10 Best Android Puzzle Games Of 2024

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Yes! It’s absolutely true that people love adventure, action, and sports games. Many of us don’t even mind the amount of data and time we will be consuming to download these games. The true fact is game developers have really put so much effort to make them the best, so having to pick your choice is not a problem. Amidst all of this, the puzzle game has also emerged high and unlike before, there has been an enhancement in the touchscreen controls.

The puzzle game is mainly for players to test their brain so you have to be nothing but smart. Though, you must be a great lover of the puzzle to make this work for you. You should also be aware that there are other games that test your ability like chess, scramble, and candy crush series, but have their gameplay different from a puzzle.

The best puzzle games for Android you can play

Now, there are various games on puzzle and solitaire, but how do you pick the best? They come with different patterns, crosswords, and series; some do not fit well on android devices while many of them even have a price tag being an offline game.

Never worry! You might likely have to pay a little price but we are giving the 10 best puzzle games that you can play on your android smartphone in 2024. Test your brain more, but leave for us to select the best for you. Here are the best puzzle games for selection.

1. Faraway 3: Arctic escape

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Unlike other console games, arctic escape has emerged as one of the top games since 2018. The game has a story-line with up to 18 stages. You are given a task to solve different board games involving a variety of puzzles.

The faraway 1 and 2 are good games to play but talking about a price tag, faraway 3 costs a $1 less and comes with nine levels that are free. This puzzle game is awesome with low-cost implications.

2. Jiggle puzzle real

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Not only for android devices, but this game has also been a famous traditional game right from our infantry days on other smart mobiles. Now, you can enjoy the real jigsaw puzzle, unlike the one you played then. It has over two thousand pictures (even your photos) with only 9 pieces available for the children.

For the experts, more than 1,300 pieces are available for you to match type jigsaw. There is a beautiful soundtrack that accompanies it with an immersive background for endless fun.

3. CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

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While there are many Android puzzle games on this list, CodyCross represents one of the best crossword games for Android you can find on the Google PlayStore.

CodyCross is one of the most popular games, not just when it comes to puzzle games, but overall with over 820,000 great reviews and 50,000,000 installs on the PlayStore, CodyCross helps you think harder to connect words and learn new things in the process.

It’s way neat and has fewer ads, it’s also a very fun game that you’ll enjoy.

4. The eye of Ara

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Myst puzzle was a classic game that has a good adventure, but the bringing in of the eye of Ara has being a retro invention to remember the former. As a player, you have to gather snippets stories, search the world for hints and unravel secrets from the game board. Being a new puzzle, the fantastic graphics and 3D experience is an immersive add-up.

You are not very good at English? Well, you don’t need to worry because there are dozens of languages to pick from and the developer made sure it has a minimal game UI that makes it better than the rest. Though the control might be scratchy sometimes, you will love the game world.

5. Hello neighbour

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Most of us really want to check out what our neighbours are doing inside all day, especially when you hear some blasting Gacha games behind the wall. Well, you can spy on your neighbour from this puzzle. You can break into your neighbour’s house over and over again because you found out they are doing some weird stuff.

In return, they set up their defence at your entry and exit point. It’s up to you to know your strategy to allow you to escape without alerting the house. This game can also be played on the PC. They offer a free trial to let you experience the uniqueness, after then, there is a price to pay.

6. Part-time UFO

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Another thrilling puzzle game that will catch your attention. It’s true that it isn’t the most graphically intensive game but surely one of the best. Every job on the game is a puzzle because you have to engage in some odd jobs for the villagers while flying around in a UFO.

You also get to experience different colorful characters, lots of puzzles, jobs, and levels, and surely, many items to unlock. You don’t also need to spend much to get the game.

7. Frozen free fall

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This game is inspired by the Disney frozen series, so if you are a Disney fan, get in here. You will experience a multitude of frozen characters on this game like Sven, Hans, Olaf, Kristopher, and many more. One interesting thing about this game is that you can ask for help from your Facebook friends when you are out of hearts to continue your play.

You also get maximum innuendo in your difficult times to justify your idea when you match at least 3 icy things. It is designed with over a thousand levels to enjoy with a lot of rewards and coins for your adventures.

8. All that remains: part 1

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Welcome to a puzzle game with an RPG experience. Want to know why? This is one of the few puzzles where you have to escape a room before something evil happens. There are varied puzzles inside each room in the bunker. You can say it is like the puzzle movie “Escape room,” you surely guessed right.

Your communication with the other character over a two-way radio gives you more chances to find your way out of each bunker. The developers of this game have other puzzles with this kind of escape style but this is absolutely the best, and it surely goes for a price you can afford.

9. Bridge constructor portal

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Employing your skillfulness and strategy in puzzle games is always the main idea. The game allows you to build bridges from one point to the other. It is a cross-over game with bridge constructor mechanics and portal mechanics.

Now, you have to go through 60 levels of test chamber and portal references. That sounds difficult, right? But it surely looks more fun when you cross the bridges with your invented ideas. Just like other puzzle games, it is lenient in cost with no ad-purchase.

10. Gorogoa

Price: $4.99

Also coming as a newer puzzle is Gorogoa with a simple and awesome animated game world. There is a hand-drawn animation in each panel where you have to adjust different frames and watch as the story moves from there.

Instead of being an adventure like others, it is more like a narrative since you have to complete each process by repeating your play until the game is finished. You will enjoy it if you think outside the box of a pure puzzle experience. The price is also not much and it is an enjoyable game.

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