Warframe: Twin Vipers Wraith Location (How to Use It)

Twin Vipers Wraith Location

Twin Vipers Wraith is an Ammo Type pistol with a magazine size of 40. In short, the perfect and the most potent variation on the standard akimbo machine-pistols that come with more significant damage.

The damage rate increases when used with a slight boost to impact damage in exchange for lower slash damage. Before reading more about Twin Vipers Wraith, consider that Twin Vipers Wraith usually primarily deals with impact damage.

Like any other weapon in Warframe, Twin Vipers Wraith has some pros and cons, given below: 


  • High Impact Damage
  • Innate Polarity
  • Good Critical Chance
  • Tied with Twin Vipers and offers fastest Fire Rate.


  • Low Damage when it comes to Slash and Puncture
  • Low Accuracy
  • Extremely Insufficient Ammo
  • Fire Rate is very Fast
  • Low-Status Chance.

How to Get Twin Vipers Wraith in Warframe? 

In the starting, the game has allowed players to obtain this weapon after scoring 100 points in “The Cicero Crises Event, requiring the free weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.

Next, many players have received the said weapon from an Alert in “The Proxy Rebellion Bonus Weekend.”

If you are searching for blueprint and parts, you should know that they were formerly rewarded from the “Ninth Season of Sorties,” but now, you can obtain an Invasion Award.

You are allowed to trade all of its components, though having a Mastery Rank of at least 7 levels is required to obtain the blueprint. 


Twin Vipers Wraith (Normal Attack), compared to Viper Wraith (Normal Attack):

  • Higher burst DPS (535.5 vs. 308.02)
  • Higher sustained DPS (238 vs. 195.54)
  • Higher fire rate (25 round(s)/sec vs. 14.38 round(s)/sec)
  • Larger magazine (40 round(s) vs. 20 round(s))
  • Larger max ammo capacity (440 round(s) vs. 420 round(s))
  • Slower reload time (2 s vs. 0.8 s)
  • Less accurate (11.1 vs. 28.6)
  • Higher Mastery Rank required (7 vs. 4)
  • Higher disposition (1.41 vs. 1.4).

Twin Vipers Wraith (Normal Attack), compared to Twin Vipers (Normal Attack):

  • The higher base damage per projectile (18 vs. 17)
  • Higher Impact damage (14.4 vs. 10.2)
  • Higher Puncture damage (1.8 vs. 1.7)
  • Lower Slash damage (1.8 vs. 5.1)
  • Higher total damage (18 vs. 17)
  • Higher base critical chance (19% vs. 15%)
  • Higher base critical multiplier (2x vs. 1.5x)
  • Lower base status chance (9% vs. 11%)
  • Higher average damage per shot (21.42 vs. 18.27)
  • Higher burst DPS (535.5 vs. 456.87)
  • Higher sustained DPS (238 vs. 164.01)
  • Larger magazine (40 round(s) vs. 28 round(s))
  • Larger max ammo capacity (440 round(s) vs. 420 round(s))
  • Less accurate (11.1 vs. 15.4)
  • Higher Mastery Rank required (7 vs. 5)
  • Lower disposition (1.41 vs. 1.45)

How to Use The Twin Vipers Wraith

  • There’s a mod titled Pistol Ammo Mutation that you can use to keep Twin Viper Wraith from running dry for a long time to improve the accuracy. 
  • Furthermore, Creeping Bullseye would be great if you are looking for an alternative to Ammo Mutation. 
  • It is considered the best and viable candidate for Critical Builds because of its decent critical potential; however, to release a powerful blast of bullets in a short time using its fastest fire rate, you can add the following: Target Cracker, Pistol Gambit, Lethal Torrent, and Barrel Diffusion. 

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