Archero Guide: Bright Robe vs Vest of Dexterity

Bright Robe vs Vest of Dexterity

Archero is a phenomenal game that redefined how an open-ended game on smartphones can be. Even though the game is not overly complex or an attempt at grabbing quick cash – it still offers hundreds of hours of unique gameplay that refuses to go stale.

To keep the game fun, we have many different types of unique weapons, enemies, and randomly generated stages which all keep the experience as fresh as possible.

One of these aspects includes different types of armor that you can apply to your characters, which ranges from things like clothing armor and even robes. It can be quite time-consuming to get the best loot in the game so people often compare two different types of items too in terms of their usefulness for gameplay.

And that brings us to two of the most popular items in the game which are the Bright Robe and the Vest of Dexterity.

To save your time from trying these out for yourself to learn of their uselessness, we’ve created a thorough guide of which one provides more usefulness. So, let’s get started!

About The Vest of Dexterity

the vest of dexterity

To determine which out of the two items is better, we have to look at their individual statistics and what they offer to the player, of course. When it comes to Vest of Dexterity, it’s an item that every single person is aware of in Archero due to how heavy its statistics are, especially on the higher levels.

The game’s own description for it is that it’s “light and durable, wear it to dodge enemy attacks” so you can tell how useful it’s going to be.

The first thing to know about the vest is that, as the official tagline implies, it’s used for dodging attacks. And not only do you dodge attacks with this, but you also get a dodge boost too if you know your way around that.

And its unique effect allows you to summon lightning down on your enemies which covers a radius of five tiles. It activates at 80% of equipment damage and the lightning effect deals a further number of 25% of modified damage in the aforementioned radius.

It also has rarity additional effects which are as follows:

  • Base: +7 Dodge rate
  • Rare: +20% Healing from red hearts
  • Epic: 80% equipment damage dealt and Lightning effect is then further dealt to the nearest enemies.

So, as you can see, the Vest is extremely useful and holds great potential for many different types of playstyles.

About Archero Bright Robe

About Archero Bright Robe

The official tagline for the Bright Robe item is “A robe that’s full of light, reduces front damage during battle”. It’s pretty self-explanatory and essentially allows the player to protect themselves from frontal battle the most so that they can focus on the other sides better. It may sound like a simple thing but it can be incredibly useful in tight situations.

When it comes to its statistics, like any other item in the game, they vary between the rarity of their status:

  • Base Effect: Front Damage Resistance + 12%
  • Rare Effect; Battle XP Gain increases to +15%
  • Epic Effect: Each Upgrade will increase Max HP.

It does not have something like lightning falling down onto enemies like the Vest of Dexterity, but the stats hold up pretty well which makes it one of the best items in the game.

Bright Robe vs Vest of Dexterity: The Winner

It’s hard to pick a winner here as both of the items are very useful. Added healing stats, improved dodge rate, and 80% equipment damage leading to lightning attacks is a great advantage that the Vest of Dexterity has here. But at the same time, front damage resistance, increased XP gained and every single upgrade increasing overall HP is nothing to joke about either.

Ultimately – it comes down to your personal preferences. However, we do have a bit of an objective answer to this too.

To start off, the Bright Robe is especially useful for people who are just starting out like the Battle XP Gain greatly helps you with the level progression in the game early on.

But once you have gained the necessary experience – the Vest of Dexterity is ultimately the more useful item to have by your side.

We hope this guide helped you pick the right item for your loadout, but we’re here to answer any questions that you might have. Make sure to check out some of our other helpful guides too while you’re here.

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