10 Best Music Streaming Apps Like Spotify

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As a music lover, you must have heard about Spotify. With this app, you can stream various types of music from across the world.

Although it is a great way to enjoy music, Spotify has a few issues. For instance, the free version of the streaming comes with adware. Besides, the platform has outages that can prevent you from playing music that you actually want to listen to.

Lets not forget the fact that while its a forerunner in the music streaming world, it doesn’t exactly have the biggest library of music.

Because of these drawbacks, you might have to look for other alternatives. Now here some of the best apps like Spotify that you can find on the Google Playstore. 

Best Music Streaming Apps Like Spotify

Here some of the top apps like Spotify. Most of them have free versions and premium versions that provide excellent features. 

1. YouTube Music

If you are looking for apps like Spotify, you should check out YouTube Music. With this platform, you can stream your favorite music. Also, the app offers recommendations that allow you to discover new content.

Are you looking for a song but confused about the title? If yes, you can type in the lyrics in the search bar and retrieve the song. 

You can use YouTube Music for free. But you won’t be able to listen to music offline or download songs but here’s what you can do; Subscribe to YouTube premium. When you do that you not only get access to premium features on YouTube which includes things like ad-free streaming but it also comes bundled with YouTube music premium free.

That’s a killer deal right there if you’re hunting for Spotify alternatives.

YouTube music is also said to have more songs on the platform that Spotfy so that’s like a win-win-win.

2. Audiomack

Audiomack is another ideal app for streaming songs on the go. Thanks to its amazing features, it has become one of the popular apps for streaming music on mobile devices. 

You can do many things on Audiomack. For example, you can browse the recommended playlists by mood or genre. If you are looking for new songs to play, the app offers playlists with the latest trending music.  On top of that, you can use the app for free. 

Like most free apps, Audiomack features ads that can disturb your experience. But for a small subscription fee, you can remove the commercials and get the premium version.

3. Boomplay

If you are still hunting for apps like Spotify, you can download Boomplay. Since its launch on Google Playstore, it has received numerous positive reviews from various users. 

With millions of tracks, Boomplay offers one of the largest music libraries. Here, you can get different songs from several types of genres. Since the interface is user friendly, you can find tracks quickly. 

Asides from playing music on the app, you can even interact with other users. For this task, Boomplay supports a chat feature that ensures easy communication. Also, the same function sends notifications for new releases. 

4. Deezer Music Player

Even if Deezer has ads, it comes with one of the best music streaming apps of 2021. After all, it has features that ensure a perfect listening experience. Such options include numerous songs, personalized playlists,  several genres, and read- along with lyrics. 

It also promises a Song Catcher feature for identifying unnamed tracks. As it has a simple interface, it is easy to use and read.

Deezer offers more than music. You can listen to podcasts and radio programs. Overall, it is one of the best apps like Spotify.

5. Tidal

Many users prefer this app as it promises hours of uninterrupted play. You can enjoy this option because Tidal does not support ads. So if you want apps like Spotify that offer a true listening experience, Tidal should top your list.

Like most apps on our list, the platform boasts of well-prepared playlists. Moreover, it has an extensive selection of videos and documentaries. 

Tidal is running so many ads right now and trying to position itself as one of the fiercest Spotify alternatives in 2021, one of the top-selling points of this platform too is the fact that they offer to stream in Hifi quality, that’s top-notch studio-quality sound right from the source.

As at the time of writing this article, Tidal is also running an onboarding offer that grants you 4 months of unlimited listening for only $4.

6. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio might not feel like a regular music app. After all, it also offers live sports and news programs. But still, Tunein Radio has enough content to compete with apps like Spotify. 

Most of the music comes from highly rated DJs and radio stations. For this reason, you should expect great-sounding playlists on your device. If you can’t handle the featured ads, consider subscribing to the premium version. 

7. BlueMusic

This app allows music lovers to play music from their device storage and the internet. For people looking for new songs to enjoy, Blue Music promises a Discover option. 

The platform even recommends and plays videos. Music lovers can get information on the latest songs by reading featured song charts.

Surprisingly, you can use all the options without paying a dime. 

8. Mdundo

Mdundo - Free Music
Mdundo - Free Music
Developer: Mdundo Music
Price: Free+
  • Mdundo - Free Music Screenshot
  • Mdundo - Free Music Screenshot
  • Mdundo - Free Music Screenshot
  • Mdundo - Free Music Screenshot
  • Mdundo - Free Music Screenshot
  • Mdundo - Free Music Screenshot
  • Mdundo - Free Music Screenshot
  • Mdundo - Free Music Screenshot

This app focuses on African music from countries like Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania. As expected, it also shows music charts from each of these countries. 

If you find a song that you like on the app, you can save it offline. For a larger collection of music, Mdundo helps you prepare personalized playlists. 

Mdundo also offers news on the continent’s hottest artists. With these options, it comes as one of the apps l⁰ike Spotify. 

9. Apple Music

Apple Music
Apple Music
Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free
  • Apple Music Screenshot
  • Apple Music Screenshot
  • Apple Music Screenshot
  • Apple Music Screenshot

Apple’s in house music app has enough features that will interest any music lover. If you want apps like Spotify, consider checking out Apple Music. Luckily, it has an iOS and android version which makes it suitable for every music lover. 

Apple Music brings millions of tracks to your fingertips. With this in mind, you can find something from any artist or genre. As the interface is well arranged, you can perform your search within seconds. 

Do you love singing along to your favorite song? Well, when you play music via Apple Music, you can view lyrics on the device of your display.

Apple Music works with WiFi or mobile data. But if you are traveling to a remote location, you can download the songs and play them offline in such areas. 

10. Google Play Music

Google Play Music
Google Play Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Since it has over five billion downloads from the Google Playstore, this app comes as one of the most popular streaming platforms. When you use this app, it provides songs based on your mood or any criteria. If you are satisfied with the songs on your internal storage, you can also add them to Google Play Music.

The app has two versions – a free and premium version.  Working with the former gets you ad-supported radio stations, music recommendations, and extra storage for your offline music. But if you want options like uninterrupted listening and access to a massive collection, you can subscribe to the premium version. 

Although Google Play Music will soon be replaced by YouTube Music, it is one of the best options available out there.

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