10 Best Survival Games For Mobile (2024)

Over the years, playing the best survival games has become a popular form of recreation amongst game lovers worldwide. This can be traced to the action-packed movies people watch.

Game lovers have the opportunity to live out their fantasies while playing the best survival games.

To love survival games, we believe you’d have to be special. There are many game genres out there, that we have a list of, these puzzle games for example, and list of these multiplayer games, and survival games, however, take this whole gaming experience to another level.

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Best Survival Games For Android, IOS

A typical survival game is designed to stimulate your mind to make better decisions with minimal tools. As you progress from one level to another, you gain access to more tools that help increase your chances of survival. Here’s a list of the best survival games for Android and iOS in 2024.

1. Don’t Starve

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In Don’t Starve, your main goal is to stay alive. You’ll take up the character of the game’s protagonist, Wilson.

From the inception of the game, you need to manage your food supply, firewood, and other resources to fend off, Charlie, your invisible monster enemy from attacking you.

Just as with surviving on a strange island, you can use firewood and stones to cook your meal and also to help you stay warm. The fire keeps off wild beasts from attacking you too. As you gain experience and points in Don’t Starve, you access new characters who have more skills and better survival tools.

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2. Crashlands

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The plot of Crashlands is based on surviving a crash on a planet controlled by aliens and monsters. You’ll play the role of the main character, Flux, who needs to survive on his new planet. You’re to access your immediate environment and gain knowledge of how best to use the available technologies of these aliens to your advantage.

As you progress in the game, you’ll make friends with some of the aborigines to get out of their planet. But here lies the twist of this game, as you conquer the aliens and access more features, you’ll become more concerned about living comfortably on this strange planet.

3. Last Day On Earth: Survival

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Last Day On Earth is yet one of the best survival games for Android and iOS in 2024. The game is set in the year 2027 when humanity is beset with a viral infection. As with most survival games, the majority of the city is destroyed, and surviving becomes a grueling task as you have zombies roaming about.

You’re responsible for managing your resources and coming up with solutions to stay alive.

For you to progress in this game you’dallye with other surviving, non-playing members, who might turn on you at any point in time. You’ll have to be mindful of every character in Last Day On Earth to survive.

4. Another World

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In Another World, you’d play the role of a protagonist who creates a unique particle accelerator – the cyclotron. On a fateful day, there were thunderstorms and the accelerator was hit by the storm. Immediately, you’ll find yourself in a strange world where you’d fight with aliens to stay alive.

To become successful on your mission you’d have to make friends with some of these creepy creatures.

5. Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival

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In Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival, you’d be aiming to survive on the battlefield. Armed with modern-day weaponry, you can play with as many as 121 players in this dangerous survival game. As you progress, you’d have to access more sophisticated war amenities like helicopters.

Your shooting accuracy has to be top-notch for you to win in this game.

6. Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

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In Ocean Is Home: Survival Island, you are expected to mine resources, hunt for food, create weapons and tools to fend off attacks, and build your home on the island. Your primary responsibility is to survive in the wild. You’ll also be in charge of protecting the island from invaders.

7. Ark: Survival Evolved

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Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the best survival games that test your ability to outlive one of the prehistoric beasts, the dinosaur. In this game, you’ll be trapped with little resources and you’ll be expected to scavenge for food and weapons. Some of the items you find will be used to build your fortress.

Survival Evolved is one of the best survival games you can play as a single-player or with other gamers. Just as with other survival games, you’d have to be wary of other survivors who would want to steal from your supplies.

8. Survival On Raft: Ocean Nomad Simulator

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In Survival On Raft, you’d explore the possibility of living in a post-apocalypse world.

As if living on an island with monsters and wild animals isn’t hard enough, you’d have to combat sharks and gather resources from the ocean to build your fortress on the island.

While scavenging the jungle, you could come across some useful items that you can craft into weapons. To progress further in this game, you need to find other survivors and form a community.

9. This War Of Mine


This War Is Mine is set on the story of surviving in a war-torn city. You’ll be in charge of leading other surviving members of the city and your major goal is to outlive the war by creating weapons to help you fight off attackers.

Each member of your team has the skills and abilities that you’ll need to survive as a group.

The game is divided into two cycles; day and night. During the day, your best bet is to stay indoors and search for items that’ll be useful to your group. At night when snipers and other dangerous scavengers are less active, you can search for food, medicine, and other resources.

Sometimes when supplies are scarce, you’d have to make difficult decisions to keep your team members alive.

10. Day R Survival

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The Day R Survival game is based on the radioactive radiation attack that has killed the majority of living things and turned some people into mutants in the Soviet Union territory.

You’re saddled with the responsibility of locating and saving your family while battling with the lack of food, shelter, medicine, and weapons.

You’d have to use your initiative to create weapons to fend off mutants who want to kill you.

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