5 Most Underrated Animes Of All Time

anime eden of the east

Almost a constant stream of anime is being poured out into the world for viewers to watch and enjoy them to their satisfaction. People who are interested in the art form, have so much anime content available that they can always spend their time watching something worth their while.

Be it the popular sensation of Naruto or the classic, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, or Neon Genesis Evangelion, these shows have so many fans following them the love being showered on them even in 2022 is massive.

For viewers, who want to explore the world of anime and are looking for the most underrated anime of all time, you are at the right place.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 most underrated anime of all time.

5. Samurai Flamenco

Samurai Flamenco is the story of a male character, Masayoshi Hazama, who wishes to be a superhero and strives for it. Masayoshi possesses no superpowers or any kind of special abilities. 

When he meets a young officer, the storyline starts to attain pace. The anime will start as a light superhero-themed comedy but when the show picks up pace, you can not look away from the screen. 

4. Hamatora

Hamatora is another superhero-themed anime on the list. The two-season anime consists of two lead characters, Nice and Murasaki, who run a private investigation firm. They use their superpowers while doing their fantastic job of solving cases.

The anime will hold you stuck to the screen with its twists and turns in almost every episode. You will absolutely love the anime in the first few episodes itself.

The characters are portrayed in such a fabulous manner that you never lose track of the storyline involved with each character.

anime eden of the east

3. Eden Of The East

Eden of the East is one of those anime that will have a taste of everything. The anime can be classified into survival, politics, and psychological suspense. The anime revolves around twelve individuals who have access to 10 billion yen to protect japan from a missile strike.

If they run out of money, they will be eliminated. One of the protagonists suffers from amnesia, which tells you the realistic detailing present in the anime. We all want that one anime that will suck us into its mysterious plot and leave us hungry for the climax.

You should definitely check this one out.

2. Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere

Horizon in the middle of nowhere is the kind of series that can’t be put into words. It’s primarily a science fiction-based anime that later turns into a thriller. The anime shows the failed attempts of mankind to settle into outer space and leave the dying earth.

The survivors are forced to return to the earth, but the only survivable place left is Japan. But later an army of people sets out to conquer Japan and the inhabitants need to stay on a ship in order to survive.

The action-thriller is a binge-worthy anime if you are interested in apocalypse premises.

1. Moribito: Guardian Of The Spirit

One of the best female-led fantasy adventure anime, Morbito features a warrior Balsa who is trying to make up for past sins by saving an equal number of lives.

As the story progresses, she meets Prince Chagum and becomes his bodyguard. She must protect him at all costs from an assassination that is ordered by his own father. 

The anime will serve you with its beautiful animation and an amazing fantasy world, which comprises many troubled characters revealed throughout the series. We recommend watching Morbito as it is probably one of the best action-thriller anime.

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