[Top 10] Vampire TV Shows On Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, More

Vampire TV Shows On Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, More

We’re always looking for a way to escape reality and supernatural movies with creatures such as vampires provide us with that sweet escape. Vampire shows are thrilling and they make your imagination run wild, we definitely understand why you would want the very best vampire shows to occupy your free time.

Vampire shows remain undefeated when it comes to tales of supernatural beings, the belief that a human can become a beast as deadly as a vampire is portrayed to be will have your mind running wild and keeps you wanting more.

We’re always by the corner with the best recommendations and we’ve come to deliver the very best vampire shows you can binge-watch for leisure.

Vampire shows are a true test of your imagination, they are usually also packed with other supernatural beings with unbelievable magical prowess and abilities like werewolves, witches, psychics, hybrids, and vampire slayers, but that’s what makes them even more intriguing so it’s no news to us that you’ve gotten stuck on them and you are now on the lookout for more vampire show recommendations.

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Top Vampire Shows On Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max & More

If you are going to get hooked on supernatural movies then you need to get hooked on the very best, and if your favorite supernatural beings are vampires, then look no further because we’ve made available the top 10 vampire shows you can stream on various platforms below; 

1. The Originals

YouTube video

The Mikaelson family is the first original vampire family and they built new Orleans and made it their home but after an incident with their father, the city is burnt to the ground and they run away to seek shelter elsewhere.

After years have gone by they return to reclaim the city, but they must fight witches, werewolves, humans, and fellow vampires to keep their family together and rule the city again. It is also a spin off from vampire diaries.

Where to watch the originals: Netflix, Amazon prime video, Vudu and Apple TV.

2. Vampire Diaries

YouTube video

This is a vampire series that shows the trials of two vampire diaries that have to live amongst humans in mystic falls. They fall in love with humans, become friends with witches and werewolves and each day seems to come with new challenges while they equally try their best to fit in without exposing their true identity as vampires. 

Where to watch vampire diaries: Netflix, Amazon prime video, Vudu, Apple TV and Youtube.

3. Legacies

YouTube video

As the only offspring of the originals, Hope Mikaelson – the tribid (vampire, werewolf and witch ) daughter of Klaus Mikaelson is saddled with the responsibility of keeping the legacies of the originals alive. It is a teen show where Hope takes us on a journey where she explores her powers till she reaches her full potential. 

Where to watch legacies: Netflix, Amazon prime video, Vudu and Apple TV.

4. Midnight Texas

YouTube video

Midnight Texas is a vampire series that follows the lives of different supernatural beings ( vampires, psychics, werewolves, witches) living together in harmony in a safe haven. However, there are several strange happenings that force them to team up to fight back viciously in ordee to protect their home.

Where to watch midnight texas: Hulu, Amazon prime video, Vudu and Apple TV

5. True Blood

YouTube video

True blood is a romantic yet thrilling vampire series that follows the story of Bill – a smart yet thoughtful vampire who falls deeply in love with a human named Sookie. In hopes of become a better person for the woman he loves, Bill tries to get rid of his vampire cravings for human blood by learning to feed on counterfeit blood.

Where to watch true blood: HBO, Hulu, Amazon prime video, Vudu, Youtube and Apple TV.

6. What we do in the shadows

YouTube video

This vampire series has a unique twist because it is much different from the vampire shows we’re used to. This is because the vampire show “what we do in the shadows” has a comic edge unlike others. It follows the tale of three vampires who have lived in staten island together for hundreds of years.

Where to watch what we do in the shadows: Amazon prime video, Hulu, Vudu and Apple TV.

7. Buffy the vampire slayer

YouTube video

Buffy summers is a high school student who has appears to be an ordinary human but she comes from a long line of vampire slayers with supernatural strength and healing powers. She and her gang fight against evil powers that continue to plague their small hometown. She shows courage, devotion and brilliance in every challenge that comes her way.

Where to watch buffy the vampire slayer: Hulu, Amazon prime video and Vudu.

8. Being Human

YouTube video

Supernatural beings are usually pitched against each other because of their differences and their need to assert dominance over each other but it’s a lot more different in “being human”.

A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf meet in a bar and after realizing that they are supernatural beings in a strange world, they decide to become friends. Asides their budding friendship, Annie, George, and Mitchell also try their best to fit in with humans. 

Where to watch being human: Pluto TV, Amazon prime video and Vudu.

9. Shadow hunters: The mortal instruments

YouTube video

Clary Fray is a normal girl until she clocks 18, on her 18th birthday she finds out that she comes from a long line of supernaturals known as human-angels or shadow hunters.

These shadow hunters are chosen as fighters, they are tasked with defending the human race from supernatural beings such as vampires, demons, werewolves, and other ghoulish creatures. 

Where to watch “shadow hunters: the mortal instruments” : Hulu and Amazon prime video.

10. Vampires

YouTube video

There are a million milestones that accompany the transition from a child to a teenager but Diona realizes that she has to deal with much more than teenage tantrums.

Diona finds herself struggling with her newly discovered powers as a half human and half vampire. She also has to hide away from a vampire community in half pursuit while trying to find out who she really is and how to navigate her new powers. 

Where to watch vampires: Netflix and Amazon prime video. 


It’s fascinating how vampires raise a lot of questions, you really wonder just how vampires could possibly exist in a world where we feel like we’re ordinary.

Knowing the answer to that doesn’t matter because we can bask in the supernatural abilities of vampires and other creatures by enjoying amazing vampire shows like the ten series we’ve dug up for you to binge-watch above. 

The thrill of vampire slaying, the show-off between vampires and other supernatural beings, and the forbidden romance between vampires and humans is addictive at some point.

Whether you’re a fan of historical vampire shows or modern-day vampire shows, you’re sure to love every show we’ve carefully picked out to keep you glued to your screen. 

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