Letscom U8I Wireless Sports Headphones Review

Letscom U81 Wireless Sports Headphones Review
Image: TechSoFar.com // Abel Babalola

Today we have an exciting headphones in the house and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

Here on TechSoFar.com, I’ve reviewed similar gadgets like the Oraimo Freepods 2, the Teblab xfit Earbuds, and even a gigantic Soundbar from Havit that actually isn’t that bad at all.

These days as tech gets better and more high-end smartphones like the Galaxy devices, iPhones even Google Pixel devices lose the 3.5mm audio jack to plug in a wired headphone to listen to music, there have been many options however to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth through different mediums, all vying to replace the headphone jack.

  • The headphones
  • The earbuds like the Galaxy Buds Live
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers like the ones you’ll see from brands like JBL.
  • Half-in ear earbuds like the Apple Airpods, OnePlus buds.
  • And many more.

There are literally thousands of these kinds of products to choose from when you’re looking to buy and some made specifically for some events, this U8I earbuds from Letscom is an example. It’s specifically designed for sports activities.

What Makes The Letscom U8I The Perfect Sports Headphones?

Well if you’re looking for one as well you might want to keep reading as I’ve been using this device for quite a few weeks now and here’s all I have to say about them.

1. Its Wired Design

Wired but not wired.

The headphones’ wire goes round your neck in a way that is less obstructive and gets the job done. With this design you’ll definitely not have the common problem with earbuds one ear connecting and the other not connecting or breaking in communication.

Letscom U81 Wireless Sports Headphones Review
Image: TechSoFar.com // Abel Babalola

This also solves the problem of having to carry around your earbud’s charging case as asides from having them charge automatically after use, which is a plus, it’s still extra load, for this one when you’re done working out, you can just wrap them around your neck like the overhead headphones we’re all familiar with.

The U8I also has an IPX7 waterproof rating so it can definitely withstand some water splash either from sweats or poolside.

In conclusion? While you may think that headphones in general are evolving and wires are quickly becoming a thing of the past, which is sort of true, when it comes to sport which requires a lot of jiggling and movements, and packing less, this is a very valid option.

2. Included Wingtips

Building on sport activities and fast movements, the included or integrated wingtips into the earphones makes them even a better option to consider when shopping for wireless headphones for sport activities.

Since this isn’t a fashion or blend into an outfit device, its more for sports, the inbuilt wingtips provide more grip around the ears to make sure when it stays in while you’re working out or engaged in other activities.

The ergonomic design on this headphone is 99.9 🔥

I may be biased at this point cause I hate earbuds falling off my ears and the ideas of wingtips make sure to take away that popping off away but hear me out, the wingtips on this one are quite good and allows for extra durability while you jiggle up and down.

3. The Sound Quality

Letscom U81 Wireless Sports Headphones Review
Image: TechSoFar.com // Abel Babalola

The most important section when it comes to reviewing gadgets like this.

As usual, I’d keep it short and sweet, you can get scores for each sections on the review board below for nerds’ sake. The sound quality on this device is awesome. No other word for it. Awesome.

From startup, you know it’s going to be good as it voices out that usual “The BlueTooth Device is Ready to Pair” in an American accent, shocker though, the device is Made in China. The sound quality however is Awesome like I said earlier.

It is quite loud and has great bass, and while it doesn’t have features like ANC you’ll find in Premium headphones, it is designed to block outside noise and really puts you in the music mode. It is not advisable you use it while running around on a busy road, you really won’t hear anything aside from the music you’re playing.

I like. You’ll like too.

4. Fairly Long Battery Life

The battery life on this sucker is good too. I can’t seem to exhaust it no matter how I try and I barely charge it.

I must confess though that while I barely have a dedicated workout time or play music for long hours, the Letscom U8I seems to be able to do 4 consecutive hours through 2 days and still works without charging it.

Letscom U81 Wireless Sports Headphones Review
Image: TechSoFar.com // Abel Babalola

For its price, that’s quite good seeing as unlike regular earbuds that have charging cases carry-on so when you put them back they start charging already and although they’re quite good, if you want more music time you’ll have to splurge for pricier headphones.

A full charge will probably take you through 8 hours of music playtime if that’s how long you workout in a day plus its quite easy to charge up. Just pop open the sealed off Micro USB charging port via the tip and plug in with the USB cable connected to your laptop.

5. Price Point

Okay, so what’s a device like this go for? Its pretty cheap actually starting at around $17.9 based on colours, check them out here.

My blue grey color option came in at $19.9 and the max price is $20.98 for the pink grey color.

This device worth the price? Absolutely. You can have them asides your regular earbuds, you don’t want those crushed as a result of popping off in an unsafe environment.

So that’s it really, they’re great but there are also some things I don’t like about them, I shared them in the review summary box below. You can buy them on Amazon but from here in Nigeria, you’d have to ship via shipping companies like Heroshe, I’ use and trust them, they’re good.

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments section.

You can win one of these headphones

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All the best on this one.


Letscom U8I Wireless Sports Headphones Review

Letscom U8I Wireless Sports Headphones Review
9 10 0 1
This review breaks down everything you should know about the Letscom U8I Headphones before you buy.
This review breaks down everything you should know about the Letscom U8I Headphones before you buy.
Total Score iBased on three months of usage.
  • Sound Quality
    9/10 Amazing
    They really really sound good.
  • Noise Cancelling
    8/10 Very good
    It's not so much ANC as its loudness just bounces everything else off.
  • Bass Quality
    9/10 Amazing
    It's got that bass.
  • Ergonomics
    10/10 The best
    Very steady, thanks to the included wingtips.
  • Battery Life
    9/10 Amazing
    Above average. Lasts up to 8 hours at a stretch or 3 hours divided through 3 days.

What we like

  • Sound quality
  • The included wingtips
  • Portability
  • It's also cheap

What we don't like

  • The earbuds themselves could be smaller.
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