10 Places to Buy Used PlayStation Pro 4 Online

Where to buy used playstation 4 pro
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Gaming is super cool and these days it’s no more for just kids; teenagers and even adults are now die-hard gamers. If you are looking to get a PlayStation and you don’t have enough money to buy a brand new one, which costs about $400-$600.

You can still get a used PlayStation for between $100 – $250 or an even lesser price, depending on where you got it.

That aside, the arrival of the PlayStation 5 and discontinuation of the PlayStation 4 has sent the price tumbling and if you’re still not able to get a new one, a renewed unit via Amazon might be the way to go.

Where to Buy Used PlayStation 4 Pro Online

Here are ten places you can get used PlayStation 4 Pro online.

1. Amazon

Where to buy used playstation 4 pro

We all know that Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the galaxy. If you can’t find a used PlayStation there then you won’t find it anywhere. But you are in luck, Amazon has tons of video games in stock and you can buy anyone and have it delivered to you right at your doorstep.

Check Used PS4 Pro On Amazon.

2. ShopGoodWill

Shopgoodwill is a great place to get used playstations but you should know that they are not a game retailer. Their prices are pocket friendly and you can trust what they post online as they also include background information. Ordering from their site is also easy and they deliver anywhere in the world. However, there is no assurance that what you buy will be in good condition as it is a used item.  

3. eStarland

This online game shop is a huge retailer. They sell practically every type of game and their prices are competitive. You can get playstations and accessories from their website and it will be shipped to you at any location.   

4. JJGames

Their stocks consist largely of retro gaming and consoles, but they always have playstations available. However, it’s a bit difficult to find newer versions of playstation like PS4 and PS5 but you can easily lay your hands on PS3 on their website. If you are in the US, you can get free delivery on your order.

5. VG stores

They are an online games retailer and they claim to offer the largest collection of games at affordable prices. They are based in Nigeria and promise same-day delivery on all local orders. Their website is easy to navigate and you can get a large variety of playstation games on it.

6. Ebay

Where to buy used playstation 4 pro

This is one of the top e-commerce websites in the world. On ebay you can bid for all sorts of items including playstations or just buy directly. One nice thing about ebay is that you can trust the site to give you every detail of the item so you’ll know what you are paying for.

7. Cheapgameng

This is a video game store based in Lagos, Nigeria. You can get all sorts of games and accessories from them. They have PlayStations and many other games. Their interface is straightforward to use, and if you are in Nigeria, you can pay in Naira and avoid the stress of currency conversion.  

8. Glyde

This website is popular for used phones, tablets, and of course games. Besides offering used games on sale, you can trade-in your old games. They also match individuals wishing to buy specific items. Their prices are competitive and it’s easy to browse through their website is easy. Their customer service is also one of the best as they go overboard to make sure you are satisfied with their service.  

9. Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook has over a billion subscribers, you can practically get any used item you are looking for if you source for it on the right group. On facebook there are all sorts of groups and marketplace. If you want to buy playstation on facebook just join a gaming group or marketplace and you will find lots of people posting their used game for sale. But you should be careful because there are lots of scammers on this group/marketplace.

10. Best Buy

This website wasn’t always in the used video game business but since they got in, they have created a name for themselves. Their website is kind of interactive as they use questioning to direct customers to exactly what they are looking for. Their price is also competitive and their customer service is commendable.

There are many other websites you can get used playstations pro from, but you have to be careful to buy from a site with good reviews and you have to know what to look for before buying a used playstation.  

Tips for buying used PlayStation 4 Online

The reason for opting to buy a used playstation is because for one reason or the other, you can’t afford a new one and you want an affordable playstation you can enjoy your favorite games on.

So, it will not make sense to order a used playstation online and when it gets to you, you find out it is not working. To prevent this, here are some tips to help you get a playstation that’s in good working condition.

1. Check product details

When buying playstation online, make sure to check the details and condition of the item advertised.

2. Buy from reputable websites

Websites like ebey and Amazon give comprehensive details of their products and the condition of the products. This is because they crosscheck every product to know the working condition before putting it on their site.

3. Test it if you can

If you are lucky to get someone who wants to sell a playstation in your locality, be sure to try it out, in other to be sure it is in good working condition. Check all the USB ports and accessories to make sure they are all complete. Also confirm it is not stolen because if it is, you might end out bailing yourself from the police after buying it.

4. Cheek for the warranty

If you can get a playstation that still has a warranty good for you. This is because if anything goes wrong with the playstation, you can send it back to be fixed without paying for the fixing. However, you might have to pay for delivery.

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