Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Review: The Soundbar For YOU?

We bought it, tested it, and published this review so you know what you’re buying.
Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Review
Image: Abel Babalola // TechSoFar.com

Because we didn’t, there was no active review out there on this soundbar so buying it was sort of a gamble.

If you’ve tried to search for a soundbar online in this region for the past couple of months, even weeks, on popular ecommerce platforms available here, even in local stores, chances are that you’ve had this particular Havit HV-SF5627BT soundbar shoved down your throat a bunch of times, infact when you’ve not made a decision to buy, you get retargeted with ads on a regular basis to sway you back to come buy.

While most for most of us, buying may not be the issue but for the lack of a better review on this particular product and the fact that Havit is not not as popular as other sound system makers like say Samsung, Sony, LG and the likes, it raises many questions.

To shorten the whole story, that’s why I mentioned above that we didn’t know what we were getting into, we bought this one so we can create a review that originated from months of testing and after over a little over a month, here’s what I think on various things to look at when trying to buy a sound system in 2020 and beyond.

1. Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Design Review

Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Review
Image: Abel Babalola // TechSoFar.com

One of the most interesting things about this particular soundbar is the fact that it has a subwoofer and the subwoofer’s design.

Its an interesting one with a upward firing speaker and a tiny but significant backward firing speaker as well and in addition with the bar creates a great sound, ooops, cat’s out of the bag on the sound quality.

This soundbar is very simple, so to say. In the box its just the:

  1. Soundbar
  2. Subwoofer
  3. A manual
  4. Some cables for connectivity.

Design-wise it looks good except for the fact that the soundbar can’t sit on a surface on its own and must be placed on the wall with a wall-mount it didn’t come with so you’d have to manually drill into your wall some nails to sit the bar on which isn’t much of a big deal but with an accompanying mount, the placement could be neater.

The subwoofer too although nice, aesthetically pleasing, the matte-finished black design looks cool sitting on my TV stand, can’t just help but wobble, shift and even sometimes almost fall to the ground when playing bass-heavy songs, you see I love Hip-Hop and some beat-heavy EDM music so it vibrates a lot from its station and sometimes I’m worried it’ll fall down and I have to shift it back to its original state every now and then.

Not a deal breaker, just something to note.

2. Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Features and Connectivity

While there’s no much to discuss in terms of features when it comes to soundbars, let’s leave that to the earbuds and other devices, the HV-SF5627BT does offer a few sound modes in a bid of having a variety available.

You get three different modes:

  • AUX mode using the cable.
  • Bluetooth mode.
  • Memory card mode with its inbuilt memory card slot.

There is something a bit funky with the Bluetooth connection and unlike the former Djack home theatre system I used to use although sometimes runs into Windows 10 and Bluetooth connection issues but can be easily fixed by repairing.

This one after sometime doesn’t automatically connect and I’d have to re-scan, re-pair before it works with my HP laptop. As a result of that, I’ve had quite the list of HV-SF5672BT paired onto my system.

Again, not a deal-breaker as this only takes a few seconds and pairs really fast. We’ll talk about this not really a deal-breaker line later in this review.

In terms of connection range, which most people including myself are curious about, its quite good actually, better than my previous Djack I’ll tell you that much. If you like to keep scores and numbers, please keep reading to the end of this review where I allocated points to each of these aspects we’ve discussed.

3. Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Sound Quality

Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Review
Image: Abel Babalola // TechSoFar.com

This is the most important section of this review, as the sound quality of a soundbar is quite important. Very important.

In summary, it sounds quite good actually with good bass and has that boom. In addition, while it doesn’t have the flexible equalizer control options to finetune the sounds it makes, it has different sound modes like Classic, Jazz, Pop, rock with the Classic mode delivering even more bass. I like.

In terms of volume, it’s quite loud, I have not been able to comfortably set it at the highest volume as I fear my neighbors would definitely complain, it packs quite more than it looks. The subwoofer too has something special.

The subwoofers creates that Sony $2000+ DOLBY-like surround sound speaker system where a significant part of the audio is fired to the roof and bounces back creating that illusion that the sound is coming from every corner of the room, while it doesn’t exactly measure up to the ones you pay a premium for, it’s quite up there and delivers, I sighed a sigh of relief when I received the package, plugged it in for the first time and it made the first sound.

For now, That’ll do.

Abel Babalola (The reviewer)

Sound-wise, it’s very okay. I actually look forward to playing my favorite songs on it every time. Heard stuff I never heard on a regular with that soundbar.

4. Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Pricing

Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Review
Image: Abel Babalola // TechSoFar.com

In everything that’s on the market, available to buy, it all boils down to the price point.

In a world where there are soundbars up to $1900, how does this ~$150 > NGN40,000 soundbar stack up? Well for starters, it has:

  • A subwoofer (A huge plus)
  • Great sound quality.
  • A neat design.
  • Pretty loud.
  • And it’s cheap.

While in all of those, there are trade-offs like how the subwoofer moves on its own when playing beat-heavy sounds, the sound quality doesn’t quite measure up to those that are leaps and bounds ahead in pricing, the bar design could be better and volume resets when you mute on a playing Bluetooth device and other little things like how it’s better off coming with a TV to soundbar 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable unlike the unusable one it came in.

That may be due to the design of my TV but its a pretty modern one anyways a generic cable would fix this.

So in conclusion while you’re not exactly getting the really premium sound quality and experience from this one, for its price? Still a good buy and you’re good to go if you want to get one.

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Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar Review

Havit HV-SF5627BT Soundbar
8 10 0 1
We got ourselves a unit and tested everything this soundbar has to offer.
We got ourselves a unit and tested everything this soundbar has to offer.
Total Score iBased on over 3 months of repeated use.
  • Sound Quality
    9/10 Amazing
    It's quite loud guys.
  • Design
    6/10 Normal
    Not the best design for a soundbar/subwoofer but it's still above average.
  • Bass
    8/10 Very good
    It really does that well.
  • Functionality
    7/10 Good
    Not a lot on this one but the equalizer feature is cool.

What we like

  • It's very cheap.
  • It sounds great.
  • It has that bass everyone looks foward to when buying a soundbar.
  • Comes with included subwoofer

What we don't like

  • The design of the soundbar could be better.
  • The subwoofer design could be better too.
  • No included 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack.
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