10 Best Spyware Apps for Android and iOS

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While many people think that Spyware apps aren’t the best idea to keep tab on someone as to some extent it is believed to be an element of invasion of privacy but hidden spy apps have been around for a long time and they’re the perfect solution if you need to observe someone be it a suspicious partner or your children, they work perfectly.

There are a lot of spyware apps for Android and iOS available on the internet today and depending on the features they provide the pricing varies, without wasting time, here are the best spyware apps to consider today.

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1. Flexispy


We’ve deliberately put Flexispy as number one on this list because it is the most powerful hidden spy app on the planet. It enables you to remotely supervise targeted phones, tablets, and PCs. By using Flexispy, you discover all the activities and get detailed information about these activities on your targeted device, irrespective of your location.

If your intention is to spy someone’s call, messages, GPS location, hidden cameras, or hidden voice recorder on any device, Flexispy got you covered. Its spyware app for android has over 150 features while its iOS app has even higher features.

Flexispy offers two versions; the premium version and the extreme version. With its premium, you can gain entry to every information you spy on. The extreme version, on the other hand, gives you more advanced features.


  • Has a lot of monitoring features than any other hidden spy apps.
  • Its features enable parental control and employee monitoring.


  • Flexispy is expensive
  • Jailbreaking and rooting are required to install Flexispy

2.  MinSpy


MinSpy is known as one of the best-hidden spyware apps on phones. Its activities are done secretly without drawing the attention of your targeted device. Unlike Flexispy, MinSpy for android doesn’t require root, and its spyware for iOS doesn’t require  Jailbreak for its installation process. But, however, has its rooting and jailbreaking versions for both devices. This will enhance your usage in case you’re not a techie person.

Additionally, MinSpy has reliable technical support that will put you through the installation of the app on your targeted device. It helps you spy on text messages, device location, contact list, call log, and IMS.


  • MinSpy subscription is relatively cheap.
  • Its installation process is easy for new users.
  • The capability of Geofencing.
  • It has a family package to monitor various targeted devices.
  • Strong data security.
  • High responsive tech support.


  • Mspy does not have higher features

3. Xnspy


Xnspy is a popular and reputable hidden spyware app for android and iOS. With Xnspy, you can track calls, emails, text messages, GPS, browser, record calls, and events around, and control the targeted phone remotely. Unlike Flexispy, Xnspy does not require rooting and jailbreak.

Another interesting thing about this hidden spy app is that it captures all the operations that might have been done offline as soon as the device you’re spying on is connected to the internet.


  • Xnspy can operate on android and iPhones.
  • Backup data, even when such data has been deleted from the targeted device.
  • Xnspy trial version allows you to test all features before paying for a subscription.
  • Xnspy app allows offline tracking.


  • Xnspy is not built to operate on computers. Hence, it doesn’t provide desktop monitoring.
  • Its license app can only spy on one phone at a time.

4. Spyera


Like some of the other hidden spy apps, Spyera enables you to remotely keep track of another phone’s activity. It is worthy of consideration (especially for users not too good with tech utilization) because it is easy to install and it has a user-friendly control panel.


  • It is totally secret.
  • It has a virtual fencing capability.


  • It requires rooting during installation.

5.  Spyic


Spyic is another hidden spyware app that has an advanced phone monitoring solution. It can allow you to export all monitored data if you intend to. Like Flexispy, it requires rooting and jailbreak before it can be successfully installed on your targeted device.


  • It provides an online demo feature.
  • Spyic apps are always hidden secretly in the targeted phone.
  • It doesn’t require rooting while installing.


  • This spyware does not have live video surroundings.
  • It is not available in all languages.

6. HighsterMobi

best spyware apps for android and ios

Highstermobi can’t be left out of this list because it is the easiest monitoring app you can easily use. It allows you to view and record things like GPS location, phone calls, phone records, messages, browsing history, and photos from anywhere and anytime. Like Xnspy, Highstermobi doesn’t require rooting for its installation process.


  • It has a secret camera that can allow you to take unnoticed photos.


  • It doesn’t have parental control and this doesn’t make it the best for spy apps if you’re a parent.
  • It is not compatible with all smartphones.
  • It doesn’t offer all the basic monitoring services.

7.  SpyFone


SpyFone is also one of the best monitoring device apps that can help you monitor your child’s mobile activities and those of your employees. With SpyFone, you’re able to monitor operations such as outgoing and incoming calls, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp messages.

Its advanced features enable you to browse through the file directory on the device to check all downloaded files, images, videos, and also view location. SpyFone provides you a user-friendly dashboard with one of the best intuitive user experiences.


  • SpyFone apps for iOS allow both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions for its installation process.
  • Its dashboard is user-friendly.
  • It can spy on all major message apps.
  • It is a furtive spying app.
  • SpyFone can monitor the targeted device location.


  • SpyFone doesn’t provide some advanced features like camera activation, phone calls, recording.
  • Its spyware app for android requires rooting in its installation process, unlike its iPhone version.
  • It requires a jailbreak to use other advanced features.

8.  CocoSpy


CocoSpy spyware app for android doesn’t require rooting. Likewise, it is a hidden spy app for iOS that doesn’t require jailbreaking. Therefore, it is easy to install even if you’re without a technical background.

This spyware app helps you carry out certain spy activities like discovering the location of your targeted device, spy the device’s calls, messages, and apps usage.

With it, you can also read incoming and outgoing SMS. CocoSpy advanced features include monitoring call durations, call frequency, real-time location, past location history, read all exchanged messages, and timestamps.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • It has a comprehensive interface.
  • It doesn’t require rooting for all versions in the target device.


  • Some of its versions require rooting for installation.

9. Spyier

spyier best hidden spy apps for android

Spyier is one of the best choices for parental control. It gives you entry to a phone’s apps, tracks location, and view messages on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Spyier interface is also user-friendly like most of the ones aforementioned.


  • It is an easy-to-use platform.


  • It requires rooting in its installation process.

10. Mobile Spy

mobile spy

Mobile Spy is a spying tool that allows you to monitor GPS locations, photos, social media activity, messages, and call details. Its exception features allow you to view the live screen location of the tracking person.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It provides all the basic features a spy app renders.


  • It requires rooting and jailbreaking on the targeted device.
  • It doesn’t have strong chat support.

*Most of these hidden spyware apps are available on the Google play store for Android and the iOS app store for Apple devices.

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