Gmail Not Syncing? Here Are 5 Ways to Fix It

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Gmail not updating for you? We might have a couple of ideas to help you fix it.

Google mail aka Gmail is one of the most popular products Google created and one if not the most popular email service online, by default, every Android phone user has one or should have access to one as it works hand in hand with other Google services like the PlayStore, YouTube, Maps, Google Drive and so on.

The way Google works? It’s one account, one account to rule them all.

If you’re an avid user who relies on using Gmail via their Android phone to send and receive emails if your Gmail app is not syncing, here are a couple of things to help resolve this.

1. If email is urgent, use Google web or desktop

Let’s not waste time here trying to find the reason why your Gmail is not syncing on mobile.

If you’re expecting a very important email, the very best thing that you can do first is forgetting the sync problem as it could most likely be a small problem that can be resolved later.

Simply go to with the chrome browser on your phone or PC, login with your credentials to make sure you get the mail you’re looking forward to, if that’s been done or isn’t the case, just confirm you’re able to log on desktop, it’ll help in debugging your Gmail not syncing issues 🙂

2. Check Your Password

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By no means is this saying that you’ve been hacked, while the possibility is there, its very low especially if you don’t post your emails on public forums and have other fail-safe methods in place to secure your Google account like your phone number or alternate email address.

Gmail may not be updated because you might have changed your email password on PC and haven’t updated it on mobile.

You must do that, Gmail automatically will log you out when you change the password on PC and won’t switch to your new password unless you do, this may be the reason and if you haven’t changed your passwords recently and didn’t get a password change notification, and Gmail is still not syncing, we have to explore other options.

3. Verify that you have an active internet connection

A data plan perhaps or that the Wi-Fi that you’re connected to works.

It’s easy to actually think your data connection works or is on or still have an active data plan. You may need to double-check this. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi as well, It’s rare but Google services may be restricted from that Wi-Fi connection so consider this.

If this still doesn’t check out, you may consider the next step.

4. Update to the latest Gmail app

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Yes, sometimes apps break, and things stop working.

If Gmail is not updating for you, please check the app store to see if there’s any update available for the Gmail app and install the update. Things may pick up from there.

5. It Maybe a momentary downtime

If after all these, Gmail is still not working, then it might be a temporal downtime with the Gmail app and you could just wait it out.

If you need to access Gmail then utilize the desktop mode till this all passes, if you’re seeing a particular error with your Gmail app, you may want to share in the comments section, we may be able to solve this together.

Until then? Have fun using Gmail and more tech.

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