The Best Argon Crystal Farming Spots In Warframe (2024)

argon crystal farming spots warframe

These are the best Warframe crystal farm spots for everyone playing Warframe right now, PERIOD.

Warframe is one of the longest-actively running games in video game history. It’s been around for the past nine years and still manages to retain a heavy player base. It’s fair to say that the developers are incredibly passionate about their creation because they consistently have been supporting it ever since its release.

The content that they have been churning out has retained only the highest quality and has made the game much better the longer it goes on. This is a game for those who want to invest a lot of their time into video games and keep playing them consistently.

The game has gotten a ton of content over time, and Argon Crystals are no exception. Initially added with Update 8.0, Argon Crystals were brought in with the addition of the Void. The void is an alternate dimension, where the laws of the normal universe don’t hold much value.

It’s also a place where you can find a ton of difficult-to-obtain resources, such as the Argon Crystal. It’s a currency that you can use to research blueprints that will lead to powerful in-game items and schematics. Argon Crystals are a resource that cannot be hoarded or kept in your inventory for more than 24 hours.

After the acquisition, it will vanish from the player’s inventory within 24 hours. So, if it is such a difficult resource to obtain, why is it so sought after? Well, there are over one hundred and ninety-six different blueprints that require the Argon Crystal component.

argon crystal farming locations warframe 2021

While we can’t name all of them down here, we can surely confirm that these are blueprints you’ll want to research.

Some examples of these blueprints are:

  • ARCA TRITON: The incredibly strong Warhammer.
  • NIKANA: A traditional Japanese sword, but with extra damage and mobility.
  • ZEPHYR PRIME SYSTEMS: A system full of abilities that increase your mobility and damage.
  • TWIN ROGGA: The semi-auto pistols akimbo, which have a ten times chance of critical damage.
  • IGNIS WRAITH: A machine gun that shreds the opponents with bullets, and sets them on fire!

These are just some examples, but there’s a total of 196 items that you can craft using the Argon Crystals. Now that we know why they’re so popular to grind for, let’s talk about how you should go about grinding for them!

How to Obtain Argon Crystals In Warframe

There are a couple of different ways that you can harvest Argon Crystals to your needs. It’s honestly not that hard, even if you get one Argon Crystal per run of a mission, you can make many of them in a day and use them too.

Though increasing your chances of getting the Argon Crystals in drops is a tricky question to answer, it’s all very RNG to be certain.

Though there are three different methods of farming resources, the first step is always to gather a squad! Aside from that, you need a resource booster and perhaps a Smeeta Kavat to increase your drop rate a tad more. However, this is just speculation too still.

argon crystal warframe

Required Team Composition to Farm Crystals In Warframe

These crystals are obtained in missions that usually involve the Void. Now, the easiest way to go about the void without constantly getting bullied to frustration is by being in a squad that is meant for two purposes; Survivability and Defense.

These two objectives are what will carry you throughout the void, any number of missions you do here will require a ton of horde clearing, and the defense needs to be high for that.

We recommend going with a squad of a Nova, a Hydroid (specifically with Pilfering Swarm equipped), a Trinity for the unlimited energy points, and a Nekros for some added protection!

This is the squad we recommend as we think, it’s quite important to survive so that you can gather the Argon Crystals, rather than die and lose your chances of acquiring more in a run.

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1. Easiest: Exterminate And Capture Missions

Void Exterminate and Capture missions are the easiest way to grind out Argon Crystals. Extermination missions require you to head into a mission and kill as many enemies as you can within a certain time limit.

Whereas Capture requires players to head over to the mission area and capture a target of interest, knock them out, and then capture them before heading out; also under a certain time limit.

These are the fastest Argon Crystal farming missions, and they don’t usually require a squad to complete. Your Warframe just needs to have a ton of Area of Effect damage and you’ll be clearing out enemies in no time, and then you just have to break the crystal deposits and harvest the Argon Crystals before you head to the extraction point.

We recommend bringing an Ember, but you can also run a Nova.

2. Profitable: Defense And Survival Missions

Running the Void’s Defense and Survival missions is probably the most profitable way to grind Argon Crystals. It’s a slow process and requires you to always have a squad with you while playing doing a run of these missions.

However, the team composition we recommended above will make your runs fascinating and productive. In addition to that team composition, you can also run a Smeeta Kavat and gather loot with the charm activated so you would be guaranteed double the drops for your effort.

It makes the process even more profitable, an hour of doing these runs will quite literally guarantee you are with at least 40 to 45 Argon Crystals. If the RNG Gods choose to bless you, you’d probably get even a number as big as 60 Argon Crystals.

3. Alternate: Weekly Ayatan Missions

The weekly Ayatan Sculpture missions are somewhat of a freeform, mode where you can gather the crystals but you need to make sure that the Tileset is “Void”. Once you do, you don’t have to start the mission itself, but instead, run around without a time limit take the bad guys down, and collect as many Argon Crystals as you’d like!

It’s not that hard of an affair, but it takes time since there are far and few Argon Pegmatite Deposits, in general, to be found in this mode.

That is all the relevant information that you need to know about how to farm Argon Crystals. They’re not that hard to find, their main appeal is that they are a free currency that helps you acquire incredibly powerful items in the game.

So, gather your squad for a ton of Defense and Survival runs, or do a couple of solo walk-throughs in the Extermination or Capture missions to get yourself some of that fancy gear!

Check out more of our articles, guides, and even tier lists to get all the relevant information on Warframe!

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