KFC Console Price, Release Date (NEW Updates 2024)

KFC Console price

Could you imagine a Fast Food Company releasing a gaming console? But, yes, KFC has decided to launch a gaming console along with a built-in Chicken Chamber that keeps your Fries hot all the time.

Players worldwide are excited about the console release, but the official announcement hasn’t been made yet. This is the right place to learn about KFC console price, release date, and the latest developments in this heavily anticipated piece of tech.

Both the Cooler Master and KFC Gaming have collaborated to introduce a new-style gaming console where players won’t only be limited to playing their favorite games but also enjoy their delicious hot chicken fries.

In this article, we’ll share with you everything you need to know.

When will KFC Gaming Console be Released? 

KFC Gaming Console has been trending since 2024; however, its release date hasn’t been confirmed yet due to unknown reasons. Meanwhile, it is expected to be released in the next two months, but there’s no official announcement.

So, we decided to jump in to share everything about KFConsole we know so far. With the collaboration with the Cooler Master, KFC has decided to launch a new gaming console to the market with a built-in Chicken Chamber.

It would be a unique style of home video game console that was assumed to be a hoax after its confirmation made in June 2024. 

Designed to deliver 6 Times faster PCIe NVMe Rates

You can find the KFC Gaming Console Release Date and Price in the below sections; however, when it comes to performance, the console contains two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs designed to deliver 6x PCIe NVMe rates.

In short, players worldwide will be capable of starting any games they wish to play in seconds. Apart from that, they can also access data instantly while loaded. 

KFC Console Price

At the time of writing, the official price of KFC Gaming Console wasn’t announced; however, we will update you as the developers make any announcement regarding the price.

Some industry experts expect the KFC gaming console priced at around USD $2000 since it is a newly introduced technology with expansive components.

Moreover, KFC aims to make flagship entry awesome into the gaming market; therefore, they will be severe regarding price. Therefore, the price might be accessible for almost everyone because console users aren’t happy with devices costing more than 400 to 600 USD. 

When will Gaming Console be out?

Nowadays, players have been fed up waiting for the release date announcement, while KFC Gaming Console hasn’t yet received any release date; therefore, the situation gets complicated as fans are demanding to out the console soon.

Last year, rumors died when the date of 10th December was passed, and once again, rumors of a new release date are floating across the web. All are fake because no official announcement was made yet.

YouTube video

Besides the release date, the Cooler Master promises to offer 4K gameplay with a 240FPS experience. If this happens, there’s nothing better than KFC Gaming Console.

The scene isn’t ended here; many players praise the introduction of Chicken Chamber within the gaming console as they are considered it an opportunity to have fun when eating their hot meal.

Therefore, many websites have covered Chicken Chamber as a unique feature and new to players. Now, keeping your chicken hot is possible thanks to the natural heat and ventilation technology introduced to the system. 

KFC Console Gameplay

Similar to Release Date, KFC Console Gameplay wasn’t released yet; however, it is expected to be released soon. Besides, there’s no list provided to learn about the supported games.

The only thing we can do is wait for the official announcement on KFC Gaming Console. 

What will the KFC Console Run On? 

One of the most asked questions because people are eager to see the console’s library before making any purchase. Indeed, exclusive games would be added; however, people who wish to see KFC’s list decided to add.

Let’s go through the console once again to see whether running high-quality games is possible or not. 

Somehow, we have supposed that high-quality games available on PC can be considered to run on KFC Gaming Console, but it’s pretty hard to expect the availability of Console games on this because KFC hasn’t launched any unique OS yet; therefore, you can expect to enjoy high-end games that will run at great visual settings for a long time. 

KFC Console Specifications

Fortunately, the KFC Gaming Console will release high specifications designed to run all the latest video games with no lagging issues. Saying this on behalf of the market because players won’t spend bucks to buy a console that runs only old games.

Let’s go through everything to discover more: 

  • Storage – Two SSDs of 1TB to give you excellent performance. 
  • CPU – It will release with an Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element. In other words, the said chip is equivalent to a 9th Generation i9 processor. If you are confused and didn’t imagine how it could be, then imagine that you can run any latest game for the next 5 to 7 years quickly. 
  • GPU – Not confirmed yet
  • 4K Gaming Support – Yes, it supports 4K Gaming that runs at 240 FPS. 
  • Virtual Reality – Yes
  • Display – 240Hz.

About Chicken Chamber In The KFC Console

We have discussed almost everything briefly, except for the Chicken Chamber, the most prominent feature of the KFC Gaming Console.

Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to your mind when playing video games is to heat anything remotely, but the technology was far away until the KFC Gaming Console wasn’t announced.

On the other hand, due to the built-in Chicken Chamber, the KFC Console might get hot soon, causing a drop-in performance. But you don’t need to worry, thanks to the built-in excellent cooling system that keeps all of the components cool and then heats it to keep the chicken warm.

Stay tuned with us to get the latest information about KFC Gaming Console.

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