Dropbox Alternatives: 7 Best File Sharing Sites to Upload And Send Big Files

dropbox alternatives

Since 2008, Dropbox comes as the perfect choice for storing and sharing big files. But since it offers high payment plans and unreliable security, it wouldn’t hurt to look for affordable Dropbox alternatives. Moreover, these cloud storage services should offer secure and dependable features.

Luckily, you can find such platforms littered across the Internet. Besides, these services can rival and even beat anything Dropbox has to offer.

There are many huge file sharing sites like Dropbox out there if the company no longer aligns with your business, most of these sites are free to use with higher payment plans as you advance, here are the top dropbox alternatives to try in 2020.

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1. Google Drive

When it comes to cloud storage, Google Drive stands as one of the well-known sites like Dropbox. Developed by Google, this solution does a great job of providing premium services for users.

If you use this platform, you can get 15GB worth of free storage. But if you want more space, you can choose a payment plan and go up to 30TB.

With minimal computer knowledge, you can use Google Drive. After all, it has a dashboard that is easy to understand. Besides, the site allows you to share links with permission to edit, view, and comment on the documents.

On Google Drive, you can store and share photos, music, videos, and documents. It also promises quick access to productivity apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides.

This site has apps for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. If you install the Android version, it automatically syncs important phone data such as messages, contacts, and photos.

Google Drive is a perfect solution if you feel like sharing your cloud storage with your loved ones. On this platform, you can allocate space to a maximum of 5 people to keep their files.

2. Sync

If you want more Dropbox alternatives, consider adding Sync to your list. When it comes down to it, the Canadian company ensures complete privacy by supporting end-to-end encryption. Because of this feature, you can describe it as one of the most secure sites out there.

For your files, it provides a 5GB storage space for free. But if you have larger files, you can choose payment plans that offer space of up to 5TB.

One of the exciting qualities of this tool is its sharing capabilities. Unlike some sites like Dropbox, you can use Sync to share files to people that do not have Sync accounts. All you need to send is a link to the recipient.

Since it has apps for web, PC, Android, and macOS and iOS, you can use it on any device. On supported devices, all your files are backed up and automatically synced.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

onedrive file sharing sites

One Drive is developed by Microsoft and comes as one of the best Dropbox alternatives. If you want sites like Dropbox that offer free storage, this service has this feature. But it offers up to 5GB while Dropbox provides less.

For people who use Microsoft Office, they enjoy up to 1TB. To have this amount of space – especially if you don’t use Microsoft Office – you will have to upgrade to a payment plan.

With One Drive, sharing files comes easy. To perform this task, you can use links, text, email, text, and social media.

One Drive works on every device. Even if your location does not have Internet service, you can access your files without any issues. Also, the platform ensures that your data remains safe with SSL encryption.

4. MediaFire

This is one of the sites like Dropbox that can share and store files. It is easy to use while offering 10GB storage for free and 1TB for a fee. Overall, it is one of the simplest Dropbox alternatives that you can find.

Media Fire can keep and share various files like videos, music, documents, and photos. It has apps for Andriod, macOS, and iOS. If you don’t want to install any software, you can use the web version.

5. Tresorit

One of the best secure Dropbox alternatives is Tresorit. As expected, it boasts of end-to-end encrypted file storage, which offers premium security. Besides, the platform ensures that your data stays hidden from Tresorit employees.

The service allows you to share files of up to 5GB. You can pay for extra space that reaches up to 1TB. If you want to storage for a team project, you can choose a plan that provides access to multiple users.

Tresorit works on Andriod and PC devices. It is also compatible with macOS and iOS systems. If your device gets stolen or missing, a remote wipe option keeps your data safe by deleting them.

6. Mega.nz

file sharing sites like dropbox

Mega is one of the sites like Dropbox that provide free storage for its users. Here, you get up to 15GB worth of free space. Since Mega has end-to-end encryption, your files remain safe from unauthorized people.

A simple interface makes it suitable for any user. The platform also supports apps for PC and mobile devices. For online access, you can use the web version of the tool.

7. Box

There are many reasons to love this fantastic tool. With Box, you get 10GB worth of free storage. As with most sites like Dropbox, a payment plan provides more room for your needs.

Your files remain safe from prying eyes because of Box’s high-level security. Furthermore, this platform provides offline access, making it easy to sync your data at any time.


Many people use Dropbox for sharing and keeping different types of files. However, this service is expensive while offering poor security. For this reason, it would help if you tried any of the platforms mentioned above.

All these cloud storage tools offer better features than Dropbox. For instance, they boast of high- end security and tons of free storage. Some even allow offline access, especially when your device does not have a data connection.

They also work across several devices which make them appealing to all users. So feel free to choose as any of these sites like Dropbox will get the job done.

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