Genshin Impact Snow Tombed Star Silver Location

Genshin Impact Snow Tombed Star Silver Location

In Genshin Impact, snow tombed star silver is a claymore that offers a base attack stat of 40, and its rarity level is four-star, meaning that you have to do some extra work to get your hands on one.

The primary attack stat also offers a seven percent physical damage bonus when you equip it. 

It offers skills including frost burial and cyro, which offer attack stats, but you can deal with the cyro attack after ten seconds. When you level cap the snow tombed star silver, the base attack stat increase to 565, and the physical damage bonus increase to thirty-five percent.

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Stone Tablets In Genshin Impact Explained

The stone tablets are scattered across the Genshin Impact map, and you start your journey from the statue of seven to the platform near the Frost bearing tree to the last stone tablet.

You will unlock the Snow Tombed Star Silver achievement, also known as the Glacial Steel achievement, after forging or finding the star silver, and it will also reward you with 5 Primogems. 

If you hit an enemy with the frost burial unique ability of snow tombed star silver in both normal and charged mode, there is a 60% chance that the ever frost icicle will drop on them dealing more than 80% damage in most cases.

The cyro unique ability deals 200% extra damage whenever you use it before an attack.  

Decarabian’s City – Ascension Materials

To upgrade the snow tombed star silver, you need enhancement and ascension materials, including mora, Tile of Decarabian’s Tower, Heavy Bronze, and Slime series. You can get slime series by crafting them or from slime drops.

Upgrading snow tombed star silver will significantly change its appearance to look good. 

Some of the above-given items include Tile of Decarabian’s Tower, Debris of Decarabian’s City, Fragment of Decarabian’s Epic, and Scattered Piece of Decarabian’s Dream are also available at the Mondstadt Souvenir Shop.

Genshin Impact Snow Tombed Star Silver Location

To get Genshin Impact snow tombed star sliver, you need to interact with all the available stone tablets in the game to open a doorway to the secret chamber in the Dragon spine’s Statue of Seven.

Ancient carving with stone tablets is key to unlocking snow tombed star silver. 

How Do You Get Snow-Tombed Star in Silver?

After getting all the stone tablets, return to the first ancient carving and find the sealed door to open it, the room is dark, but you can use the pyro character to light torches.

After the cut scene, you will receive the reward of snow tombed star sliver that you have to craft with fifty crystal chunks, fifty-star silver, and one north lander claymore billet. 

You can also forge snow tombed star silver with the help of blacksmith at Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma in Teyvat. There is an open-air workshop in Serenitea Pot that supports the forging of snow tombed star silver if you have enough materials in the bag.  

Who is Best for Snow-Tombed Star Silver?

Pro players have tested with many characters in Genshin impact, and below are the best characters to go on your quest for snow tombed star silver.

This claymore will work the best for you if you equip one of the below characters. 

  1. Eula
  2. Beidou
  3. Sayu
  4. Xinyan
  5. Razor.

Where do I Get Star Silver Ore?

To get star silver ore in Genshin Impact, travel on the edges of dragon spine and harvest nodes containing large deposits of star silver. More than 50 different deposits spread across the dragon spine area, and each deposit usually drops three to five-star silver every time you collect them. Once you collect them, they will disappear from the map once and respawn again after some time. 

How do I Get Snow-Tombed Starsilver Blueprint?

The process to get a blueprint of snow tombed star silver is simple as you have to go through all the ancient carvings and get stone tablets in those carvings before unlocking your way through the chamber of secrets. The chamber of secrets opens up as you clear the dragon spine ancient carving.  

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