10 Best Life Simulation Games Like The Sims 4 For Android

best life simulation games like the sims 4 for mobile android gameplay

When it comes to life simulation video games, The Sims is a name everyone has heard. It is one of the longest-running and most successful video game franchises and is credited for introducing an entire genre to a new audience that was otherwise considered niche.

The Sims games are known for their freedom of gameplay, detailed customization, creativity, and humor that has dominated the simulation market ever since its first release.

The latest Android game in The Sims series came out in 2018, so it’s natural for gamers to look for The Sims 4 Mobile alternatives today.

What Are The Best Sims 4 Alternatives For Mobile Android Gaming?

If you’re looking for a list that recommends the best life simulation games for Android, then you’re in the right place! Not only are most of the games on our list free, but we have also added gameplay videos and direct Play Store links for them.

Let’s get right into the list.

1. Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 has the majority of the things that you would expect from games like The Sims 4 Mobile, but with a twist that makes it unique. While you do help the characters out and customize their life and environment, they are not supposed to be your avatars.

The characters in the game are referred to as ‘little people’ and they are aware of your existence, often sending you messages which thank you, plead to you, and generally share their experiences with you. The game also runs in real-time, so when you’re not away and come back you will find several things different and unexpected events taking place.

All those little touches make Virtual Families 2 a unique experience that will be different each time you start over, and the things that happen in their life feel more realistic since the fact it does not always rely on your interference and their lives continue without you.

Virtual Families 2
Virtual Families 2
Price: Free+

2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is a big name, and Pocket Camp is a very good mobile spin-off that captures every important aspect of the original. The game throws you on an island where you will begin by creating your campsite, and you can collect a lot of items, craft things, and buy items to decorate it with.

The game has amazing customization options, featuring over 1000 pieces of furniture, 300 different clothing, and many different themes to choose from. It also gets updates and events regularly which add specific items that you can collect by participation!

It’s easily one of the best life simulation games for Android, thanks to its beautiful graphics, customization, and social features.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

3. Fallout Shelter

Conventionally speaking, Fallout Shelter is not a game that comes to your mind when you think about games like The Sims 4 – but it is more similar than you think.

The game retains the unique style and humor of the popular Fallout franchise but puts it all together as a life simulation game. You have to manage the lives of the many dwellers who live in a vault, trying your best to make it the best living environment possible while there will be threats in different forms that will keep you doing that.

You can lead the dwellers to happier lives by giving them the jobs of their dreams, sending them to the wasteland for resources, providing them better resources, and even encouraging them to have babies! While alternatively, you can also build radios which can help you attract new dwellers to your vault. The game is a complete package that will keep you busy for a while and has enough life simulation elements to be considered one of The Sims 4 Mobile alternatives.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter
Price: Free+

4. Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World

Avakin Life has everything that The Sims 4 Mobile does, such as allowing you to create a unique avatar with a long list of customization options, thousands of clothing and accessories, homes that you can decorate from scratch, and quests and activities to keep your avatar busy.

However, Avakin Life has online multiplayer, which means you can take your avatar to an entire community of real players with who you can communicate, making the experience all the more fun as you can hang out with your friends and even make new ones while experiencing the usual life simulation gameplay!

The game is recommended extra for those who enjoyed IMVU or Second Life in the past.

5. The Sims FreePlay

An obvious choice, but an important one. The Sims FreePlay is like a cousin to The Sims 4 Mobile, as it is a part of the same franchise but is one of the best The Sims 4 Mobile alternatives when you look beneath the surface.

The major difference that The Sims FreePlay offers is the fact you do not control just one avatar at a time like the usual The Sims games, in FreePlay, you can build an entire SimTown with a total of 34 residents, and you can customize every bit of their lives and personalities.

Whether it’s the buildings in the town, their houses, or the characters themselves, you can alter and manipulate every bit of it. On top of all of that, the usual things such as different work opportunities, careers, having families and relationships, are all possible too.

The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
Price: To be announced

6. Idle Life Sim

If you’re tired of installing big games and are looking for simpler life simulation games for Android, then Idle Life Sim is a perfect choice. Featuring simple yet pretty graphics, the game lets you customize your avatar, their homes, and their careers.

There’s a lot of options to choose from in terms of furniture, clothing, and accessories, and the game sets you up with a few simple tasks that should keep you busy. The game is very relaxing and is more involved than most other Idle games, and takes up the lowest space on your phone compared to other games like The Sims 4 Mobile.

Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game
Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game
Developer: Codigames
Price: Free+

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular life simulation games in recent years and is often praised for breathing new life into a declining genre.

The game puts you in the life of a farmer who is tasked with maintaining and expanding a farm, and it offers you many different types of crops and animals to fill it with. You can customize your farmer, your farm, your house, and become a part of the local community which even includes the potential to get married and have a family.

When you’re ready for more, you can even go on adventures where you explore mysterious caves full of dangerous creatures to loot for resources and treasure! It’s one of the best life simulation games for Android and offers a lot more content than the average The Sims game.

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley
Developer: Unknown
Price: $4.99

8. AltLife

AltLife is one of the best life simulation games that you can find on Android, but it is very different from what you’d expect.

Unlike the visually packed The Sims franchise, AltLife offers you a text-based simulator that lets you decide everything, from careers, relationships, activities, to even dating, having kids and grandchildren.

The game looks like well-designed social media and has enough content to keep you busy for a while, and every time you replay it the events that take place will be randomized, providing you endless choices. If you’re looking for something simple but with substance, then AltLife is undoubtedly one of the best games like The Sims 4 Mobile.

AltLife - Life Simulator
AltLife - Life Simulator
Developer: QmzApps
Price: Free+

9. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is The Sims 4 Mobile, but with wizards. You enroll as a student and pick your house, and eventually, you will go to a school where you can learn about potions, cast spells, participate in Quidditch, duel with other wizards, and so on.

The characters and dorm rooms are customizable, you can befriend people, date people, meet magical creatures, make game-changing choices, and engage in an original story made for the game.

It’s a complete package that is filled with life simulation elements and adventure, having something for both fans of Harry Potter and The Sims franchises.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

10. Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is like if The Sims and SimCity were combined in the same game, offering both the ability to expand your environment and also to focus on the lives of each resident individually.

The game follows the same formula as the previously mentioned Virtual Families 2 – you can control and customize several things about your characters and change almost everything about their environment, but they have individual personalities and the game continues to progress even when you’re not around.

On top of everything, the characters acknowledge your existence and communicate with you, thanking you and asking for your help with different situations that affect their survival on the island, where they are all castaways. You can encourage the villagers to have families, raise pets that will help you with your tasks, and even find mysterious magical items that will improve your civilization’s quality of life! It’s one of the most unique The Sims 4 Mobile alternatives.

That concludes our top 10 best life simulation games like The Sims 4 for Android devices! Did your favorite games make it to the list? Did we miss any important games like The Sims 4 Mobile out? Let us know your thoughts and make sure to check out many other quality lists on our website while you’re here.

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