10 Best Offline MP3 Music Player Apps for Android

best offline music player apps for Android
Image: MusicxMatch

Looking for free music apps without internet requirements to play songs offline? This list is for you.

No matter where on earth you are, you cannot feel complete without having a long playlist of music at your disposal. It started with dedicated cassette and CD players, and evolved into the era of iPods until we finally managed to put high-quality music tracks into our personal mobile devices. Now, we can physically be anywhere and simply put on our headphones and listen to our favorite tracks without a worry in the world.

However, the music player apps that we use greatly affect our experience, and sometimes we don’t want to use the internet to actively listen to our music, whether it’s related to data, battery, or just a good internet connection in general. That’s why we’ve personally handpicked the 10 best offline music apps for Android devices that you can seamlessly listen to music on for you.

What are the best offline mp3 music player apps for Android?

Here’s a list of popular offline music player apps on the Google play store (no internet required).

1. Music Player

[youtube v=”N5ojqL4OomY”]

Music Player has a very straightforward name and that actually represents the no non-sense simplicity of the app very well. The app has some of the most beautiful user-interfaces that I’ve seen and its colors can be changed based on your mood and preferences, which are all one beautiful aesthetic after another.

It supports most modern and high-quality sound formats, and features the ability to boost the sound, use reverb effects, equalizers, and even a sleep-timer that makes it very user convenient. It’s easy to set up and does almost everything that you’d want from an app that can play music offline.

Music Player
Music Player
Developer: mytechnosound
Price: Free+

2. Musicolet Music Player

While a lot of the free music apps without internet still have features that enable themselves or ads once you turn your Wi-Fi on, Musicolet is a ‘truly’ offline experience that does not even use the internet permissions on your phone. It is a simple ad with no ads that allows you to play music files from your phone and has other options such as setting up multiple playlists, edit tags, move and rename songs, equalizers, earphone buttons support, and embedded lyrics that you can read.

It’s a complete package in a tiny size that will be perfect for most people who like keeping things simple and offline.

Musicolet Music Player
Musicolet Music Player
Developer: Krosbits
Price: Free+

3. MusixMatch

best offline music mp3 player apps for Android

MusixMatch is one of the most popular Android music offline apps that has a consistent user-base that reinstalls it every time they migrate to a new phone. That’s because it has particularly good sound quality and lets you increase volume higher than most other apps do. It has a decent UI and can do most basic things that an offline app usually lets you, so if you’re not looking for too much in a free app and can tolerate some ads when your WiFi is on – this is a great choice.

Its main selling point though is the ability to have dynamic lyrics on your screen while you listen to music and also find songs through just lyrics like Shazam. However, these features need the internet.

Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music
Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music


AIMP is one of the most ideal Android music apps for people who prefer a simpler design that is straight to the point. The UI is simple and direct, and everything feels minimalist in the app’s design. However, it runs almost all audio file formats that some other players cannot, and it includes the ability to handle the load of lossless formats. It also has a 29-band equalizer and can mix multi-channel files to stereo and mono if the user desires.

It’s easily one of the best free music apps without internet if you’re looking for something that is not convoluted with extra features.

Developer: Artem Izmaylov
Price: Free

5. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player is one of the oldest music apps in the market and you might have used it at some point in the past. But whether you liked it back then or not, it’s been updated and expanded upon by a great margin as of today and has tons of new features.

Like most apps, it has both a free and a paid version, but the free version has over 30 themes, a tag editor, equalizers, a sleep timer, and other basic features you can expect from a music player.

The app also includes Chromecast and podcasts support if you don’t mind turning on the internet for a while. The only drawback is that if you like themes that do more than changing a few colors, the customization here won’t please you – so it’s recommended for people who don’t mind simplicity.

Rocket Music Player
Rocket Music Player

6. Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph is the perfect balance between an app that respects simplicity but does not shy away from offering a great aesthetic within its user-interface. There are many different colors to choose from, and you can also set it to change dynamically based on the album art of the song you’re listening to.

It supports many file formats and other basic music player features, but there’s not much extra here to go with like some of the other music apps without data.

Phonograph Music Player
Phonograph Music Player
Developer: Karim Abou Zeid
Price: Free+

7. Pulsar

Best Offline MP3 Music Player Apps for Android

Not everyone likes to stay up to date with the latest mobile hardware, so some people might have issues with some of the more recent music player apps on Android. For them, Pulsar is a great choice as it offers the most essential features a music player should have but lacks some of the more modern and system extensive ones at the same time.

The UI is very decent and has a nice touch to its color grading that stops it from feeling like bare minimum, and it has fast searching, seamless track switching, playlist management, and folder exploration to find specific pieces of music if the search bar isn’t enough for you. It’s one of the best offline music apps for older Android phones.

8. Google Play Music

Google Play Music often comes factory-installed in most Android phones after a certain version of the operating system, but it often gets overlooked because sometimes people don’t like giving ‘default’ apps a try.

It does not have any of the fancier features that some of the other apps offer, but it runs most of the file formats out there, can handle high quality and lossless music, has some equalizers, and is ad-free so even if you have your Wi-Fi on sometimes your experience will not be affected.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

9. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is an app that has provides you an ideal basic music player experience where most of your songs whether lossy or lossless will run the file and supports a great number of file formats, and it also auto-scans your local storage to find all the song files that you have. You can edit the tracks to some extent, change equalizer presets, and a sleep timer is there too.

The offline music apps features you’d normally need are all present free of charge.

But if you’re willing to spend a little money, the app has an insane number of unique features such as syncing your app to Windows which will allow you to play music directly from your computer through the WiFi so you can save space on your phone and also data if you have a limit. Other things include Chromecast, accessing UPnP/DLNA servers for downloads, managing multiple items at once, and so on.

Developer: Ventis Media, Inc.
Price: Free+

10. PlayerPro

While most offline music player apps kind of look the same, PlayerPro swims against the tide and offers a unique experience that has a bold aesthetic of its own. The app has a friendly and appealing UI and has all of the features you’d expect, such as browsing through folders, editing tags which include batches, applying different skins, changing the view, a 5-band equalizer that has many presets, smart playlists, a sleep timer, swipe gestures, and more.

And if you do go online, features like cloud backup of your playlists and Chromecast streaming are among several other things you can do on top of the offline features. It’s easily one of the best apps that play music offline but expand themselves as soon as you turn your data on.

PlayerPro Music Player (Pro)
PlayerPro Music Player (Pro)
Developer: BlastOn SA
Price: $3.99

That wraps up our list of the 10 best offline music player apps for Android. We hope that you found the right player for yourself through our fantastic recommendations, but if we missed any important apps that you love feel free to let us know in the comments section. And while you’re around, don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful lists on the website.

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