Warframe Keeps Freezing Issues 2024 (Fixed)

How to fix Warframe Freezing Issues

Warframe is one of the best RPG third-person shooter video games and has survived gracefully for nearly a decade without losing its relevance.

It has fast gameplay, intense events, and attractive visual design – which has kept players hooked from the very beginning because no other game has the same feel.

One of the best things about Warframe is that it’s a very well-optimized game. Despite having open environments and great graphics, the game runs surprisingly well on low-end hardware too.

However, any game on the Windows platform, no matter how decently optimized, can still suffer from a number of different technical issues.

One of the most common issues that players face is that Warframe keeps freezing, sometimes at the start of the game and sometimes at later points. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to fix that and they have worked for many players.

So, let’s take a look at these fixes and once you’re done following these steps – your game will not freeze again!

How to fix Warframe Freezing Issues

There are several methods that you can try to fix the problem. We recommend trying them out one by one and seeing if that fixes the problem. If a solution works, then great. If not, try the one right below it.

If none of these options work for you, all you can do is wait for a new official patch to fix your game because it can’t be refunded since it’s already free.

Verify file integrity

The number one thing that you need to keep in mind is that verifying Warframe is a bit different from how you can verify other games.

Although you can download Warframe on Steam and the Epic Games Store, if you use the ‘Verify’ option from these clients, it forces the game to be redownloaded/reuploaded almost always. Even if your files were fine.

So, what you should do instead is:

1. Open the Warframe launcher/installer

2. Click on the settings icon on the top right

3. Simply click on the ‘Verify’ button and let the client do its thing.

If this was the issue that you faced, your game will stop freezing after a few extra files are downloaded/replaced automatically.

Change graphics settings

More often than not, freezing issues are caused by hardware incompatibility. It’s possible that your computer cannot handle the game’s highest graphics setting, so it’s useful to lower it down. There are two ways in which you can do this.

The first way is to open the client settings as seen in Method 1. Afterward, instead of clicking ‘Verify’, just click on ‘Graphics Engine’ and ‘GPU Preference’ and select the lowest graphics settings.

If this solves your freezing issue, then you can slowly move the graphics setting higher and settle at the highest settings which don’t cause a freezing issue for your hardware.

The second way is to head inside the game and click on ‘Options’. This can be done in-game by pressing Escape too.

Change graphics settings in warframe

Then head to the ‘Display’ section and go down to Graphics Quality. If you’re a gamer who knows how to handle technical things, you can change individual graphics settings.

Change graphics settings in warframe

But if you’re a bit of a beginner, simply change the ‘Preset’ to low or medium, and the game will change the settings on its own. Then, just click ‘Confirm’ and see if the issue still remains.

See if your computer can handle the game

Every PC game has a minimum and recommended system requirements. Sometimes the game runs fine even if your computer is lower than the official system requirements, in most cases that do not happen.

So, you should head over to the official sources that have the game’s requirements, such as the official website, Steam, and Epic Games Store pages. That’s general advice, though – we’ll save your time and show you the requirements of the game right here.

If your system does not match the minimum requirements, deleting the game is the only solution until you upgrade your computer.

Restart and reinstall the game

Turning things on and off may sound like a joke at times, but it’s a very effective way of fixing things sometimes. Restart the game and see if that solves the problem. If not, restart your computer.

Then, as the last option, reinstall the entire game and see if that changes anything too. Restarting your computer and redownloading the game sometimes helps with such problems. If they don’t, then try the last thing that we suggest.

Diagnose your internet connection

See if your internet is fine. Check YouTube and other websites or games. If there is an issue with your internet, chances are that it’s why the game keeps freezing. Simply restart your internet modem and try again.

If the problem persists, contact customer support for your ISP and ask them to fix your internet.

These are all of the known methods that have worked for Warframe players all over the globe. If these methods did not solve your problem, unfortunately, that either means that your system cannot handle the game or that you need to wait for an official patch.

Feel free to ask us any questions and while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful guides too!

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