๐Ÿ’ธ 10 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps to Manage Your Bitcoin

best apps to trade bitcoin
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Over the years, Bitcoin has become one of the most valuable items in the world. For this reason, many people have started investing in cryptocurrency. 

As expected, there are apps for managing your bitcoin. However, finding the right platform can be time-consuming and difficult.ย  So instead of spending hours looking for the right app, you can use our list to find the right choice for managing your bitcoin.ย 

The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps to Manage Bitcoinย 

Here are the top apps for managing in 2021. You can find these tools on Google Playstore or App Store.

1. Crypto App

If you want apps to manage bitcoin, you can start with Crypto App. Since its launch on various platforms, it has become one of the top choices for bitcoin enthusiasts.

Crypto App is an all-in-one app for managing your bitcoin. By using this tool, you can track the latest bitcoin and altcoin rates. As the app is integrated with 300 exchanges, it promises updated information.

Also, Crypto App supports an integrated converter and set function. You can even get the latest crypto news because the app has an embedded Twitter widget.

2. Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC
Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC
Developer: Coinbox Inc
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  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot
  • Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC Screenshot

Bitcoin Wallet is perfect for managing your bitcoin. With the app, you can store, exchange, buy, and sell cryptocurrency. Also, the app offers information on the latest cryptocurrency rates.

Are you looking for safe apps to manage bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin Wallet has impressive security features such as a backup key. It even allows users to lock the app via PIN, password, or biometrics.

3. Trust

Trust offers tons of features for handling bitcoin. Apart from storing cryptocurrency, the app also supports the trade of bitcoins. As the app enjoys a high level of security, you can keep your keys from hackers. 

Asides from selling and buying bitcoins, there are other things that you can do on Trust. For instance, you can use the app to pay for goods and services. Besides, the app allows you to play blockchain games and gain interest on your funds.

The app is straightforward and easy to use. So if you want some of the best apps to manage bitcoin, Trust should feature on your device.

4. Binance

For many years, Binance has attracted the attention of bitcoin users. Compared to some management apps, it has some impressive features thereby making it one of the top apps to manage bitcoin.

As expected, it supports all types of cryptocurrency and offers ultimate security. Binance even pays interest on your investments – up to over 5%. Besides, you can get the latest updates on prices and other important information

The app can make payments to as many as 50 million merchants. If you need help with using the app, Binance has 24/7 customer service that supports many languages.

5. Luno

Luno is a great option especially for people who need top apps to manage bitcoin. With the app, you can trade in cryptocurrency, get the latest price alerts and charts. Since the app focuses on security, your private keys are safe and secure. 

You can install Luno on all mobile devices. On top of that, the app will not consume the storage space of your device. 

6. CMA

By using this app, you have access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Here, you can also have updated crypto info at your fingertips. Moreover, it is even possible to use the app to learn more about crypto.

CMA does not require much effort to use. Let’s say you want to quickly find some info, simply input a keyword into its Search function. 

However, CMA might no last for long because the developers want to replace it with a new crypto app. With this in mind, it might be ideal to find other apps to manage bitcoin.

7. Crypto.com

Crypto.com also comes as a great wallet for managing bitcoin from your mobile device. Like most apps on our list, it supports the purchase, sale, and use of cryptocurrency. As you use the platform, it offers interests that reach up to 12 per annum. 

You can even get a Visa card with your Crypto.com account. Users can shop and make withdrawals with the Crypto.com card. If you want to use the card for the latter task, there is no need to bother about any hidden charges. 

8. Coinbase.com

Coinbase offers similar services as most apps on this list. But it takes things further by supporting the purchase of goods and services via a debit card. 

As expected, users can trade, store, and convert crypto currency via the app. Besides, every transaction is protected with bank-level security. 

If you want extra safety, you can lock the app via PIN or fingerprint. And if your device gets stolen or missing, you can remotely keep your data safe from theft.

Many people do not understand how crypto works. For this purpose, the app promises a customer support center for inquiries and complaints. Also, Coinbase runs a blog with the latest news on cryptocurrency.

9. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is one of the top apps to manage bitcoin. With this tool, you can check the rates of bitcoin and tons of cryptocurrencies. Also, you can view your portfolio in either traditional or digital currency. 

The platform ensures that you get the latest news on cryptocurrency. To stay in the loop, Blockfolio sends alerts as soon as the prices change.

Another interesting thing about Blockfolio is the “Hide Balances” feature. When used, this option keeps your bitcoin balance safe from prying eyes.  Add this to the top-level security, Bitcoin becomes one of the most secure apps to manage bitcoin. 

10. Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi might be at the bottom of this list. But it has enough features required to manage and protect your bitcoin.

So what is special about Coinomi? Well, it can handle multiple accounts at the same and provide backups. Besides, the app is light thereby making it suitable for low storage devices. 

Coinomi rewards its users even if there are offline. Also, it offers friendly fees on all transactions.

The platform is available for free. Also, Coinomi does not consume much data or drain batteries. Overall, it is one of the affordable apps to manage bitcoin.

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