YouTube Not Working? Here Are Some Possible Fixes

youtube not working

YouTube is not working for you? In some instances that may be just for you or everyone, which barely happens but, but, it is the internet and things may go wrong at any time, this is why we have a couple of these troubleshooting articles to help get you through.

YouTube is the 2nd largest site on earth above even Facebook and right below Facebook, it is one of the most visited sites on earth, diverse videos, contents of all sites are uploaded on YouTube by the minute so we can understand why you’re worried that Youtube doesn’t work.

However, do not fret, we have a couple of tips to help you navigate your current issue.

Why is YouTube not working for me?

That’s what we’re here and we’ll figure this out.

There are are many reasons why this may be happening, as usual, we’ll give you some clues on how to solve your problems. To get started, here are some reasons why YouTube is not working for you.

1. The YouTube app needs an update

If you’re using YouTube on your mobile phone and YouTube seems to be not working, it may mean the app needs to be updated.

Like every other app, although barely, especially with an app with one of Google’s products, your YouTube app may stop working due to a needed update, so the next thing to try is to check the Google PlayStore to see if there is an update for the YouTube app, same goes for Gmail troubles.

An install will most likely fix this if its an issue with the app. If not then we can explore other options.

2. Network Problems

If you use mobile network data, sometimes you may have internet connection issues ranging from exhausted to an expired data plan, it’s easy for the mind not to remember about these plans.

Also, if you’re on Wi-Fi, YouTube may not be allowed on your network, it’s important to note this.

Since YouTube uses a lot of data to deliver its content, it’s important to take note of this, check your data plan, network connectivity or confirm that the Wi-Fi network that you’re connected to is not blocked from using YouTube.

If this doesn’t work, or you’ve confirmed that your network is in good shape, then the next point might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

3. Clear your cache or cookies

youtube not syncing

If you’re not familiar with this option, it is very easy to do.

Cleaning your device (app, or browser) cache can restore things back to normal, These apps and services we browse use caching technology to download a few entities offline to your device to serve content faster for you.

Sometimes all you need to do is clear that content and start afresh. If you have a cleaner app on your Android device, you could run this to delete this cache files and or, you may need to clear your device cookies, here’s how to do that on your browser.

4. Global or partial outage

If all of those above are on par, then it means there might be a global or partial outage at YouTube HQ.

Again as mentioned above, it rarely happens but things break at times and servers go down, for a huge company like YouTube, they have servers in different centres all over the world, they barely go down all at the same time but in some regions, an outage may occur.

The best way to know if your YouTube not working is as a result of an outage is to check the status on If there is a partial or full downtime, you’ll see it clearly.

If you also feel the outage is happening in your region, you can report the issue 🙂

And with all that said, if YouTube is still down for you, you may have to wait it out or try accessing the platform from another device to see if it works for you. If you’re experiencing any specific errors, do let us know in the comment section, we could look into it to determine what’s up.

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