Warframe: The New War Full Story Summary

warframe the new war story summary

Warframe’s community doesn’t just love the game because of the fast-paced shooting, or the movement. The game offers so much content, both in terms of the daily quests, and in terms of the combat.

However, one aspect of Warframe that has always kept its player base constantly coming back is the story-based chapters. These have been an integral part of Warframe ever since it launched.

The game’s introductory storyline is around three to four hours long, and it’s gotten so much more story content being put out over the years.

The New War, Warframe, is one of such stories.

It is the sequel to The Sacrifice, the highly popular quest in which the Operator must search for the Lotus deep inside the Ballas territory. There will be spoilers ahead in this story breakdown of The New War, so hope you’ve played the questline yourself or have at least played The Sacrifice before you read on.

Chimera Prologue

Directly following the events in which Umbra stabs Ballas and successfully ends Ballas’ subjugation. They figure out the location of the Lotus, and realize that the Lotus has turned into a more sinister figure as compared to the mother-like figure that the Tenno expected her to be. 

Chimera Prologue

The Chimera Prologue starts with The Operator hearing about Ballas’ survival after the events of the Sacrifice from the Man in the Wall. The Man in the Wall is a very interesting character; they were originally introduced in The War Within in update 19.0 and have been a recurring character since then.

They discover that Ballas was converted to the Amalgam side, under Natah’s authority. The Ballas’ signature weapon, The Paracesis is created by them for the Operator, at the very end of the Chimera Prologue.

The Jovian Concord

The Sentient faction has begun a mission to make themselves invulnerable to the Void. To do that, they require Alad V’s assistance in creating Amalgamations with other species; they keep Alad V locked in a secure facility and have a Sentient Ropalolyst watch over him.

The Operator discovers their plans after Alad V is successful in creating the Amalgams. 

The Jovian Concord

The Operator heads to the secure holding facility, and destroys the Ropalolyst, only to realize that its fate was already sealed just to gather information on the Tenno. Back on the ship, Natah makes contact with the Operator; letting them know that she has escaped the Orokin Wizardry that had her bound and doing things that she did not want to do.

Rising Tide

The Tenno is now guided by Cephalon Cy, which has been rebuilt completely. He is instructed by Cephalon Cy to create a Railjack, after realizing the threat Sentients pose to the rest of the colonies.

Citing that the Railjack will be the only viable option to take them down, or at least put up a fight. The Sentients interfere as the Tenno is searching ship wreckages for important parts, they deploy a batch of Interference Drones however that does not stop the mission.


The Operator receives a brand new vision, as soon as they find the first Murex ships in the Veil Proxima area. The flashback shows The Old War, showcasing other Tenno and The Lotus on Lua.

The Lotus and Erra speak like siblings, and afterward comes a twist; Erra calls her “Natah”… a name she rejects and declares herself The Lotus. The flashback shows all of the Tenno forces attacking Erra, but it is unclear whether or not they took him down.  


Waking up inside of a Sentient hub, the Tenno sees Erra alive and talking to his sister The Lotus… They have an Amalgam Ballas on a leash, treating him as their slave.

Here, the Operator discovers that Natah has memory relapses and forgets that she is The Lotus. At times, she thinks that it’s an Orokin manipulation and that she is still fighting the Orokin in the old war. Erra and the Lotus start planning to lead their attack against The Tenno. 

Operation Scarlet Spear

This is where the New War truly begins, an invasion of Erra’s Murex ships which are deploying information-gathering spy ships on Veil Proxima. Little Duck is put in charge of the counter-defense tactics and teams, despite her claiming not to be a leader. 


The Tenno squads are deployed on Earth to destroy the spy ships by infiltrating the Murex ships by inducting viruses into the Spy Ships that revolve around Veil Proxima. The Tenno also has the option to attack the Murex ships directly and upload the kill codes onto them. In either case, the Tenno fight on two fronts and send them back to where they came from.

The Maker

Back in the Sentient Hub mothership, Erra is trying his hardest to manipulate Natah into finishing the war. In hopes to start The New War, Erra tells Natah that their mother died at the hands of the Tenno, and that she must put an end to them and the rest of the colonies in the system.

Natah notes that she remembers ordering the Tenno to kill Erra, at which point Erra grabs her and throws her into an unknown energy field. “Finish the war,” he says, as he and Ballas watch Natah trapped inside the field of energy.

The Deadlock Protocol

The founder of the Corpus; Parvos Granum has managed to escape from the Void. He realizes that the Corpus in an infected and tormented state. Granum decides that they need a violent restructuring, and offers the Tenno this job. He also offers Tenno a seat right next to him, starting a new doctrine against the Sentient. 

Operation Orphix Venom

Now recovering from their losses after the assault on Veil Proxima, The Sentinent has doubled their forces and has created the Orphix.

The Orphix are ships that have electro-magnetic pulses mounted on top as weapons, capable of disabling any sort of machinery in range. Thankfully, Father’s Necramechs and those have a distinct immunity to Sentient pulses. 

Operation Orphix Venom

The Tenno take charge of the Mechanoid machines and begin their counter-offensive measures. As the fight becomes bloodier and bloodier, Natah enters and we discover that she has taught the Orphix on how to disable the Warframes.

The Lotus still underneath in Natah’s consciousness somewhere, transmits a secret code to the Tenno, “I AM DYING.”

That is everything that you need to know about Warframe’s The New War. This specific part of the story is a crucial one.

It involves a gigantic cast of characters including Ballas, Granum, Lotus, and her original form Natah, Erra, and a couple more. It is also one of the most action-packed updates that Warframe has managed to release in years, and is full of exciting combat scenarios that you just can’t help but love.

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