How to Sell Cars In GTA 5 (2024)

How to Sell Cars In GTA 5

Here’s a simple guide on how to sell cars in GTA 5. In this short piece, we covered where to sell your cars, selling special vehicles, and included image representations to guide you.

Selling vehicles is an easy but slow way to make money in Grand Theft Auto V, with certain limitations and cooldowns restricting the player and preventing people from abusing the system in GTA Online.

We’ll give you a rundown of how to make money by bartering with modes of transport.

Where and How to Sell Cars

Cars can only be sold in the Free Roam world of GTA Online and can be done so in any lobby at any of the Los Santos Customs garages, Beeker’s Garage near Los Santos Airport, and Benny’s Original Motor Works in Strawberry.

Vehicles can only be sold once per in-game day (48 minutes in real-time) and in an undamaged state will sell for 10% of the vehicle’s retail value. A damaged car will have to be repaired to 100% condition (which requires a proportional fee) before it can be sold.

How to Sell Cars In GTA 5

Both personal vehicles and random NPC vehicles in the world can be sold.

Any personal vehicles will be sold for 50% of their value, with 50% of the value of any purchased upgrades/customizations returned at the price as well. You cannot sell the personal vehicle of another player.

Any vehicles that have a retail value of $100,000+ can only be sold if they were purchased through one of the in-game websites like Legendary Motorsport, but any vehicles under that amount can be obtained from the world and sold freely.

Special Vehicles

There are several special NPC vehicles that spawn in the Free Roam world that will sell for a higher value than their standard counterparts. Some can be sold, but others will be deemed “too hot”.

Check out this list to see the list of sellable cars and their retail value.

Simeon’s Vehicles

How to Sell Cars In GTA 5

Upon reaching Rank 10, Simeon Yetarian can text the player once per in-game day with a list of vehicles that can be delivered to his lock-up in Terminal for a good cash reward.

There are 8 possible lists, check here to see the matrix of options.

How to Sell Cars In GTA 5

Once you’ve found one of the vehicles, you will receive an automatic two-star wanted level. You will have to lose this and respray the vehicle before it can be delivered. Take it to Simeon’s icon (the big white S) to complete the delivery.

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