10 Best Apps to Learn Coding On Your Android Phone

best apps to learn coding on mobile phone

Over the years, coding and programming have attracted the interest of many people. With this in mind, students can learn both skills without stepping into a physical tutorial class.

Are you interested in becoming a good programmer or coding? Here are some of the top apps for learning coding and programming on Andriod devices.

What are the best apps to learn coding on your Android phone?

Here are some of the top apps to learn coding and programming. Luckily they work on most types of Android smartphones and tablets.

1. Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free

Grasshopper is one of the best apps to learn coding and programming in 2020. After all, it has features that suit people with little or no experience with any of the above tasks.

If you want to learn with Grasshopper, you will not have to endure boring lessons. Instead, the app teaches you top skills by offering games and puzzles. Moreover, the classes do not take up the whole day as they are less than 5 minutes.

The app also provides real-time feedback, which makes it ideal for beginners. Also, Grasshopper is free and consumes a little space on your phone storage.

2. SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free

Sololearn is another excellent app for people who want to learn coding and programming. PHere, you can get tons of learning materials on web development, Python, Machine Learning, amongst other courses. Since the materials are free, you can have access to all of them at any time.

Asides from materials, Sololearn also hosts a large community of coders. Thanks to this option, you can get real-time advice from professionals in the tech industry.

Do you want to practice coding on the go? Well, the app offers a mobile editor for writing, running, and share real code. Overall, Sololearn is one of the best apps to learn coding and programming from home or school.

3. Learn C Programming

If you are interested in C Programming, you should check this app. With a high rating on Google Playstore, it is a fun and straightforward way to acquire essential tech skills.

With Learn C Programming, all the tutorials are divided into chapters. Thanks to the arrangement, you can understand all of the courses. At the end of your study, the app offers exams for further practice.

Other features include a compiler, easy-to-use UI, and an updated programs section.

Learn C Programming is an excellent app for upgrading your skillset. Although it is free to download, you might have to pay for full access to all options.

4. ScratchJr

Do you want an app that focuses on teaching coding or programming to young kids? If yes, ScratchJr has everything that will help children start their tech careers.

The app uses exciting games to teach code to young minds. During the games, kids can use codes to control colorful characters across the screen. Looking at the number of downloads on Google Playstore,  ScratchJr is one of the best apps to learn coding and programming on Android devices.

5. Programming Hub: Learn to Code

There are many things you can study on Programming Hub. These include Java, C Programming, C++, R Programming, Javascript, and R Programming.

Programming Hub: Learn to Code also boasts of a decent compiler that works with Android devices. You will also have access to precompiled programs that will help you practice your coding skills.

Programming Hub: Learn to Code suits people of all ages and skillsets. You can even describe it as one of the top apps to learn coding and programming on your smartphone or tablet.

6. Mimo: Learn Coding in Javascript, Python, and HTML

Mimo makes it easy for anyone to learn coding in many languages. All you need to do is assign up to five mins a day and study the fundamentals of different languages.

It even has a mobile code editor for testing your coding skills and compete against other coders that use the Mimo platform. Besides, Mimo offers challenges that will test your coding and programming knowledge. Upon completing tasks, you will receive a badge to track your progress.

7. Learn Java: Programming and Tutorials

If you want to understand Java better, try adding Learn Java to your Download folder. With up to a million downloads from the Google Playstore, it comes as one of the top apps to learn coding and programming for first-timers.

The app is easy to use because it has an impressive UI. Users can also practice and run codes on the mobile compiler. Also, you can save your progress on the app itself.

Before you can enjoy every inch of the app itself, it would help if you paid for the pro version. If you don’t have the cash to spare, you might have to ignore Learn Java and look for free apps to learn coding or programming.  

8. codespark Academy: At Home Kids Coding

This app might not have the same rating as most of the apps to learn coding and programming. But due to many reasons, it stands as a perfect tool for teaching young children.

For instance, codespark academy uses games and puzzles to teach the basics of programming. Besides, the platform does not support any ads or collect private data.

codespark academy has a seven day trial period. As soon as the time expires, you will have to pay before you can use the app.

9. Python 3: IDE for Python 3

Are you still looking for some of the top apps to learn coding and programming? Then, you can check out the features promised by Python 3.

Unlike most apps, Python 3 can run programs without an internet connection. Also, it provides access to the latest materials for multiple topics.

10. Udemy – Online Courses

Asides from offering courses in different fields, Udemy is one of the top apps to learn coding and programming. When you use the app, you will be guided by experts in the tech field and study at your pace.

You can watch online videos on this app. But if you don’t have any data, you can download the materials via WiFi and read them later.

Udemy can run on any Android device. So even if you have an entry level device, you can still install the app.

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