MSI 970 Gaming Beep Codes (2024)

MSI 970 Gaming Beep Codes

Although MSI motherboards are the best performance compared to similar motherboards, gamers complain that they can’t boot up their gaming PC.

The error code 99 appears on the screen, and it stays there no matter what they do. Some probable causes of this issue are given below.

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1. Corrupted Kernel Temp Data

This issue occurs when a low-level software has a corrupted temp file on your pc, and the CMOS battery preserves it during the boot sequence. 

2. BIOS / UEFI Inconsistency

If you have recently changed the BIOS and UEFI settings, the pc will never boot up as the system is unstable. 

3. Insufficient PSU

PSU gives power to all the connected components and peripherals, and a low-power PSU will also give a beep code. 

4. I/O issue with USB ports

This issue happens with old MSI motherboards with PS/2 ports to connect input devices, including keyboard and mouse.   

5. Hardware issues

If the motherboard is damaged or there is a short circuit, you will get a critical crash and error. 

Methods to resolve beep codes

Every problem has a solution, and you only need to reach the roots of the problem as the solution only takes a short time to correct everything. Below are the methods to solve all the issues mentioned above in the best way possible to avoid further hardware damage. 

Clearing the CMOS battery

The CMOS battery issue is one of the most common causes of the beep codes and error screens with MSI motherboards. You can fix this problem by following the below given step-by-step guide to starting using your pc again without any issues, 

  • Turn off the pc and remove the power source
  • Remove the side cover of your pc and take a look at the MSI motherboard
  • Locate the CMOS battery and take it out with a fingernail.

After waiting for a few minutes, you should insert the battery back into the motherboard and turn on the computer. The computer will now boot normally but change the CMOS battery. 

Resetting BIOS / UEFI to default

If you have tried the above method, but the error message is still on the screen, you should take the next step and reset the BIOS and UEFI to default. To reset the BIOS on your MSI motherboard, follow the steps given below to avoid any issues. 

  • Turn off the computer and press the Boot key to access the boot menu
  • Go to the BIOS settings menu and tap on the “Reset to defaults” button 
  • Save changes and restart the PC.

A few things change in the guide to reset the UEFI to default, but the main idea is the same. Take your PC to the recovery menu by turning it off three times while it’s booting up.

Choose the UEFI menu from the troubleshooting section and tap on the restart button. AFTER THE RESTART, reset UEFI settings from the restore menu to get rid of the beep code. 

Removing peripherals 

Sometimes the PSU doesn’t provide enough power to the motherboard to efficiently run all the connected peripherals, and you get the beep code and the error message.

Choose the best PSU for your pc that is compatible with the motherboard and upgrade it in case you are going for high-end accessories as they need more power. Remove all the extra accessories till you add a new PSU to the motherboard to avoid further damage. 

Connecting mouse and keyboard via PS/2 ports

Old MSI motherboards featured PS/2 slots for a reason, and they will help you if you face the beep code due to the USB peripherals.

Try using the PS/2 peripherals instead and restart the pc. If everything works, there was an issue with USB ports, and you should continue using the PS/2 peripherals until your repair the motherboard from a professional.  

Send it for replacement

Have you tried everything but the beep code and the error message is still here? If yes, you should contact professionals to share your situation with them and decide the future.

You won’t be spending any money even if there is a short circuit in the motherboard if it is still under warranty. Go for the motherboard repair instead of replacing it if the damage is not much.  

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