbed the ‘Onion Knight’ by fans. The exact armor set has not returned in Elden Ring, but the next closest thing is Lionel’s Set.

This is one of the heaviest armor sets in the game but offers a great amount of defense and strength. And of course, it looks so goofy that some players would want it solely over that!

You can find it in the Leyndell, Royal Capital. It’s on a bed inside a building that has the Lower Capital Church grace.

3. Mushroom Set

Mushroom Set Elden Ring

Some armors are great for strength, some of them are great for mobility, and some of them are excellent for defense. However, what if you’re tired of getting poisoned, dead, or the Scarlet Rot?

Then try out the Mushroom Set. It provides a lot of protection against things like Poison and Scarlet Rot and helps you increase specific stats too, such as INT and DEX.

It may not be too useful for players who are very aggressive, but it makes things like exploring poisonous swamps and fighting enemies that inflict certain types of damage effects much easier.

You can find the Mushroom Set in the Seethewater Cave that is located on the central side of Mt. Gelmir.

4. Black Knife Set

Black Knife Set Elden Ring

For those looking for lightweight armor that still has a bit of defense, the Black Knife Set is the best option. It offers as much protection as light armor can provide in Elden Ring and it’s easy for most characters to equip too.

One advantage in particular that this armor has, aside from its mobility, is that it creates less noise than some of the other armor sets in the game. So, if you’re a player who likes to sneak up on enemies for a bit of backstabbing – then this armor is the way to go.

You can find it on a body in Ordina, Liturgical Town in the Consecrated Grounds region – below an archway.

5. Spellblade Set

Every mage needs an outfit that matches their playstyle. The Spellblade Set provides several advantages to spellcasting players, such as making it easier to level up INT and Mind stats. Both of these stats help you become a better spellcaster, so that’s already a headstart in your playthrough.

But that’s not all – every piece of the Spellblade armor set provides a 1% buff for Glintstone Sorceries. It combines up to 4% in total, which is a nice little buff that adds additional damage to your attacks.

You can find this outfit in a questline that includes an NPC called Sorcerer Rogier. You can either wait until he dies or kill him yourself – and then the outfit becomes yours.

He is located in the chapel in the Northwest section of Stormviel Castle – and he changes his location to the Roundtable Hold hub area if you kill the Godrick the Grafted boss before completing this quest.

6. Bull-Goat Set

Bull-Goat Set Elden Ring

This ridiculous-looking armor set is more useful than you might expect it to be. If you want maximum Poise stats in Elden Ring, then you’ll be delighted to know that if you’re wearing the complete Bull-Goat set, you’ll have a combined poise stat of 100.

The armor is bulky and heavy, so there’s a decent amount of defense. And you can easily pair it with heavy weapons like a Greathammer – which will then make you a walking powerhouse.

It’s not an armor set for everyone since it’s going to make you slow, especially if you’re holding a heavy weapon. But for those who want high Strength and Poise stats, then it does not get better than the Bull-Goat Set!

To obtain the Bull-Goat armor set, you have to wait until Patches has moved to Volcano Manor as part of his questline. He will then give you a letter to kill the Great Horned Tragoth. After that, you need to kill the Great Horned Tragoth boss and then the armor set will be yours.

It’s important to note that you can be locked out of this quest, so make sure that you join the Volcano Manor covenant first and do a kill mission for Patches to show up in the first place.

7. Haligtree Knight Set

The Haligtree Knight Set is a recommendation that we have for Faith builds. Its helmet increases the Faith stat by two points and the rest of the armor has a pretty decent weight-to-defense ratio.

There’s not too much to be said in the praise of this armor set because it’s a fairly straightforward one – but obtaining it is a bit complicated. Unlike the other recommendations on this list so far – you have to obtain pieces of this armor separately.

First of all, the chest plate, greaves, and gauntlets can be found by killing the Haligtree Knights in Elpheal, Brace of the Haligtree area. The helmet, on the other hand, has to be found on top of a ladder that is located in the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace.

The effort required in gaining this armor set is more than worth it for players with Faith builds. But for anyone else – you should try one of the other armor sets on this list.

That’s it for our ranked list of the best Elden Ring armor sets! This list is based on the current state of the game, so it’s possible that future updates might nerf or buff some of the options on the list.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that this guide is based on our experiences and opinion with Elden Ring. Despite being quite effective, armors are not objectively better or worse in most cases and anything that suits your playstyle might be great for you even if not on this list.

As we always say – experimentation is key. 

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